Friday, October 29, 2010


***as I'm browsing the dollar store, a chick talking to a blue tooth touches my arm***

Random shopper chick: Excuse me, did you date a guy named Nick?

Me: *wondering why she is touching me* No.

Chick: You sure?

Me: *laugh a little* Yeah, I'm sure.

Chick: Nick *insert last name*

Me: I don't know him, sorry.

Chick: Oh, I'm sorry. You look just like someone.

Me: *laughs a bit harder* It's cool, have a nice day.

We part ways and as we are walking I ask myself why it took a few confirmations for her to believe I did not date this Nick character. I over heard her asking whomever was on the other end of her call the name of the chick that used to date Nick.

"You know the dark skinned girl with the dreads...No not her, the other one"

LOL! I guess I gotta twin out there somewhere! :-)


Jameil said...

You're such a liar. I remember when you dated Nick!!

K. Rock said...

For her to insist that hard, Nick mut be in some trouble.

Ladynay said...

LOL! Yeah Jameil, Nick was my one true love! I miss him! LOL!

K.Rock, I know right? I wonder what she would have said if I told I knew him!

I also wonder what Nick looks like because apparently he likes females that look like me! :-P

Freaky Deaky said...

Nick might wind up getting acid thrown in your face, better be careful.

blkbutterfly said...

Girl, I agree with Freaky... Nick's old girl might be getting her tires slashed somewhere! lol!

GorgeousPuddin said...

I'm glad you said No! She sounds like a psycho. You would've been scrappin in the Dollar store LOL!

AR Gal said...

Reading this post has affirmed some things for me:

I can't stand rude people.

I really don't like those blue tooth thingamajics.

I truly can't stand people that don't understand the meaning of no. It's a simple word with a simple meaning.

spchrist said...

lol @ her putting you on the witness stand in the dollar store. I would have said no the first time and walked away...if the shoes were reversed.