Sunday, February 20, 2011

Newborns and Rollerskates

Yesterday I went roller skating...OMG! I didn't fall thank God, but I did get a fabulous workout. I didn't go around a lot, but the few times I did had me sweating! LOL! It was kind of difficult for me to dodge the falling kids in front of me as I was getting my stride and going slow makes it hard to balance! I had plans to take pix and video of Pooka and I getting it in, but I left the camera in the car and after I dropped SIXTEEN DOLLARSSSSSS for me and Pooka to get in I saw the sign on the exit door saying that I'd have to pay again to re-enter. So yeah, no pix or funny video of me on roller skates. Pooka can skate! I never seen her skate before. She goes from time to time with her summer camps so that's where she learned. She has a slow but steady rhythm. She didn't fall either :-) Yay us!

Rewind to Friday afternoon. I got a call on my cell from an unknown Raleigh number. I called the number back and it was K-digga. K-digga is the chick that used to live with me way back when and calls me every blue moon to say hello. So I ask her what's up and she said "I was just calling to let you know I had the baby on February 9th"

*record scratch*

See as long as I've known K-digga she has always claimed to be pregnant. Always, without fail. So when she told me she was pregnant the last time I spoke with her. I gave my "oh okay" type response and kept it moving. I heard the baby stirring in the background and my jaw just about fell off my body! So I ask the typical stuff (name *which is a female version of the daddys name with a lot of letters*, height, weight, etc) and make arrangements to come see this little boy after Pooka and I go skating. I asked her why they didn't make the boy a junior. She said the medical folks told her it was a girl so they picked a girl name and since he came out so pretty they decided to keep the name. Poor baby, the only folks that will know his gov't name when he gets older is his family, girlfriends, and employers, LOL!

So Saturday comes, we skate and now arrive at K-digga's aunt place (1br apt where her, her fiance, and aunt stay). Pooka and I bring a box of pampers and wipes cuz that's a baby staple and go in. The baby is ADORABLE!!!!!! Point blank period. I meet her fiance who didn't quite look like I thought he would. He looks Native American and black, stands about 4 ft 6 and is about 120 soaking wet! He is ight in the looks department outside of the clothes he was practically swimming in. LOL! It's interesting to see them together because K-digga is about 5'4ish and a big chocolate girl like me. They do make a cute couple tho' I must say. Her man was very affectionate towards her and the baby and soft spoken.

Here's a pic of my baby holding K-digga's. Pooka's lips are blue from a Ring Pop she had earlier.

We visit and catch up and my only concern is them having a support system. During our chat she mentioned that nobody has come to visit her and the baby outside of me and her brother. A friend of hers wants to visit, but is having car trouble. Neither parent works. K-digga gets a check, but it's not enough to support a family. I asked her when I could keep the baby since they lived so close and the baby is very calm. She said maybe in about 3 months so she can go look for work. I thought about asking her fiance if he was looking for work now, but that would have been stepping over the line. From what I remember from the last conversation he wasn't making an effort to handle his and that just doesn't sit well with me. I have to keep reminding myself that that is not my household and to mind my own business.

At the end of our visit I told K-digga to call me if she needed anything for the baby. Aunt Diva and some of my cousins have little boys that have stuff they will want to get rid of soon so I know I could find whatever she may need for free. My money isn't overflowing but I am sure I could piece a few dollars to get the baby a small bag of diapers if the need arises. I know what it's like to run out of diapers! When Pooka was a baby, we ran out...on Christmas Eve! It took Babydaddy awhile to find a convenience store open that actually had some! LOL!

On the way home I heard an advertisement for Drumline live coming to a local venue this coming Friday and Saturday. I hopped online ASAP to price tickets. They are reasonable so this Wednesday I will be at the box office to buy tickets. Yeah, I go to the box office when I can to save money from the high convenience fees they charge online! LOL!

Here is a promo that I found online. I am soooooooooooooo excited! Towards the core of my being is a super duper band geek and that inner band geek hasn't stopped screaming since I heard the commercial! YAY! Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!!!!! I wish there was a career where you could make a comfortable living listening to live music all day!

Drumline Live! from Grown Folks Music on Vimeo.


Freaky Deaky said...

4'6"? Okay! Wow I don't even remember the last time I was that short but I'm guessing elementary school.

What's $6 for some good pics? Aww, who am I kidding I wouldn't have gone back out to get either. Then again I can take pics and video on my phone. (O_o)

I know he was crying with frustration trying to find that store and the diapers on Christmas Eve.

Glad that baby wasn't Albino. It would've been tragic. *runs*

Jameil said...

I should go get me a roller skating workout! Sounds fun! LOL @ the fake pregnancies! That's crazy! You're very sweet for wanting to help. But you know we need to know the baby's name, right? You did all that alluding to it! It's only fair!! I missed 4'6 until I saw the comment before mine... For real???? Wow...

blkbutterfly said...

I chuckled at you going to the box office. I don't blame you. those "convenience" fees are highway robbery.

your daughter is beautiful!

K-digga reminds me of my uncle who claimed he was going to have a child through a surrogate... this was said back in November. 3 months later and no one's knocked up. o_0

The Goddess said...

I am SOOO mad!!! I would have love to seen footage of you and Pooka in action. Lol Too cute! I know I would have been on my butt more times than the little kiddies. Lol

Ok so I remember the story on Kdigga back in the day. Interesting that she's got a little one. That is one precious baby. At least one of us will be able to get our baby fix. :( Wish it were me. Pooka looks so cute holding him. A natural big sis.

Oh and PLEASE tell me you're kidding about her guy being 4'6. You've got to be exaggerating. Lol.

Ladynay said...

Everyone, Pooka is about 4'4" and dude isn't much taller than she is and I am dead serious. He can't be taller than 5ft. No joke.

Freaky, LOL!

I read between the lines. *middle finger and eye roll* Don't be talking about my phone man! *growl*

And I keep telling you a gang of elementary school kids will jump you out the blue one day! Keep talkin' bout my youngin! LOL!

Jameil, can't put the baby name out there. Got permission to post up the pic put not the name.

BB, my cheapness will win everytime! LOL! Aren't surrogates expensive? Oh and thanks for my kiddo compliment :-)

Goddess, I came close to falling a time or 5 but didn't make a landing, LOL!

Natural big sis? Stop that language immediately! :-P

Thoughtsofsoutherngal said...

I sure wish you could have posted the name! lol

$16 for skating?! It's only $8 for O and myself.

GorgeousPuddin said...

I LOL! at 4'6! This is the 2nd post I've read tonight about these non-working dudes. The hell??? Great pic both are cuties!

Girl! I hear you about those convenience fees. I am proudly inconvenienced.

blkbutterfly said...

allegedly, his friend (who's married) was supposed to be the surrogate (and her husband was ok with it)... it's all very suspect (read: one big fat lie).

K. Rock said...

That dude is not 4'6"! No way. And that baby is truly adorable. Wish I could have seen some footage of the skating though.

Tracerz said...

Drumline Live looks awesome!!! I have an inner band geek too ^_~

Jamie said...

That's funny; I knew a girl in college who claimed a fake pregnancy to keep a guy around... not cool. Looks like in the end it turned out legit, though!

A friend of mine also just had a kid not too long ago, and he is adorable--looks just like his dad right down to the red tuft of hair and the attitude. It trips me out how fast they grow! Every time I see this kid, he's like a different little person.

Also, about the rollerskating workout, you should check out this company I found called Little Ruler that sells skate clothes just for babies and little kids. I haven't seen stuff like it anywhere else; onesies and little shoes in popular skateboarding and snowboarding brands. Anyway, I know it's hard to find cool clothes for young kids! They're at

Keep it up with the rollerskating workouts! A workout isn't exactly work if you're having fun :)

jwilli said...

i attended drumline live for the friday evening show. we really enjoyed it. it wasn't what we expected. pleasantly surprised!