Monday, March 21, 2011

Week 3

I have started my 3rd of 16 weeks into my neuro module. So far so good. This module is basically everything you can think of about the brain and spinal cord. I was scared at first but I got a 19/20 on my first weekly quiz and so far I have managed to stay on top of my game. I submitted 2 assigments today that are due Friday, just about finished a presentation I'm giving on the 31st, and got 4 pages of a 10 page paper due during week 15 drafted. WOOT WOOT! My plan is to get it written, have the chick that carpools with me to red pen it before she goes off to her intership (she is an awesome writer/editor), correct it, have the writing center look at it, and turn it in. My goal is to have it turned in by the end of April if not sooner. I love this feeling! Progress is addicting! Rumor is the module gets harder as the weeks pass so I want to get the small stuff out the way so I can focus on the material.

Enough of that. On Saturday I am going to see PRINCE!!!! I'm excited! I am not a huge fan, but he is a legend and I want to see him in concert while I can! Chaka Khan is opening for him which is an great bonus. Two legends in one night! Can't beat that! After the concert I am going to take a power nap then drive up to my mom an 'em house. My childhood best friend is coming home from London with her son/my nephew so I need to make my way up there to see them. I am coming home Sunday. Crazy? Yeah, but if she can come from London, I can drive 8-10hours round trip from NC :-)

I am debating if I should take Pooka and my other nephew (Lsbnmom's son) to see the Monster Jam show (big loud trucks doing tricks and crushing cars). I blogged about how fun it was when me and Pooka went awhile ago. Pooka is anxious to go again. We'll see.

I was super proud of myself this weekend. I brought a wireless printer and router, hooked them up, and had everything involved working perfectly! This is a big deal for me because I SUCK at tech stuff! Badly. LOL! I didn't have any help from my tech geek boyfriend or tech geek fam! Yay me!

Other than that. Life is good. I definitely got it easy compared to what others are going through right now and I am sincerely greatful!


Jameil said...

Stay ahead! Best way? Give me and Rah your Prince tix!

Freaky Deaky said...

Chaka. Chaka Khan. Get me a Prince CD if the price is ridiculous. Thanks.

Get all the tedious stuff out of the way now while the module is "easy" and give your brain less to stress out over when it ramps up and you need to do the heavy lifting. I wish I had some papers for you to do for me. :o(

Try not to point at your nephew and say, "Hey, you talk funny." Who am I kidding? You should so do that and tell me what happens. LOL.

Go to the Monster Jam show. Sounds like it will be a blast for everyone. Make sure you have ear plugs for everyone.

The tech destroyer setting up gadgets? *gasps and looks at calendar* It's still 2011, I don't understand why this is happening?'s a sign of the apocalypse. Yep, that must be it.

Monique said...

I think that's a great plan; get the minor things done so you can focus on the meat and potatoes. Hang in there.

I'm so jealous about Prince. I can't believe he hasn't set a date for an Atlanta show. Let me know how it is and take plenty of pictures! I'm just happy I got my Sade concert tixs. Whew

K. Rock said...

You are going to see Prince?! You are so lucky! I am sure it will be great.