Tuesday, May 17, 2011


How do you foreign characters on your keyboard. Like the upside down exclamation point the Hispanic population uses. Where is that?

Class started at 10:30 today.

From 8:30-10 I was getting it in at the gym. This year I'm making good of my tuition money!

Can't wait to fit back into my sexier clothes.

Wale came to Elon. I didn't feel like driving back to campus. Gas is getting cheaper here, but still wasn't cheap enough for me to make the extra trip. Still kinda impressed Elon wanted him to perform.

Took my 2nd out of 3 test for my Neuroscience course yesterday. Gotta B. Going to buy my tutor some chocolate milk. She.LOVES.chocolate.milk. so this isn't a weird reward for her.

One month till Pooka's off to daddyland. Part of me doesn't want her to go.

Gave the locs a good wash and acv rinse this weekend. As I was taking care of the new growth I saw my first grey hair. I am sure there are more, but this was the first one I've seen.

Don't know why I'm soo excited about a water battle going on this weekend.

Don't know why I like that Booty Work song by T Pain and company. I would love it even more if it was just an instrumental.

Yesterday Pooka came home, ate dinner, finished her homework then went straight to bed...in my bed...slap dab in the middle of it. She must have had a tough day because I've never seen her fall asleep so fast! LOL!

Had my car since 2/2008 (I think) and something has finally broken on it. I have this lock mechanism on my shifter and it broke. Looking at forums it's a common problem. They won't do a recall because it's not a safety hazard. Basically what happens is do to wear and tear the piece that allows you to take you car out of park breaks (it's plastic in a lot of Dodge/Chryslers) and whenever it decides to pop you can't take your car out of park. Fun! It happened to me on Thursday (I think, my days run together so it could have been Tuesday) of last week. I went to school, parked, attended my classes, hopped in the car to go home, turned the car on, then couldn't get the car out of park. Long story short that was a long and stressful evening. There is a manual bypass that will unlock the shifter, but it's a temporary fix. I got the part (metal, not plastic) now I am looking for someone to swap the piece out. My classmate's husband works for the Chrysler dealership, but his company will not let him swap that one piece out. They want him to swap the whole mechanism out. *sigh* Whatever. I have the instructions on how to do it so if I don't find a solution soon I will switch it myself. I can be a Ms. Fix It when I need to be! *brushing shoulders off* LOL!

On Mother's Day I called/texted/emailed/fb'ed/etc... all the mothers I knew of. This included Pooka's paternal grandmother. She texted me back saying she was glad I texted because she had lost all her contacts. She moves a lot so I asked her for her address so I could send her photos of Pooka. Babydaddy and his mother do NOT get along well so I feel like it's on me to make sure Pooka has a connection to her paternal grandma till Pooka is old enough to keep up with her on her own (if she wishes to do so). Photos were sent and I got a call confirming receipt. During this phone call she asked out of NOWHERE "When are you and Babydaddy getting back together?"

*long silence*

"We separated in 2004, it's 2011". I wasn't trying to be rude, but that's what came out my mouth, LOL! She is an interesting character. That's all I'm going to say about that.

That will be all.


Monique said...

I know you're busy with school, life and everything in between but it's nice to see your name pop up in my reader every now and then. Hang in there girl

Freaky Deaky said...

You can find it using the symbol tab in Word. That's how I find those characters when I'm not on my blog, which seems to have a lot of them.

I need some new duds, it's been awhile. I don't need them to be sexy though. LOL. Um, send pics.

*gasp* A grey hair? The last one I saw was part of my eyebrows. Can you believe it had the nerve to be long? It's like it was taunting me. Welcome to the club!

Booty Work? Never heard of it. You so nasty!!!

Be careful with the home repair of the car.

GorgeousPuddin said...

Wow!! at his mom. She was tripping with that question!

The Goddess said...

Go you for getting your gym time in. I'm so jealous. I doubt very seriously that my schedule is anywhere near as busy as yours and I still dont get it in. :(

I'm impressed that you've got some Ms. Fix it. Great way to save money.

Anonymous said...