Monday, July 18, 2011

Experienced Dishwasher

I thought I landed that weekend aide gig...I thought wrong. *shrug* Oh well, wasn't meant for me I guess. It sounds weird, but I am not really accustomed to not getting a job that I interview for. It's reality and people get turned down all day everyday, but I don't like it and don't have to like it. The labor market hasn't rebounded as much as some folks think it has.

So I am still applying for any job I think I can do that's local and asking for weekend help. Been looking at different sites and find it funny that everyone requires experience...even for a part time dishwasher! Really? I can't apply to your establishment because I don't have experience? Well, I do have experience washing dishes in my own home, but I am pretty sure you are not talking about that! You got to be kidding me!


Lord knows I can't wait till I am a licensed PT at some point in 2013! Patience Ladynay, patience.........


LsbnMom said...

You have experience washing dishes... just apply and when they ask, tell them you worked for my catering company a few years ago, and did a bangin' job! I am sure as a child, you washed everyone dishes cause that was a common chore... if they want specific experience, they need to put that in the job listing!

Dont forget to call the people I referred you to!

Freaky Deaky said...

Giggle a lot, wear tight pants, and a low cut top. Bend over a lot, giggle every chance you get, and be extra pouty. What?! I'll tell people to do that when they apply to work for you one day too. :oD

The Goddess said...

Experience washing professionally??? Please PLEASE tell me you're exaggerating. That's hilarious!!!!!

I hope you find something, and not just "something" but something that you can be excited about a regular gig. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

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