Friday, August 24, 2012

Get Lifted

Two nights ago I tried recreational activities of the herbal kind with a friend.

Nothing happened.

Life continued to be kinda sucky, so I tried it again last night.

I kept hitting until I literally went numb.

Almost 24 hours later I feel back to normal.

I don't know how folks do that on the regular.

What a WEIRD day today. Wow!


blkbutterfly said...

i've been low key wanting to try those same recreational activities. but, i'll probably never do it.

i hope life gets less sucky soon!

Thoughtsofsoutherngal said...


The first time I did it, I was wondering why do people do this. But the second, third, etc time was soooo much better. LOL Awww my college days were the best

Amira Lewis said...

Ok John Legend. Lol Hope you're doing great Lady.

E said...

Heh thanks for giving me the heads up on how those 'recreational activities' really feel. Hang in there. Are you still doing the graduation party in December? I should look into getting a plane ticket now that December is only 3 months away.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Umm MA'AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can NOT with you! Hahahahaha!

I must confess I had a wicked contact high from sitting in the KEISHA section of the Mary J. Blige concert last night... Chile!!!!!

Dubbed As Trent Jackson said...

lol...the first time you should most always smoke out of a bong. It's a hell of a lot better.

I remember my first time clearly...five years later, I'm stuck! lol. Don't start anything you don't want to keep doing.

Obviously I have a lot to catch up on....

tvcorners said...

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