Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Run Forrest Run!

I've finished school. I'm still interviewing since I still have not found the right position for me. It's soo weird to turn down job offers! I have learned that recruiters/head hunters are interesting people, LOL! With all that said, I know I will find an acceptable position soon!
So what to do now? Which goal do I place at the front of the line? Playing the piano? Taking a cooking class? Learning ASL?
Last night I watched Extreme Weight Loss and just like when I used to watch The Biggest Loser. I get super inspired! :)
At the state job a coworker had the gastric bypass surgery, loss tons of weight, and now she runs like crazy! She just completed her first triple crown. She is very proud of her accomplishments and talks about it often.
I congratulated her, but secretly was hating on her too. I can admit it. I know many people (including some of you bloggers) that run and I didn't have any jealousy towards any of you. I think it's because most of the folks that I know of that run or started to run were already "normal" or petite when they started. My coworker was not, neither was the lady on tv last night. I think that is the difference. I think that's where my "shade" came into play.
I am not going under the knife. No thank you. So instead I, Ladynay, have decided to try the couch to 5k program!
It's insane! I know it is! However, my big butt is tired of shimmying into clothes and not being comfortable in airplane seats (not to mention having to ask for an extender *sigh*). I am sick of going up 2 flights of stairs and feeling like my lungs are going to collapse! Plus, my family is planning to go back to Jamaica next year for my grandma's 70th birthday and I WILL BE sexy thick. Not super sized sexy! Believe that! :)


K. Rock said...

Go for it!!

Jc Wooten said...

You can do it! I tried the running thing for a minute. Never could get into it! Its not for everyone. But I found what I love and go for it. Im here if you need some support, motivation, sarcastic..... LOL

Jameil said...

Why is that insane??? Just be nice to yourself. Make sure you have at least one day of rest between workouts and if you need to repeat a week, do it! Have fun!