Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Wintery Mix

Most people that live in Raleigh, NC and the surrounding areas, don't like winter weather. That is why some of us live here. We will take a summer full of wet, nasty, pollinated, triple digit, make you wanna slap somebody weather over a day or 2 of winter stuff.

So we had a wintery mix last night. It is very pretty to see my neighborhood covered in white. Schools are closed and most of the state is shut down cuz we don't like ice. I think it's funny, people from places where they get significant winter weather always like to make fun of people here. To them, I say, "go outside and have fun. Drive your professional winter weather driving butt where ever you please. I will be in the house with my oatmeal, posted up, until I can see some non frozen concrete. I will NOT be in your way!"

I really am posted up with some oatmeal right now. It's sooooo good!

Out of boredom I decided to try on several pairs of pants from "that side of the closet". You know that side of the closet where stuff don't fit like they used to, but you hold on to it anyways? That "one day" side? Well, I am happy to report that I have added 5 pairs of pants back into my rotation! Two pairs require me to shimmy a little bit, but they fasten, zip up, and I can sit and breathe in them again! Woot woot! Yet, another confidence booster and motivational tool! *dancing*

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