Thursday, November 08, 2018

Fast completed

I was able to complete my 7 day fast yesterday. Definitely would do it again if I had time to just lounge around because my energy levels were pretty low the whole time. I broke my fast with watermelon. It took me 20 mins to eat a cup. Soo weird. Today I had about a cup and a half and 2 pieces of candy. Got to work on eating again really slow, like introducing food to a baby. Salads are set for next week.

Right now I'm 22 pounds down from prefast weight. Some of it will come back as my system returns back to normal. It is all good. This was more than a physical reset for me.

Have not logged into fb since Halloween. I'm proud of myself for disconnecting, if only for a little while.

I have a canker sore and while it sucks, it does help me from overfeeding myself.

Currently have a mild obsession with mukbang videos where people film themselves eating. Weird, but true. It's like I am enjoying it with them, but they get all the calories, grease and whatever else.

I brought an ice cream maker and the kid and I look forward to making some non dairy yumminess.

This blogging from my phone sucks. Just wanted to put this randomness out there :)


blkbutterfly said...

Hey lady! It's been a while... I hope all is well. :-)

Newy said...

Glad you are doing well. I can't believe Pooka is a Senior. I remember your day care so you have been blogging over 15 years.