Saturday, June 25, 2005

The Begining of a Beautiful Relationship

Well, it has happened. I have finally decided to start a blog and let yall in on what goes on in my head. Scary thought isn't it! It is only fair since I have grown so addicted to reading so many people blogs. Why not have someone read mine. I must admit I feel like I am already betraying my manual journal but I think she will understand as long as I still share things with her. Did I just address my journal with a pronoun? Yes, yes I did. She knows somethings only me and God knows and that's that.

I really don't know how to start.....hmmmmmmm I am a single mom of a toddler who shall be called Pooka from this day forth. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I am soon to be in my mid 20's. Birthday is next month which I am sure I will mention time and time and time again. Have have started my college career but have yet to finish it which I will get to later. I can't really spell, but this is my blog where I am to jot down some tidbits. So even if I spell something wrong you'd still what I am talking about. Oh yeah, I am a woman of size, plush, fat, big boned, bbw, ssbbw, whatever term you use for a woman with some meat on her bones. Yeah I will mention my weight and my ups and downs with it often I am sure. I am not sure where to start. I guess it would be on how hard it was to start this thing.

You all in blog world have taken all my names! Even a name I use for everything I do and I have not once gone to a site and not been able to use my alias....I went to old nicknames, high school words, nicknames I give people and everything. The really sad thing is I can't remember which one actually worked and got me to this point. So if this is my first and last post. It was nice knowning you. Hopefully this will be the begining of a beautiful relationship. Since I finally got a decent computer at home, I will try to blog often. I know I get anxious when the blogs I read don't update for a few days. Well it's still kinda early and I do have a houseguest (my mom) and I gotta go wash so we can go running around Raleigh. Till next time (prolly tonight)


BlueAngel said...

Welcome to the blog world sister...I look forward to keeping up with you!

Ladynay said...

SWEET! My very first reader! *doing the happy dance* Thanks for the welcome sweetie!