Sunday, June 26, 2005

What is this, Romper Room?

All in all today was a ight day. Well of course I created this blog early this morning. I am surprized I am still awake. Pooka caught a day bug and woke up early this morning doing what bugs do. Fortunately my mom was there to help me constantly clean up after my pooka did her thing. She hasn't been sick in a long time. I think it's just going around cuz someone else said that they had a 24 hour bug at the cookout I went to.

Lookalike invited me to his companies pig pickin' today. Who is Lookalike? He is a guy I met not too long ago that favors pooka's father. For those who don't know what a pig picking is, it's a cookout and you cook a pig in a pit. Anyways, before I go to the picking my neighbor Youngbuck knocks on my door to tell me that she is having a party tonight and that it's expected to get pretty loud during late hours, which I think is a nice neighborly thing to do to let us know that she gonna get her place crunk. She comes up again later in the day. Oh yeah I guess I should mention that I jump subjects a lot, so be prepared! LOL So anyway Lookalike comes and picks me up and we drive out to the boonies to his co workers place. Nice place, absolutely HUGE yard. We were the only chocolate chips in the cookie dough but I managed to have a good time. You could tell that the vast majority of the folks there had decent change in their pockets. On the way back to my place Lookalike and I talked about some things that were quite interesting. I am still getting to know him. I not quite sure what I want from him if anything. I don't want to use the brotha, that's not my style. But I am curious on what he has to offer.

Well let's get to the current situation. Pooka, my mom, and I are chilling. Then at 10:30 my door bell rings. It's Youngbuck and she is holding Lil' man. She asks me if I would watch Lil' man for a few hours. Lil' man isn't a bad baby so I agree. I know how it is to be a young single mother and needed just a little bit of time to be a woman instead of a mommy. So after 5 mins of crying I got him settled and put on the Jungle Book. Pooka is feeling better and keeping him entertained as well. Fifteen minutes later there is a knock on my door. I figured it was Youngbuck coming back early to get Lil' man. But noooooooooo it's one of Youngbuck girlfriends holding Lil' D. In my mind I am like "oh helllllllz no" but me being me says okay. At least this girl is paying me....that is what she said but I won't be surprized if I don't get anything. Well Lil' D has been here for a little while now and he still hasn't stopped whinning. Pooka tried to pull some toys out and help make him comfortable, a real hostess at heart, but he won't stop whining. Then again I can't blame him. I would be mad if I was him too. I am hanging with my mom and all of a sudden she drops me off at a strangers place and I am just supposed to be cool with it? As you can see I am here trying to finish this blog so I can tend to Lil' D. And to think I said I wanted another baby in the future. Lil' D is making me think twice.

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