Thursday, July 14, 2005

Getting things done

Once again, it's before 5 and I am blogging! Watch since I am leaving next week all types of stuff is going to be on my desk....just because Murphy's law exist! Anyways....

I got my financial aid award letter in the mail yesterday....FINALLY! The letter was dated June 22nd and the envelope was posted marked July 12th!!!!! Go figure, at least the letter came. I talk so much junk about HBCU's but I swear they hooked a sister up once again. Thank God for scholarships/grants/and being a single does come in handy at times! I need to get on the ball writing some more scholarship essays for next year. By me not being much a writer this process takes me a minute to get it together so I have to start now. Hopefully once I get back in the classroom the lightbulb will go off and I will be inspired to think again......Next!

While filing my papers away last night I came across my New Years 2005 resolution list. This year I kept it pretty simple but I am actually going to follow through this year! I am doing the darn thing!

Number 1 was the famous lose weight......check (40 pounds and counting)

Number 2 was to get back in school......check (I refuse to be a junior forever! I WILL have DPT behind my name. I know the letters don't mean squat when it comes to actual intelligence but hopefully by time I get those letters a sista will have it all together)

Number 3 was to take better care of myself on the in and outside.....I am working on that one, so far so's a lot harder than expected

Number 4 was to stop progress but I am waaaaaay better than I was in January

Number 5 was to US tour is going strong! May find myself in Germany in December!

That's all I had listed was those 5. I kept it simple this time. I can actually achieve these goals or at least be closer than I was by the year end! I love to see what will be going on with me in December!

Random questions for today....

Why did BabyDaddy ask me if I was seeing someone the other day?

Why does many bloggers I come across lately have birthday's coming up in near weeks?

Does Lookalike know when my birthday really is? Will I get a gift? Should I care?

Why do I have on my professional clothing today when I don't interact with the public?

Why are most of the male bloggers I have become so fasinated by so intelligent, so sexy, so talented, and so not into women? :-(

What is a cannoli made of?

How come women make such a big deal of wearing matching bra and panty sets when most of the time no one sees them?

Why can't I feel comfortable being physically alone like I say I can?

Darn that just triggered some negative thought. I will leave it alone for now. Lata!

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