Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Just plain accident prone!

Okay so why I go pick Hair up and we start chatting it up and what not. She tells me that a friend is at home not feeling well (she is my associate through her) and that she is alone at home with nothing to drink. So we make a pit stop at the grocery store to pick up some get well stuff (juice, soup ingredients, crackers, blah blah blah). While we are going down the main front aisle Hair slams the cart into a full tick tack stand! I am just standing there asking myself did I actually just watch my homegirl run into this display and knock every darn ticktac packet on the floor. We stood there for a solid 5 seconds. She said "I feel sorry for whomever has to pick this up, cuz I ain't doing it" I replied "Me neither" and we kept it moving. We get done picking up the stuff and we are walking down the aisle towards checkout. While she is turning the corner at the end of the aisle, Hair runs into a Ramen noodle AND a black pepper display at the same time. I saw the displays fall down in slooooooow motion and I tried my best to stop the inevitable but down came everything!!!!!!!! Hair felt like some ish and was like WTF is wrong with me! I was freaking speechless, just speechless. The lady behind us mentioned how we were doing a great job tearing up the store! The comment was not needed but she was right! Anyways, I looked at the 2 young cuties about 20 feet away, picking up the tic tacs Hair knocked over less than 15 mins prior and opted to pick up the noodles and pepper. Kinda took me back to my days at Tar je (Target). I know the employees were glad to see us check out and walk out of the store! Next....

My car is an official hooptie! I rolled down all the windows all the way down (automatic) and when I got home the sky decided to open up, so I go to roll up my windows and all but the passenger side window follows instructions. So I spent the next 5 minutes trying to figure out how to get the window up while I am getting a nice hard heavenly shower! I had to slam the door hard while pressing the button for the darn thing to move! Grrrrrrrrr combine my new window issue with the fact that my car will just cut the heck off when and were ever it wants to and yessirree we have a HOOPTIE! I love her tho', wouldn't trade her in unless she made me!

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