Sunday, July 17, 2005

The Kickoff.....sorta

Saturday's party has come and gone and I don't feel any different. Things didn't go as planned from the start of yesterday morning till finish. Let's just start at the beginning and make an average story short.

I woke up in hell. When I got up out of bed yesterday morning my bad was wet with sweat and it felt like a sauna in my house! I don't even know how long my place was that hot but I am surprized I slept through it! Apparently Pooka hit the termastat somehow and turned the heat on instead of the AC. So I immediately turned the AC back on and went to turn on my fan. I plugged my fan in and the piece of crap didn't move. So I try to play handy woman and fix it to no avail. Oh well!

My cousin Oldsoul calls me up first thing in the morning and asks me if she, her infant son, and her sister in law could crash at my place after the party. Which was fine by me cuz I always stay at her place when I go "down home" and it would save me from having to pay my co worker for watching Pooka. After the conversation I decided to make a grocery run so we could have a nice lunch and dinner. I also through my pillows in the washer because one, they hadn't been washed this month and two, I love the smell of a fresh bed and linen.

When I got back home I called Divalicious, my aunt, who was supposed to stop by my house to chill until it was time for her to check in the hotel the rest of my out of town family was staying. She is just a cussing and a fussing about the traffic! Apparently someone had falling asleep and ran off the road plus they are/were doing construction on the Woodrow Wilson Bridge. My aunt being pissed off is not a good thing. Because once she is mad about one thing, she is mad about everything! So I already know that when she crosses my door I will be subjected to hear about each and everything that went wrong on her trip. She comes in and the first thing she asks is "Is your AC on?" I explained what happened and she said she needed to make some quick runs so we agree to run the errands while the house cools off somemore. We stop at 3 different locations and the first two stops just made her more irate because they either didn't have what she wanted or it was more expensive here than it is in MD. I don't think she really felt any better till we went to get her polish changed at the salon and the designer was an overly flamboyant korean man that was just plain off the daggone chain!!!!! That was a first for me. Most of the flamming homosexual males I see are black or white. I can do a blog by itself just about him!

By the time we made our runs and come back to my house Oldsoul and crew was pulling up. We are doing our usual hugs and hellos and I notice that lil cousins keep hopping out Oldsouls minivan like a clown car act or something! In my head I am like okay they just are riding with Oldsoul and they are staying at the hotel with their parents......of course until they start bringing in their over night bags in. I didn't say anything but the first 2 things that came to mind was feeding these negros and figuring sleep locations! My place is but so big so they would have to just find a space and make due with it! Thankfully Oldsoul had brought some snacks and stuff for the kids, but we needed some food so of course I start prepping for a big huge pot of spagetti. I had the stuff and I had enough so everyone can eat well.

While I am cutting the onions and green peppers one of my little cousins asked me what I was making and informed me that they didn't eat green peppers. I am just so used to making spagetti my way I didn't ask if anyone had any allergies or what have you. So in taking a census I leave the peppers out. While I am about to get the noodles on Oldsoul tells me the 3 of the rugrats don't eat angel hair...they only eat spagetti noodles! I have no idea what my facial expression was but it was enough to have Oldsoul go up the street and buy the noodles. I can't stand no children that are really picky food eaters. I have a child and I know that children can be finicky sometimes. Sometimes my daughter will eat eggs sometimes she won't....whatever...but when it comes down to fricken noodle size!!!!! That makes no sence. If my Oldsoul never got the spagetti noodles them rugrats would have ate what was cooked or STARVE! If there is a difference between the taste of angel hair and spagetti noodles then my taste buds must be off! Next....

I knew I was cooking but it was still hot as fire in my place so when I went to see how much the temp went down, it didn't move! I chalked it up to the stove and the dryer being on and left it alone. Time goes by, another cousin and her friend comes by(not staying overnight) we trip out watching the 5 heartbeats and it's still hot. I check the guage and it still didn't move. So now I am irritated cuz my AC waits till I get a house full of company to act crazy! So when everyone rolls out to the hotel I run to Wally World (Walmart) to pick up a fan and some cereal and milk for the morning.

Fast forward to the evening. It's time to get ready for the party. I go to put on my outfit and I have me a fat girl moment. Apparently I haven't lost enough weight to get back into my outfit of choice yet so I am trying to find another outfit and it's not looking too grand. I settle for something a little less flashy and be done with it. We get to the spot about 2 hours late and no one is dancing! There is about 150 folks there and the most people are doing is chair dancing! Now this party was supposed to be a dress to impress club but not a club type ordeal so this bothered me. I told myself that this was going to be my jumpoff and I was gonna shake my butt and have a good time regardless! The dj reeeeeeeally wasn't helping this attempt!

When he played something decent my leoness came out and started dancing in the middle of the floor. My cousins came out behind me and we TRIED to party. I guess the friends of my cousin who threw the party thought they were too cute to shake! The dj played the electric slide and a few more folks joined us...few meaning 3! Now granted their were some other races at this function but 95 percent of the place was black! How you gonna have the electric slide come on and only 3 more people come to the floor? This is the freaking black people function athem!!!!!! Anyways, the dj plays Step in the name of love then a slow song and of course the floor is back empty. The mood for me to get loose had fazed and I just chair dance until one of my anthems comes on....Percolater! Now I don't know if those folks just didn't know how to do it but when I hear that song I must percolate! So I just stand up at my table and start doing the darn thing. Next thing you know all eyes are on me and they are chanting "Go Nay Go Nay" and clapping.

Now I have already addressed my need for attention at times so this just poured fuel on the fire and I gave my audience a solid minute of percolation! I could only give a minute cuz I am still a big girl and we get tired! LOL Nahhh let me take that back....I don't know anyone who can do it for the entire duration of the song! So anywho the night goes on the dj finally finds the mississippi slide which gets the floor packed...then he plays Amarie behind it (grrrrr) I ask him to play Plastic Dreams which he doesn't have!!! Now if you are a dj I would think you would have all the line dance songs in your collection. Then when you play one that fills the floor keep the line dance songs going. That is how most dj's do it. I don't drink not one drink and I try to feel the dj but he wasn't doing it for me or anyone else for that matter and we roll out about 12:30. All and all I had an okay time.

It wasn't the kickoff I was looking for but it was an okay start :-)


MzB said...

Damn, I'm going to get my "black" card revoked. What is Mississippi Slide and Plastic Dreams?

Glad you had a good time.

PS: There really IS a difference in the taste of pasta noodles not sure how the shape affects it or if the ingrediants are different but there is a distinct difference.

Ladynay said...

Mississippi Slide and the Booty Call are the same thing...

Starts out like the Electric Slide (right, left, back)then you jump, stomp right foot, stomp left foot, do 2 cha chas, turn and repeat (not the cha cha slide which he didn't play eiter!)....the song has a raspy sounded dude dictating the favorite part is when he is like "BACK UP UP....and JUMP" I am certain you heard it!

Plastic Dreams is a 11 minute or so instrumental cut, very techno sounding. I can't really explain the steps. Come to NC and I'll show you! *cheese*