Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Back in town

Honestly I have no clue where to start on this entry. Sooooo much stuff happened in Chi town I know if I jot it all down this blog would be too long. So I will paraphase as much as possible and add postings later when I remember something I forgot this go around. So here we go....

Wednesday...left work, got the youngin', got to the bus station headed for DC. Bus ride goes well. Get picked up in DC about 10. Went to my mom's to drop the baby and chit chat then go to my aunt's place about 12. Waited for another cousin to get to my aunts we all freshen up for our early morning flight get about an hours worth of sleep!

Thursday...Get to BWI (I can't stand BWI sometimes) catch the shuttle, go through the hoopla, get on the plane, slept for 2 hours. Meet up with the other 3 cousins at OHare. I really like OHare airport, everything is automated...EVERYTHING! I was quite fasinated at the plastic things that turn around the toilet seat when you wave your hand across the sensor. LOL it's the little things in life I enjoy I swear! :-P We decide that the cheapest way to get to our hotel was to take the cta...OMG what was we thinking???? The subway ride was long as a mutha and mind you I am with 5 prissy diva chicka's. I would replace chicka' with the b word but I won't go there. So being that it's early morning we are crowded by people trying to get to work an our luggage. Anyways lets just say by time we got off the subway I was ready to bash my family with my umbrella several times! Round about this time in the trip I knew that I would have to stay on the near tipsy side to not hurt them for the remainder of the trip.

We get off at our stop go up the street and it freaking raining. Now I am stuck in the rain with 5 prissy's that are scared of water trying to hail 2 cabs. Cabs came..we got to the hotel...we can't check in cuz it's too early. We got there about 9 am. So we walk to this bagel shop and chill. We go back to the hotel, unload, call up Adopted cousin who lives in Chi town and we go up to her job in the financial district. We have lunch at this bomb spot called Giordanos. Their stuffed pizza is off the meter! Anyways we eat we chat we go back to the hotel and I started my alcohol consumption, it was the beginning of day one and I was getting ill. We get back to the rooms and pull back the covers on the bed and their is blood on the sheets! Can we say NASTY!!!!! Here we are paying real money for 2 rooms at this spot called the Westin on the Magnificant Mile and their is blood on the sheets and conforter???? Needless to say we got that issue solved and breakfast passes for the next morning. We chit chat sommo' and take naps for about 2 hours. We got up and got dressed. Adopted cousin took us to some "shee shee" place called Bella. We eat and me and 2 cousins drink and drink and drink and drink. We stayed at Bella for a long time then Adopted cousin took us to a club called Wet....

Wet was just like the name says...when I walked in all I saw was wall to wall people wet with sweat dancing and pulsating to the beat. I just felt a big ole smile come across my face cuz I knew it was on! I didn't party at my cousin's party or on my Texas trip so this was going to be it, and the fact that I was slightly intoxicated didn't hurt. So we go all the way to the back of the club and sit. I sat for like 5 minutes and I told them I had to dance. The men where too fine and the music was too hot for me not to dance. So I work my way on the floor and just started to dance. Then my eyes closed and I was on another planet. Every now and again I would feel someone dance with me but I was on a solo trip. Next thing I know I am up against a wall dancing with someone. Mind you I started in the middle, so when I felt the wall I opened my eyes to this delicious piece of red meat...yeah red, dancing all up on me so I went with it. I don't know if the stars where right or the dj read my mind, but he started up the reggae!!!! Mercy mercy mercy me...Red meat pins me to the wall and just works the snot out of me! Talking about some serious clothes burning!!!! That man could move and all I could I really do believe if I had a skirt on I would have took him right there in the club! So the night goes on and me and Red meat dance the night away, least till my feet started yelling at me. I had on some sexy 3 inch heels (I know that is not much but I don't do heels) some fitted capri's and a blouse with mad cleavage. My tata's were gonna pop out at any minute. They may have while I was dancing but like I said I was on another planet.

So back to sexy red meat. I told him that my feet were hurting and we went towards the back to where the wall couch was and got my feet rubbed while going through the basic club talk. My feet are a soft spot so while he is talking and rubbing I am soooo considering screwing this brotha. It doesn't happen. I couldn't figure out a way. I was sharing a room and my cousins and I made an "Aruba Rule" which pretty much says no one goes no where alone. *insert a lot of foul lanquage here* Time moves on we get up and dance till the lights come on and that was bout it. Got back to the hotel about 4:30, shower, and crash. From the time we got up for the airport to the time we came home from the club we had slept about 5 or so hours. up about 8 ordered room service with our breakfast thingys we got for the bloody stuff. I had ham, eggs, hash rounds, and 2 rum and cokes. We kinda take our time getting dressed and go on our Chicago tour. Spent the whole day doing the tourist thing. Came back to th hotel and crashed again. We had reservations for this spot called Japonais, care of Adopted cousin, at 10 and due to all the activites and lack of sleep we get up at 9:30. This is bad cuz prissy chicka take a long time prepping so we where late. We get to the restaurant order and we meet Vince Vaughn? It's the dark haired dude that co-starred in the Wedding Crashers. When I met him I didn't know who he was but oh well. I had a star sighting none the less. We eat and the plan was to go clubbing again that night. One of my cousins was dead tired and wanted to go back to the room. Being that I was starting to get low on funds due to the food and alcohol and also that the Aruba rule was in place, I offered to go back to the hotel with her. We get in our cab and we didn't get 3 blocks down and BOOM...our cab is in an accident. Our foreign driver and a young black girl exchange friendly language and a cop pulls up. Apparently there was not much damage if any cuz the po po told the cab driver to go. My cuz and I are not hurt. We get back to the hotel and fall asleep soon after.

The rest of my peeps come in later on that morning and I ask how the club was and they said "both were whack". I get up further out my sleep and was like "both"? They went to a spot called Cromium (sp) and Crocodile. No body had any thing good to say except for a ball player that showed up. I just thanked God I didn't go with them clubbing that night. Expecially at 20 dollars a club! So they spent at least 40 bucks for some BS!

Saturday...we slept in hard...since money was starting to get low for everyone, we just go to Harpo studios so my stalker cousin could take a picture outside of it, back to Giordanos for lunch, and walked the Magnificent Mile. For the hundreth time during the trip I wanted to beat my family down with my umbrella! Can you imagine walking down a strip mall of sorts with every store you can think of???? Tiffany's...Lalique...Gucci...whomever you can think of is on this strip! Now can you imagine walking this strip with 5 prissy girlly divaish women!!!!! Oh I just get a headache reliving it! I am a walk in, get what you need, and walk out type shopper, unless it's Wally World(Walmart). So we shop on and on and on and on then I swear we spent 2 hours or more in Marshall Fields alone (10 floors of shopping). Then 4 of the fam went up the John Hancock while me and my cousin went to Jamba Juice. A few different bloggers I read had mentioned this place several times so of course I had to see what it was about.

We go back to the hotel trip out sommo' and sing Happy Birthday to one of my cousins. About 10 minutes later security comes up to our room giving us notice of a noise complaint. The sad part was we were not loud except for the Birthday song. There were 3 joining rooms. My cousins and I had 2 and we figured the complaint must have come from the 3 room so my cousin tried to open their door...then we get complain number 2. The security guard comes up witht the manager and is indirectly throwing racial slurs and walks off. The manager was better about the situation and knew what the deal was (young white male). He knew that the complaints were coming from a older white couple that didn't care for "us" " especially in a nice hotel where "dem coloreds" should not be able to afford the room anyway. So he offered us free drinks downstairs (like I needed another drink). OH OH OH how can I forget, when we were in Marshall Fields my fam and I accidently walked through a family trying to take a picture. This older white lady says "It's okay, "they" don't know any better" why oh why did she say that. My fam maybe girlly but they can get bout it bout it too. So once all the fam is informed of the ladys statement. My cousin walks up to her while she is taking more pictures and very intelligently tells her that the problems with race related issues starts with comment that she made and that she is teaching her children/grandchildren hate. The white lady was speachless and we kept walking. I soooo felt like doing that stir that soup dance in front of her saying "you got read" repeatly, but didn't. I am shocked she didn't call security of someone on us or her. We were the only black folks up in there at the time and we where in there forever!

Anyways, we go back to the room and chit chat. We got on the sexually related subjects and they way some of them where talking it explained a lot to me about why they do what they do. For instance 4 of my fam are homophobic against lesbians. They are the type that thinks every lesbian woman will come on to them. My only 2 cent was to say that they should think of lebsians like they do straight men. They had their defense so I left it alone and sipped on my drink. Then sex came up. They were talking about the different things they like and all of it was kinda bland to me until on of my cousins said that her husband like to choke her. My fam gets their panties in a bunch and goes on and on about their freakiness. Once again I choose not to contribute to the convo cuz if they going crazy about that, I wasn't going to mention the stuff I like no way no how! We girl talk and 2 cousins tell more about themselves than I really needed to know and we go to bed.

Sunday...we fly back to our starting points

Monday...I spent the whole day in my old room in MD catching up on videos and flushing all that alcohol out my system. I truely believe that since I started drinking in Chi town I had at least 2 drinks in my system till I was back in MD? Also, why is every other video Marcus Houston's Naked?

Tuesday...caught the bus back to Raleigh. That was an event but I really gotta get to work. Got a mad stack on my desk plus emails and messages to respond to. From the time I started this blog I have been to a staff meeting and a breakfast for another one of the temporary staff that is leaving......


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Welcome back!

I'm glad you had a good time, inspite of your desire to get violent on your family. (I can relate!)