Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Mo' stuff

I forgot to mention a part of the sex convo the fam had. Topic oral fam member admits that she doesn't do it. She says her gag reflex is too sensative. No one said anything but my other fams faces told me they were thinking what I was thinking. Other than the not so positive personality traits she has, this could be a good reason men are in her life for the very short term, mostly cuz she finds them cheating. ***PSA*** ALL MEN like there privates licked, sucked, and all that good stuff! Some may like it more than others but the all like it ***End PSA*** How is she gonna expect a guy to perform for her all the time and he not get NOTHING as far as oral in return ever? Eventually he will get someone to do it! Like I said, I learned alot. I put in my 2 cent on tata sex and they looked at me like I was crazy so once again I just shut the heck up. I didn't say very much on this trip.

Every now and again a fam member would ask me if I was having fun or if I was okay because I was reeeally quite and kinda distant from the group most of the time. This kept me from being a smart butt or hitting them with my umbrella. Side note, Chicago was in a drought until we got there, how about them daggone apples????

I kinda wonder what my peeps thought/learned about me. This trip originally was planned for all of us to get to know one another and fellowship. Everyone but me and another cousin put all there biz out there. The only thing they learned that they didn't already know about me was that I drink and can drink alot without getting tipsy on special occasions.

Now back to the trip home from DC. We get to the bus station and there is this long line and 2 ticket agents, one which was solely servicing the NY express line folks. So we wait and my mom takes Pooka to the restroom. She comes back without Pooka. When I ask her where she is she tells me babydaddy is over by some seats. I look over and there they are loving it up. I had already thanked the stars that I didn't have to see him this trip and there he was! *foul language*I must admit he was looking ight fresh hair cut, fresh facial hair trim, new clothes, nice shoes, smelling good. So my first question was where are you going? UDC had/was having there orientation. He is actually going back to school. Again, I am impressed that he is actually following through on his words. We'll see how long that lasts. I wish him luck but I would be surprized if he goes a whole semester. Anyways back to ghetto greyhound....

By time I get close to the front it's time for my scheduled bus to leave. I get to the lady tell her the time, I already had my tickets, and I just needed to check my bags. She takes her sweet time and gives me the labels for my bags and I go stand in line. While in line Pooka had her dad's hand on one hand and mine in the other. That was kinda weird with the flashbacks and all but I ignored it. Then Pooka puts baby daddys hand with mine and all I could do was raise a brow. I wasn't sure how to react to that. While baby daddy is steady laughing I removed my hand. Pooka goes to the restroom again and Baby daddy starts his lets get together spill. I change the subject by asking about different random stuff. Pooka and my mom gets back and we kinda chit chat for another 45 minutes. Mind you when I got into the line the bus was supposed to have left 10 minutes ago. So they finally start to board and we say our see you laters...

Meet Jerome. Jerome is a 2 or 3 year old hellion that was running around the greyhound station like he has no home training. Jerome went up to another baby's stroller, took one of the baby's crackers, ate it, and wiped his *blankety blank* mouth with the baby's bib while still on the baby's neck. Then he tried to take some grapes out of Pooka's sandwich bag!!! All his momma did the whole time we were in line was yell. "Jerome come here, Jerome don't do that, Jerome put that down, etc...." I wanted to snatch Jerome up so bad and just pop him one good time. Him and his African American New York accented momma where gettin on my bus. They take the 2 seats behind Pooka and I.

Naturally when we got on the highway Pooka fell asleep and I guess Jeromes momma did too. Jerome stands up leans over Pooka's chair and starts putting his hands and fingers in Pookas face. Now I have reason to touch this child! So I say excuse me Jerome stop that. He don't listen to his mother so of course he didn't listen to me. So I say it again, he kept on so I moved his hand, got up and sat him down properly in his seat. It was more like a push but the first way sounds nicer. NY momma gets up and give me the look. People look at us cuz the way NY momma stood up you would have thought she was about to throw a blow. But I was ready for her little tail! Before she can speak I told her that her son had his hands in my daughter face and ask if she control him a little better. She apologized for her son and tried to make Jerome apologize (didn't happen) and we kept it moving show over.

We get to Richmond after a lot of traffic, rain, and Jerome. While in line for the next bus Pooka and I had to use the restroom. The very first stall was free. Once we got in I noticed that the door was broke. So after Pooka goes, the ever so smart LadyNay figures she could hold the door and squat. Well the heffa missed her mark. So urine makes it to the bottom calve part of her jeans. I know I am typing in 3rd person cuz I am acting like it didn't happen to me. Yuck!!!! There wasn't enough time to get more pants and change so now my day has just been shot to heck! All I could do was get on the bus and pray no one makes a comment out loud so I would hear it and how I had to meet up with Lookalike at the station to pick me up in some pissy smelling jeans! I need a moment.....*inhale, exhale* He ended up laughing at me when I told him what happened...Next...

We get to Petersburg and we sat there for the longest time. Then all of a sudden you hear a bunch of cursing. Somehow between NY and VA some chicks checked bag became missing. She is just ranting and raving on an on and on. I would have been mad to but her display was just plainly uncalled for. I mean if you gonna make a scene, make it, but don't go over board. It really looked like she was putting on a show cuz she knew the people one the bus and at the stop were all watching her. Greyhound tried to offer her 200 until the missing bag was found and she wasn't hearing it. She goes and tells everything she had in the bag and it's worth. So if anyone found it they wouldn't have told her they found it anyway. That is if she had what she said she did. So our ghetto bus driver pulls off, she said she was already behind on her schedule and if chicka's bag wasn't under the bus she was leaving and that's what she did.

The rest of the trip was okay. I listened to the bus drivers exchange stories about what they have experienced while driving.I didn't even mention the bus ride up! The driver pulled the bus over cuz someone had a ringing cell phone. There was really so much to happen on this the person/people who kept grabbing my calves at Wet or how my peeps were baggin on one cousin and she got emotional or I was dancing on the sidewalk with a street performer. I just can't put it all down.

I had an absolutely wonderful time even though I didn't say much and wanted to hurt my family. I have learned so much about them and there lives and I love them dearly. That was the purpose of the trip. I really wish sometimes that I wasn't the tee shirt and jeans odd ball. Change that sometimes to every now and again.....on and off mostly off. HAHAHAA! Being high maintenance...or a Diva...or girlly girl...or prissy is HARD work and it takes time. I just don't have it for day to day life or don't choose to have it. I hope they have learned to love me even more jeans and everything.....

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Welcome back! I missed ya girl! YOU WORE 3 INCH HEELS!!!!!!!!!!!

Very exciting.