Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Drug test

Yesterday at work I decided to give K-digga a women's empowerment type motivational speech. Since I left Whitebrotha in Durham (he grew up in Durham, he'd find a place to stay), I figured last night was the best time to talk to her. I pretty much told her that she has to live her life as if she was single. She kept saying well WE want to do this and WE want to do that. Then I asked her where was WE a few weeks ago when HE just got up and left you homeless? There was silence. So I go into my spill and she is hyped and ready to do the darn thing so while she has the motivation I take her to the nice but cheap hole in the wall studio apartment not to far from my house. She loves it. So then I take her across the street to the strip mall where my other home (Walmart) is and show her the few establishments with the help wanted sign in the windows. I first took her to Walmart because they pay more and since they are 24 hours she would find hours she preferred. (Which should be any hours in my opinion)

We walk up to the hiring center computer and right there beside the computer was a sign. The sign basically said we do drug tests so if you been messing around don't even waste your time applying. D'oh! I don't smoke trees so I didn't even think about the drug test part of most employment procedures! Even though I knew the answer. I asked K-digga when the last time she smoked. I swear, they can't find a job, can't find somewhere to live, but they can find some herb! Go figure. Disappointed, I go do what I gotta do in Walmart. By time we leave the other places are closed or just about to close so I told her we would come back up there this weekend with Whitebrotha and just apply apply apply.

We get back to my place and K-digga tells me that Whitebrotha should have been there waiting. Come to find out that when we left Whitebrotha in Durham, he found his way to his parents house. Instead of letting him stay the night there, they gave him money to take the bus back to my place. This is a big deal because his parents don't come off no money...5 dollars or 500 dollars! In my head I was like oh my! I knew his parents where tired of him but mannnnn! Now that I think of it, those thoughts could have provoked my dream. He found his way back to my house a few hours after we got back from wally world. I was sleep but I heard him knock on the door. Once I confirmed that it was Whitebrotha's voice I heard, I rolled over and went back to sleep.

Last night I had a dream of my deadline speech. I seemed so real. I was so psyched when I woke up I wanted to give the speech to them right then while it was fresh in my mind but it was waaaay to early in the morning so I will give it tonight. The jist of my dream was me giving them a deadline. Their deadline is September 6th. If they don't find a job by then (and this is very possible), on the morning of the 6th they will ride with me to Durham and on my way to class I will drop them off at the shelter and will not return. If they do find an offer, they can stay with me while they save money for the deposit and utilities for the hole in the wall that will be ready to move into at the end of October. That's is that.

I could sit and vent about the several thing the couple has reminded me that I should kick them out (like leaving my back door wide open for the bugs to come in and my AC to go out while he just chilling on the deck) but that will take too long.

Today is day 2 of professor Umfufu.

Now to work!

P.S. Can anyone tell me these "cleansing" processes for weed? Comment/email/call me. I have never had to use these methods so I am out the loop. I have heard of some crazy stuff like drinking some amount of bleach and mess like that but I dunno.


BlueAngel said...

Try GNC or something. I hear that there's a Detox Tea or somn.

Teezie said...

I heard drink plenty of cranberry juice. But I don't do them things so I have no idea. BUt I do know someone who will know. I will ask him tonite! LOL

Anonymous said...

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