Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Fuck the police.....Muthafucka's!!!!!!

I know that I have stopped cursing but that is the only statement that comes remotely close to what I am feeling right now. Long story very short. It's the end of the month...popo needs their quota's...they stop people for dumb shit.

This morning I went to class. I'll get to yesterday in a minute. But anyways, someone told me the class was in the wrong building so for a good 20 minutes I am going up and down all around trying to find someone to help me find this class. The elevators were not working so I am huffing it up and downs these flights of stairs. Reminding myself of just how fat I am. I finally find someone that is not a student and she tells me it's in another building. There is no way in hell I was going to try and find another parking space (I'll get to that later) so I walk and walk in to class all late yet again (I get to that in a moment 2). Class is over. I pick "the couple" up from the spot. K-Digga asks me if she could stop by xyz house to get more of her clothes. Since an alternative route to where I needed to be ran right by there I agreed. The place she needed to go is about 4 house's from a stop light. At the light I took my seat belt off to put my shoes on and soon as the light goes green. I press the gas and saw blue muthaphuckin lights! FUCK THE POLICE! Next....

Yesterday was the first day of classes. It felt good to be back on campus. My class was in the new science bldg. which I didn't know where it was so I drive around wasting gas trying to find the place to find out I passed it bout 4 times! Now that I found the building, which isn't marked with a number or anything that says this is the such and such building, it was now time to find somewhere to park. There are 3 types of parking spaces: vistor, reserve (staff parking), and commuter. Dorms have their own thing going on. It takes me a cool minute to find a commuter parking space and I was not about to park on the street cuz I saw 12 too many cars with that nice bright orange parking ticket on the windshield. Central wants some money, trust that. So I park somewhere in east bumblefuck and get to class about 30 minutes late.

I walk in and grab a seat only to hear *cue African drums* Professor Umfufushambaka in the middle of his monologue . Why in the world does every college level math professor have to be from another country???? I withdrew from the same class 3 years ago because Professor ImfromsomewherelikeRussiaandcan'ttalkwithoutspitting taught and I knew I could not possibly learn the material if I can't understand what he was saying. I need this class to get my degree so I have to stick it out with Umfufu, that is not his name but I really can't pronouce it yet.

I'll blog more later, maybe...



Imma go back to not cursing now.


That Girl said...

Girl, I have been there with those foreign professors. I had this Russian chick teach my intro French class. I couldn't stand her ass. Hang in there...making it through is what's most important.

Anonymous said...

Foreign professors? Nope. The only foreign professor in my college taughte 7 degrees of Spanish, not needed for my degree, though I wish that an elementary foreign language had been required at some point in my school careers.

Police? Been there, done that. December 23, 1998. Pulled out onto a divided highway. Watched in my rearview mirror as a car switched lanes and sped up. I'm thinking "What the hell is going on?" Frigging blue lights? Asshole said I pulled out in front of him. Did not, lying somebeach. First day of class in another county. Had to plead no contest and pay the fine. That officer has tarnished the reputation of the people in blue for me everywhere.