Monday, August 22, 2005

Is that roomates....with an "s"?

This weekend was okay. Got up early Saturday morning thinking I will make it to campus a half hour early to get a good parking space and be in line early only to find out half the campus had the same idea! This year Central got smart and had every section of the school represented in one building, cept the bookstore! Brilliant! The campus po po's were keeping everything straight so I got in got EVERYTHING accomplished in four hours! For Central that is excellent time so Kudos to them.

After I took care of business I decided to go by the last place K-digga was staying, she wasn't there. Then I went to her man's parents place. They were not there. The guy her man, let's call him Whitebrotha' cuz he will be coming up in my blog for a minute, was staying with was chilling at Whitebrotha's parents house too and nobody seen them since bout Tuesday. Whitebrotha's momma called a few spots and the last person told her "they" were on the way to my house! WTF??? So I go home and they should be thankful they were not there. I don't like unannouced guest. So I just chill at home and do my thing until Whitebrotha calls me later that evening.

They had been on the street and staying in a shelter and wanted to know if K-digga could stay for a minute. I said yeah explained my earlier journey to go get her and clearly explained that my mom will be moving in with me Labor Day weekend and she has until then to find out what and where she is going after that. He understands and then just keeps talking and talking. After trying to end the conversation for the 4th or so time he finally asks if he can come to......*sigh* fine, whatever! So ever since Sunday about lunch time I have brought on 2 roomates. The plus is that I have "free" baby sitting while I am in class. The negative is that I have them in my house while I am not there. By me living alone for awhile this idea kinda bothers me.

Needless to say, today I am doing what I told myself I wouldn't do. Doing the legwork and looking for them a cheap place to stay and jobs they can apply for. If all goes well I will have them both a little gig and a nice cheap place to stay in very soon. I don't think I truely have the heart to drop them off at the shelter if they can't find anywhere to go.

Sidenote: She miscarried the twins....*eye roll* She will be "pregnant" again when they leave my place. Mark my word!


BlueAngel said...

Ummm...scuze me...they should be looking for their own jobs and own place to live. NOT CHU!

Jamal K. Franklin said...

Ms. Lady,

I agree w/Blueangel, they should be doing their own legwork. It's a nice gesture, but there are other implications!

Coming Into Reality,

The Foxybrown Show said...

No....Leave off the last "S" for SHADEY!!!

Happy Tuesday Lady Nay you have just been tagged!