Monday, August 08, 2005

Oh yeah, before I forget...

While walking to the library in the dreadful wet heat I was stopped by 2 bike riding Mormons. The same 2 knocked on my door giving me there spill a few weeks ago. So when they stopped me on the sidewalk I was quick to tell them that they had already visited my home so there was no need to say the same things twice...besides who wants to be having a conversation outside in this kind of weather? I didn't ask that question but I thought about so anyways after telling him that we have already talked he asked if he could have my address so he can talk more Mormon stuff with me. With a forced smile once again I told him thanks but no thanks and to have a great day. So they went on their way and I went mine. While walking I told myself if I should encounter them again that after he asks me if he can come by and give his spill at a later date that I would reply, sure if I can come by his house and show you the ways of atheistism or offer him to be on my mailing list for the Church of Satan. LOL

For the record I believe in God...after I had that thought I told myself out loud that I was going to hell.

Now let me go do some real work!

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Anonymous said...

The guys may have a PROFOUND secret to share with you. LOL