Monday, August 08, 2005


My weekend was okay. Still fiddled around with the ole laptop to no avail. So I decide to walk up to the library after Saturday morning cartoons. I don't know what the temperature is but to make a long story short I started having symtoms of a heat related injury. On my trek back I literally had to stop under a tree and lay down for a good 10 minutes then sat upright for about 15 which gave my body enough umph to try to make it home. I did have 2 more quick pits stops along the way and ended with me actually crawling from my front door to my fridge to drink almost every liquid componet I had in there. I have walked to the library plenty of times but the daggone sun and humidity made it painful. Trust me, I will stick to my early morning walks and late afternoon walks to the library from now on.

Sunday was interesting. I decided I was gonna try to get up with my girlfriend who normally does my hair so she can hook me up for my Chicago trip. I still can't believe it's in 2 I get up and make it a point to be at her house at 10am so if anything I would be waking her up, not just missing her going out the door like the last time. So I knock on the door. Chitown's mother opens the door I speak to her for a minute and she goes to get my homegirl. She is looking like she just got out the bed for real and she says she'll hook me up and that she needed my help. (ut oh) Was my thought. She tells me that she split up with her man and that she couldn't stay in the house anymore. Then she asked me if I could take her to her ex's parents house (don't ask). I say okay. We pack her stuff in my car and I take her to her ex's peeps house. They tell her that her ex is staying with one of his boys and she can't stay there. So we go up to her brothers house (they all live about 5 mins from one another). She stays in her brothers house for a good minute and comes back out telling me she is homeless.

The logic side of me said well she can stay with me until my mom comes, but the real side of me says HECK NAW! So I tell her that for now we'd go to breakfast and wait for a store to open I needed to run to real quick. We eat breakfast and while killing time she tells me about the separation, about her being pregnant (she is always pregnant) and about what she wants to about the baby. Then she starts asking me "How do you do it". I pretty much tell her that I do what I have to do because I have to do it, it's not an option for me just like it's not an option for her if she is with child for real this time. We talk more and more and I am telling her what she needs to do and she isn't really trying to hear me. She tells me about this job she wants but you have to apply for it in a town on the other side of Raleigh. I tell her that I will take her and she comes back with more excuses. This starts to irratate me. I have a problem with unmotivated people. If you are in a really bad situation do everything in your power to get out of least TRY! There is a lot to her story but it's not my place to put it on the web so I'll leave it alone.

I pick up what I need from the store, we go back to my place and she does my hair. Afterwards she asked if she could freshen up so I made sure everything she needed was in the bathroom and told her to do her thing. While driving around finding her a place to stay, she dropped off various items at different houses so I asked her if she needed something to wear. She is bigger than I am (can you imagine that) and like most women I have clothes ranging from too small to too big so I knew I had something she could wear. She said yeah and I took out 3 outfits. 2 of which I have never worn, the other one I wore maybe twice. I laid them out on the bed and told her to pick what she wanted and that they all were pieces that I could part with. On hind site I should have said she can have the outfit that she picks out. So she picks her outfit, folds the other 2 outfits up and puts them in her bag and says Thank you. Part of me wanted to be like "what you doing?" but I know I am not going to wear those outfits anyway so I just let it go.

Then she kinda goes on this praising me spree. "Your so accomplished""I wish I had a good paying job like yours""Your a single mom, have a nice place, and keeping bills paid""You got it all together""You always have money" and more stuff like that. It started at breakfast and it was ok at first. I like being acknowledged for the work I put in to keeping my head above the water. But after awhile this irrates me. It got to the point to where I take her to my kitchen and show her my fridge where there is some water, kool aid, jelly, and sugar...that's all! I explain to her that I don't live the life she thinks I do and that I am struggling just like she is, just on a different level. Then once again I am trying to motivate her by telling her how I get by. In one ear and out the other.grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr There is so much potential in her and as a friend I want to guide her. The key word is GUIDE, not do all the work! But anyways....

We hang out for awhile and I feel like going to the movies. I call up someone I wanted to go with and they were busy. I figured I might as well make a day out of it soI took Pooka and my homegirl, let's call her K-digga cuz I know she will be in another post, to a movie and dinner. We went to see the honeymooners which was actually pretty funny in my opinion. Then out to dinner. During dinner she saids that the guy whos name is on paper for the house she is staying in would prolly let her stay in the house if she could give him some money. So in my head I am thinking that she could watch Pooka at my house for the 2 weeks I am in school before my mom moves down and pay her what I was going to pay my high school girl and that way we both get something out of it. I pitch the idea and she likes it so after dinner I drop her off at the house she is staying and tell her to call me collect if "Landlord" doesn't like the idea. He wasn't home and I was tired and wasn't going to stay till he got there. She hasn't called me yet so I guess everything went well.

On another note...I go to bed early. Stop picking on me! *insert foul word of choice here* here is a snipplet of a brief convo I had last night

them...what you doing?
me...laying down?
them...what you doing tonight?
them...when are you going to bed? soon as you hang up the phone...
them...but Ladynay it's only 8:45!
me...and your point is?
them...your too young to go to bed that early
me...if you say so, so what you gonna keep me up or something? want me to come by? not really
them...dag it's like that? Well take your old self to bed *snicker*
me...*snicker* f u! goodnight

Why I gotta be old? Why is there such a problem with going to bed before 10pm? I do get up before the sun and I do need my rest. I can't function off of 3 or 4 hours of sleep unless I need to or I have made the choice to. So leave me and my early to bed early to rise butt ALONE!!!!!

What have I have learned this weekend....
Don't be out in extreme heat when you don't need to be and the good ole saying, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink!


Teezie said...

Say it again sista. Single mother do what they have to do to survive. That is the difference between being young, immature and grown da fuk up!

I hope you schooled her.

I am so excited for you. Get me a postcard while you are on your trip!

Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it! » » »