Tuesday, August 02, 2005


It's the second day back on the job and there is work to do, I am just taking an unofficial break to blog.

I still don't believe I drove to Texas, and will most likely do it agian in the FAR future....like 2006ish or so.

I just realized that I have to do a little comp time so I will have enough vacation time for my Chicago trip. Guess I should ask my supervisor for the time off since it's a week and some change away! LOL

If your back hurts soooo bad that you come in to work only to lay your butt down on the lobby couch for an hour and a half take your tail home! So what if you don't have any more sick days, it's your fault you took too many "mental health days" that now when your actually not feeling well you don't have the time!!!!!!

My upper lever management FINALLY approved my new schedule for school! YIPPEEEEE now I just need my mom to keep her word and move down on the first and everything will be ret to go!

I have gotten serious about my whole weight issue. I have this game DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) that I am slowly readdicting myself too. I hurt myself yesterday but it will be okay.

I have also started walking at work. During my 2 breaks and after I eat lunch. I really wish we had a shower here on the job. Sometimes I don't feel like I am appropriate for work. Will try to find a solution.

Walked by myself during my first break, didn't want to slow the other girls down.

I wish I didn't hurt myself last night.

I came close to burning down my place...by accident of course.

Why didn't I get off the phone while I dealt with the problem?

I need some baking soda.

Considered water aerobics but with work and school coming up there won't be any time.

Still trying to find moms a job, but nothing she wants is availible right now.

While hanging out with Lookalike the other night, I was laying up under him and Pooka came and sat on his lap....it was cute for a minute....then the minute passed....

While Tall was throwing Pooka in the air, that was cute too....that also passed....

Baby Daddy is planning to come down for Pooka's b-day and wants to stay with me, I don't know how I feel about that.

I REALLY need a new bed.

I need to type that again....I REALLY need a new bed.

I brought some car stuff (oil, antifreeze, fuel injector cleaner) this morning and was filling up the appropriate tanks and some dude asked if I needed help. That's real kind and gentleman like but how hard is it to take care of those things. Hit me up when I need a tire change or something that requires me to get under the car. Don't wait till I am mostly done changing the tires (putting the lug nuts back on) to ask me either! (Sorry mini vent from another time)

Debating whether to use an incoming check to put a new car on hold....fix up my car.....buy a fabulous bed....or pay down one of my credit cards

I should get a weekend job.

But if I do that I will burn myself out quickly....BTDT got the tee shirt

I really should go back to real work.

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BlueAngel said...

Hey Gurl...

Make sure you make some time for yourself to regroup. That car trip was really long and I know that you have school coming up and such.

Congratulations on taking a step for you. Walking alone is definitely fun...you get to talk to yourself n stuff...hehe.

But anyway...just ramblin.