Thursday, September 07, 2006


Care of Freaky Deaky on my list to the left. Still nothing going on, Pooka has a dentist appointment, dat's bout it...

Hello, my name is Ladynay. Depending on how long you've been following me or reading my comments you should know the gov't first by now. That or you know me personally already. :-D

I was raised in the DC metro area. PG county baby!

The reason you are reading this is because you waiting to read about me breaking down in regards to my dad/ read blogs in a certain order like I do and I am part of the rotation...this is your way of keeping up with me vs. CALLING ME! I mean yeah I am probably on the computer downloading something but you can still call me! find my boring life know I more often than not have a new post up even if it's one sentence...the martians make you read it...your drunk...the reasons are endless

Right now, need to be waking the child up.

The first thing I do in the morning is roll over to get out the bed or to hit the alarm.

The last thing I do at night currently homework or chit chat on IM

My momma always said, "As long as you don't hurt nobody or yourself"

I love it when people give me a real compliment or recognize my accomplishments.

I hate it when people lie when they don't "have" to.

If you ever see me walking down the street ask me about whatever, just long as you speak or acknowledge me in passing. I don't like when I know someone and they act like they don't know me. I mean wink your eye, smile, roll your eyes, something!

My notable run in with the law involved me me and my best friend stealing somethings we didn't have no business on my 16th birthday

This one time at camp we, uhhhh are we talking about band camp? If so I can not release that type of information. LOL

Yo, you see this scar it was from when an antenna lodged itself into my forehead because I pulled a tv from off the bar by it's cord when I was a crawling baby.

The last time I swore I'd never drink again was never. I have never nor ever want to be THAT intoxicated.

Future projects include finishing school with letters behind my name (far)and going to the bathroom(near).


deepnthought said...

I read your blog:
1)I find it very interesting
2)Its in my morning rotation ofthe 6 blogs I read everyday.

Ladynay said...

1) Why thanks, that's cute of you to think so...

2) 6? Only 6? I remember when I only read a single digit of blogs daily...*sigh*

You must be new...ROFL!

Freaky Deaky said...

Drunken Martians are making me read and I like to be aware of where the Devil's van is at all times. :o)

Does following you home count as acknowledging you?

What were you stealing? Did they throw you and your friend in the pokey with Broomstick Brenda and crew?

Ladynay said...

LOL, not drunken martians! LOL

Right now the Devil's van is on the side of the hwy *post about it later*

The better question is what WASN'T we stealing...we went to the mall with empty backpacks and left the mall barely able to zip them up. The only reason we got caught was we made the mistake of going into one store twice.

TTD said...

wow.. still have a scar from when you were a baby?

Ladynay said...

TTD, it's more like a horizontal crease less than a half inch long. You wouldn't notice it unless I pointed it out.

I also have discoloration on my right elbow when I used it as brakes on a sidewalk going down a hill in a wagon. I was like 7 when I did that. I laugh at myself everytime I look at it! I was a genius I swear! LOL

Freaky Deaky said...

Ever since I became the Martian ambassador to Earth those zany martians are always getting drunk and forcing me to do things.

So you got careless. Well, if you ever go back to your teenage ways can you pick up a notebook computer for me? Anything will be fine.

Ouch! You don't remember your Flinstones correctly. You're supposed to use your feet as brakes.

I'll reserve my Devil's van comments until later.

Ladynay said...

I have learned my lesson from my stealing days, but if I ever get crazy enough to go back I'll hook you up! LOL

My feet??? Ohhhhhhhhhhh duh, it's about 20 years to late, but thanks for the reminder! lol

That Girl said...

you are silly

Omar Ramon said...

i read your blog cuz ur the bomb..are you tagging anyone with this?

G. Mo said...

Now what the hell were you stealing on your 16th birthday of all days???

*shakes head*

Ladynay said...

TG, sometimes :-)

Omar, I don't usually tag, if you wanna do it go for it!

G-Mo, I have been staring at your picture trying to place you...did you change your blogger name? If not, welcome to my slice of the net.

We stole a bunch of little things, nothing valued over 25-25 bucks on it's own.

4EverJennayNay said...

i have a scar on the bottom of my chin where i slipped and fell in the tub. i busted my chin wide open. i remember there being a lot of blood. after that mommie didn't allow toys in the tub.