Friday, September 08, 2006

No Meme today....edited edition

I will try to make this short cuz if I type out everything I want to this will go on for awhile....

Went outside to start my day, with my brand new and krispy white tee shirt and jeans, and noticed that one of my tires was low. I creep up the street to the gas station and pump it back up. Drop Pooka off at daycare and make 2 more trips home before going to work because I forgot stuff. Get to work. On the way to class I notice the tire is low again. Me being the smarty I am, I figure I'd creep the car to Walmart which is not too far from the job, buy some fix a flat to temporarily seal the leak and I'd get another tire after class. The plan was going fine until I left Walmart, I get halfway to class and the tire completely blew, there was no pumping air or nothing, it was gone. So I turn on my cell phone and I don't have enough juice to even get the welcome screen! Of course my car charger is in my car so using the cell phone was out. It's funny cuz I only use the cell for emergencies and when one comes up, it's dead....anyways....The tire blew near an exit so I got out locked the doors and got to walking to a gas station I knew was not to far off the exit. Some lady stops and asks me if I need a ride (no, I just like walking on the hwy for's your sign). I hop in her car and she lets me use her cell phone. There only 2 people I know that either worked later in the day or had a flexible schedule so they could come get me. Both of them wasn't around. LAL has changed his cell phone number since we used to talk on the regular, I have the new cell IN MY DEAD CELLPHONE :-( so I had to blow up the only number I had for him which was the work phone. The chick asks me if I wanted her to keep calling him to let him know what's up. I said sure and left her the number, my name, and my location at the gas station. While at the station I use the phone to hit folks up and nobody is where they supposed to be. So I made my last resort the job. 2 of my coworkers came and scooped me up. They were going to ride me around to get a new tire but I didn't want them to do all that, just to take me back to work. I get to work and my supervisor gives me the number to join AAA. I am gonna take her advice. LOL!

Get to work and network more calls in an etch more of a game plan out to get my car right. LAL calls me back and after picking with me (which was sooooo unneeded,LOL) he offered to help. He asked me about the spare on the van. I told him there was none (that I saw) and he tells me that it's UNDER the van and how I have to perform rocket science to get it out. Since he sensed I had no clue what he was talking about he made mention that I should have had a man with me to buy the van and about how I should have asked him! I get loud and tell him I DID ask him and not only did he tell me I didn't ask, but he quoted my daggone blog! (ohhhh no he didn't, ohhhh yes he did) had me searching my archives and what not. Upon further investigation it is a possibility that I didn't ask him, but just a possibility. So anyways we are supposed to get my car st8 this morning.

After rolling with LAL I am supposed to be doing lunch with one of my blogger crushes Marlon (<----over dere). This is gonna be great, I get to undress him with my eyes right to his face! ROFL! I don't have the slightest idea of a good place downtown to grub because I try to avoid downtown like the plague, it always raises my blood pressure. I'll figure something out tho', this should prove interesting. He has a girlfriend (who runs and works out) so I must be on my best behavior and play nice. *insert uncontrollable tears here* what fun! LOL Hmmmmm maybe I need to brush up on my tennis knowledge b4 I head out...hmmmmmmm

After that I am gone to the country to go through the whole putting my grandfather to rest ritual. Again...what fun! My mom told me that my sperm donor father came by where they are to show his respect to my grandmother and so on. According to my mom, he is planning on coming to the wake and the funeral, so I guess I will be seeing him again after all. *sigh* I don't want to see him on the real, but I am glad that he is gonna show his last respects to the man who stepped up to the plate and did the job of being the father figure in my life for him.

Mommy told me that he asked her for my number. Uh hello...I have given him my number on numerous occasions and it hasn't changed for over 3 years! He has been to my place once and knows my address. When she told me she gave him my number I just laughed cuz he not gonna use it so why bother?

But enough about that, it's time to hit the shower so I'll be ready when my ride comes.

Oh and in other news, Pooka is the official shoe tier of the house. She got her technique a few days ago and now she won't let me tie my own shoes without catching an attitude. :-D

Simply cuz I feel this weekend in the country might prove to be worthy of a blog by itself I'll post about this morning. I forgot to mention the reason I mentioned me having on a fresh white tee shirt, it got dirty with me messing with my tires! I can never wear white! Grrrrrrr....anyways....

LAL over slept so the day did not get started as early as I thought. He finally pulls up and the phone rings, it's my sperm donor! He was calling to see if I was okay and wanted to know what time I was coming down so he could see me. Uhhhh the person who was on the phone was foreign to me! My father don't ask me things about my feelings or care about my whereabouts. He went on with some spill about retiring in NM and some other BS. I didn't mean to cut him off but my ride was outside so I had to go. I am still blown away that he actually used my number!

Long story short, LAL ain't ish and he know he ain't ish and he know's Imma blog about him too! It's sad when your interacting with someone and you say "you know I am gonna blog about this" and the person says "I know" ROFL He pretty much made me do 90 percent of the physical labor. He knew he was gonna be helping me with my tire but was talking about some how he wasn't expecting to get dirty!! What and ever! After "I" got the car jacked up using this ancient car jack (I have an better one in my car but I didn't put it in the van, my fault)we got the wheel off and went to get a tire. During the ride LAL is talking all this junk about Kuntry, mind you he doesn't know him outside of what I put in this here blog. Most was in jest and I found most of the questions funny. I can't remember the funniest one to save my life but I remember laughing hard when he asked. I also don't think he liked my post about when I made lunch for Kuntry. He thinks that Kuntry got better treatment than he. I don't think that was the case. Yes they were treated differently but the circumstances were different. Somethings one got that the other didn't get.

While riding around I saw Redbone of all people, it took me by surprise so much that I literally stopped mid sentence while speaking. I wondered why he was on the side of town we were on, but I remembered where he got his hair cut and he was going in that direction. I am noticing that no matter where a brotha lives, he gets his hair cut in the ghetto...interesting.

Anyways we got the tire and after "I" put it on we went on our way. The whole time while I am physically working I am picking at LAL cuz he was supposed to be the MAN and doing all this stuff yet I am the one down on my knees getting dirty! I mean really? He kept mentioning equal rights, gender roles and what not, even mentioned the brand of panties I had on (if HE was the one jacking up the car he would not have seen them *eyeroll*). Again I say what and ever! My cousin is going to show me how to change brakes this weekend so after that I will know how to change a tire, change my oil and change my brakes...what do I need a man for again??? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm



LUVIN ME said...

The van is giving you trouble already? Oh no...

Good to hear that Pooka's got a new skill, even if it does slow you down...LOL

Ladynay said...

It's not internal. I think it's because I backed into a tree that was in the road for removal. The bark must have punchered the tire and started a slow leak. The tires were good when I brought the van. LAL was picking on me cuz I didn't know if the van had a spare and that was supposed to be one of the things I checked for when I got it, but didn't...LOL

Girl it's a mess, and don't let her mess up then she has to start all over again! :-D

Freaky Deaky said...

You injured the Devil's van? Oh, there's gonna be a price to pay for that. ;o)

How many blog crushes do you have?

Make it a game and time her. Tell her if she doesn't tie your shoes in 30 seconds or less that she has to give you a dollar. Snap your fingers, tap your other foot, and say tick tock to add the pressure on her. It's a fun game, especially when you take the dollar. What? Was that mean?

Honey-Libra said...

The dang on van...yeaaa I'm coming down your way next weekend but I don't know if you are literally on my way LOL..I'm hopefully coming down instead of 95..if I figure out how to come down 301 that is.

Aww pooka good job!! Tell her I'll hire her to tie all my shoes haha. And behave at the blog date LOL...but of course you will too bad you can't rape him with your eyes haha let me stop

deepnthought said...

Way to go Pooka. I am in the middle of teaching my niece to tie her shoes. (pray for me).

Ladynay said...

Freaky, I know, being on the side fo the hwy was my payback! :-( I can think of 3 crushes off the top of my head. I may make a game of Pooka's shoe tying but I don't think consquences will be soo...soo..sooo mean! LOL

Honey, awwww if you do decide to go 85 call me. I am gonna be super good this afternoon. Promise! I won't touch him outside of a hug, scouts honor! LOL

Deep, what worked for Pooka is making a song of it. It made it easy to remember.

~HoustonNY~ said...

OK Lady, here are my lyrics of the week. Enjoy!:

I must be honest with you baby
I love to watch the faces that you make
(When we make love)
But when I’m behind you holding your hips
And you close your eyes and bite your lip
(I can’t see you)
So might I suggest a change……

Please don’t think me strange about what I’m about to say to you.
If you know anything about me by now, you know I’m a freak
(Just follow my lead)

Baby I love making love in front of a mirror
So that I can watch you enjoying me
Baby tonight lets try in front of a mirror
watching ourselves make love, so why don’t we…..

I see you, can you see me, watching you luvin it…..

-NeYo "Mirror" (2006)

Ladynay said...

Ummmmm T darling, Imma need you not 2 be posting that song right b4 I go hang out with cha boy! ROFL But on the real, that's one of the few songs I really like on his album. It's a good stripper song. LOL

4EverJennayNay said...

If I ever got a flat tire, I would just be a mess. I have some type of insurence where people come and pick me up and fix whatever is wrong, but I would feel bad cause I really wouldn't know what to do besides call somebody.

My uncle showed me how to fix a flat, but it requires getting dirty. ... That would be the time I would realize the value of a good man to have around.

blkbutterfly said...

when i had a flight tire a few months ago, i wished i'd practiced changing a flat tire more. i knew the basics of how to do it, but wasn't completely sure of what to do. thank God for AAA.

That Girl said...

I don't like this LAL...why didn't he help? I hate dudes like that.

Emotionalbrotha said...

Damn, that was one hell on an incident!

Honestly, and rememer this is coming from a man.. we (men) can be assholes.. lol.. and it seems like LAL was exercising this chaterics wit u... maybe it's his time of

and I'm a AAA member i don't change so I'm a lazy ass,,, but I would have called them for you..

On ur sperm donor father.... i feel u.. mine be acting the same way- i just want to tell him to go on some where with his "convienent" madness..

Good at Pooka.. u could still be the shoe tier in the house so give homegirl her ups...

Ladynay said...

Nay, most people just call somebody so don't feel bad.

BB, AAA will never lose business. LOL

TG, *shrug* maybe he had a point to prove, I dunno.

EB, maybe it was his time of the month! LOL I commend Pooka all the time on her new skill. When a parent gets excited and happy about an accomplishment, the child gets excited and happy and wants to do it again and again.