Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Voices in my head

Still sucks that Freaky D. is on blog break, it's like everyone is taking a small break or stopping all together. :-(

A public thank you to the small amount of folks that brought something from Pooka's fundraiser, the fact that you can buy stuff for a fundraiser online still blows my mind! Kinda....

I am operating at about 80% today so I should be st8 by the weekend! YAY!

I think I am going to get a tutor for Physics, I read the chapter 3 times not including the rereading over certain parts to help answer certain questions and according to the back of the book I STILL got the homework questions wrong. Even though I already know most of the questions are wrong, I am turning it in this morning. That diagnostic test was misleading! I am glad I didn't try to test out.

I am starting to like the beat of that chicken noodle song. Lyrically it's a train wreck, but I found myself bopping to it yesterday. Kill me now!

My aloe plant has grown 3 offshoots since I brought it, I am so proud of myself. I kill everything with my brown thumb!

Sometimes I feel like causing automobile accidents. It's not road rage, it would be a feeling. Like last night a car was beside me going a similar speed and my brain asked "how bad would the accident be if I side swiped the vechicle?" I even looked at the cars behind us and reviewed the damage, sorta kinda like the chick in one of those Final Destination movies I seen sees(I think it was the second one).

I laughed at the thought because for the past several years I kinda had this "feeling" that I am going to die violently in a vehicle.

I think I am going to have sausage and oatmeal for breakfast.

The local station is coming to do a story about the program I work for today. When they get there I am shutting and locking my door. Seriously.

DING! When they come I will be on my way to class anyway! YAYYYYY

My hair is everywhere and needs to be washed. I was gonna do it this past weekend, but I never did, it's a must do this weekend. I can't wait till my hair locks all over and they mature! Patience is a mf'er sometimes. How can I be cute when I let my hair control itself? *sigh*

I love you like a fat kid loves cake. That's what 50 cent just said on the radio. My ex coworker (white, blonde, size zero) used to walk around the office saying that and it was hi-lar-i-ous each and everytime she said it cuz she always said it like the stereotypical white girl! I miss her, wonder what she is up to now a days?

Speaking of bean poles, I stopped to chit chat with slim shady (size 1) and the way she sat her shirt was up a little bit and she had extra skin round the belly, not a lot but enough to make me look twice. Everytime she tells me about the crunches she does in the mornings I talk about how she should be eating her another serving at table...now I kinda see what she wants to get rid of. If I was paper thin like her I know I would wanna get rid of the little teeny tiny pouch as well. It's nothing a little toning wouldn't clear. I wish that's all I needed to get rid of! LOL

Guess I'll have jello vs sausage and oatmeal....


ShawnQt said...

hmmm sausage... I like sausage, lol
dont mind me im bored at work

blkbutterfly said...

i totally agree w/ you on the Freaky thing. i'm tempted to mention it on my blog, but i barely have time to even write a real post. then again, we all need breaks from time to time.

ok, so i'm concerned by these visions you have of causing an accident or being in one. i just don't want them to become self fulfiling. on another note, i don't think i've ever thought about how i would die. hmmm... i'm starting to speak morbidly. let me stop.

i also have to admit that i kinda like the beat to chicken noodle soup and that pb&j song. i guess that means the world is coming to an end.

glad you're feeling better

deepnthought said...

ew sausage.. Is it turkey? I am glad you feel better. I miss freaky..(did I say that out loud?) have a good day. eat the oatmeal it is good for you.

deepnthought said...

blkb took the words right out my mouth. I am a tad concerned too. Bu I have to admit I have thought about taking a bb gun and shooting the back tire of a rude driver. Atl drivers, gotto love em.

~HoustonNY~ said...

First, it does suck that Freaky is gone! Seems like we are losing all the good ones! I am sure he will come back! I will make sure I mention it on one of my post. Come back, Freakster! We miss you! I will set up a room full of female strippers just for you if you come back!!!!!

And baby, PLEASE tell me you are not liking that Chicken Noodle Soup song! Fight it!!!!!

TTD said...

i miss freaky too.. he used to crack me up!

and ur visions of car accidents are a little creapy... stop it! :-)

i like grits & bacon..

LUVIN ME said...

Oh no...not the Chicken Noodle Soup song...

Ladynay said...

Shawn everybody gets bored from time to time, glad you read me today...

BB, yeah we all need a break from everything. Don't be concerned, I have been having these thoughts and visions for years. Don't think about how your life will end, just enjoy life. The world is coming to an end cuz that song is STUPID!!!!!

DNT, matter of fact I do have turkey sausage at the crib! :-D You gonna need more than a bb gun to do real damage. lol

T, I am fighting it hard! I wanted to slap myself when I caught myself bopping to it!

TTD, I wish I could stop, they are detailed. Bacon crunched up in some cheese grits???? mmmmmmm mmmmmm yummy!

Luvin, with a soda on the side!

K Kaos said...

I hate that chicken noodle soup soup song, hell i hate chicken noodle soup!

Quaheem said...

Go with Turkey or Beef bacon instead!!!!

And yeah...I'm back

Jamal K. Franklin said...

I was on blog break...it's over though.

That Dude Right There said...

I thought I was the only one that had thoughts of running into other cars. I guess I ain't the only crazy one.

E said...

Err...I hated Physics in college, though I had this hot latino professor that made it somewhat understandable and ironically I wound up being a lab assistant for him in the summer teaching high school students Physics. Go figure.

Oh ladynay...I forgot! I'm gonna be in Raliegh mid-October. We should totally meet..:-)

Ladynay said...

KK, no not actual chicken noodle soup!!! You need someone to make you some homemade chicken noodle soup to help change your mind! :-)

Q, I knew you were back, I just didn't comment yet ;-P

JKF, I knew you were back also, new and improved with a fancy new pic!

TDRT, what the hizzy is wrong with us? I wonder how many real accidents are caused by people who thinks like we do at times?

E, mid October? That's state fair time! We should totally do the fair, bring a few extra bucks!