Sunday, October 29, 2006

I am a grandma!!!!

Wait, I forgot to add what happened Friday at Pooka's school. I get there and I am put in charge of the bean bag toss. Pooka's class is divided into groups and they have a certain amount of time in each little station. One station would be making a treat or treat bag, pumkin bingo, decorating cookies, etc) . I get my first group of kids and this little black girl is in the front of my line and decides to speak...

"Are you Pooka's mom?"


"Your fat"

"Yes, thank you"

"No, your really fat"

"Yes, thank you I appriciate it"

"Your brown too"

"Thank you"

Then the little white girl behind her chimmed in and said she thought I was pretty. That helped heal my wounds a tad. I mean I was just insulted by a 5 year old! I was so taken off gaurd that thank you was the first thing to come out my mouth. In hind sight I should have told her how those are not nice things to say even if it's the truth or should have jacked her up on the side, but I didn't. So yeah, I am going to by me some more rabbit food tomorrow. Now back to the original post, I just had to document that convo for the future.

I came home from my trip to find a new little bud beside my aloe vera plant! This hoochie done had a baby when I rolled out! I am so proud of me being able to keep a plant alive! I've failed miserably in the past. LOL

How was my trip? Nice. It rained all night Friday and the fog didn't help the drive either, but we made it with no prob. I drop Pooka off with my mom and go a friends house to change and get ready for the Scorpio party at Love night club. Before I hit the shower I was informed that basically I was going with 2 couples. I really wasn't in the mood to play odd wheel out so I went to Babydaddys. Long story very short. We tried to go there and it just wasn't working. It's like the combinations on our locks changed or something. Don't get me wrong it felt fine physically, it just wasn't right. I decided to leave vs. spending the night. The feeling that I wasn't supposed to be there was just too strong. It was the perfect night too! Cold, rainy, no children....oh well. I knew I made the right choice to leave because when I got in the car I felt so much better.

When I got home, Pooka was sleep in my grandfathers room. I walked in the room and it hit me....he is really gone. It was like someone struck me in the chest. He's gone, no more, for real. I got in the bed w/Pooka, finished my moment, and fell asleep. It was some greeeeat sleep. My grandmother brought him a very nice bed, no wonder he never wanted to get out of bed! LOL Funny but not funny...anyways

Saturday was planned for family so Pooka and I enjoyed and lavished in my mom and grandmothers presence. I talk to them often but it's nothing like being physically in their presence, even if we are just watching tv in silence. Aunt Diva came through and wanted to go to the mall. Surprise surprise! LOL We ended up getting a tour of Howards campus (like I never seen that campus b4) and other places. I sorta think she just wanted to show her new BMW SUV off a tad and to see how things work. She is still getting used to the truck. It doesn't handle like her old one. We did go by my favorite store that sells fat girl clothes for cheap only to find out that they are gone!!!!!! Moment of silence please.......................thank you. Now where am I supposed to get my stuff from? That store was my little secret!

One thing that was really cool was that we all slept in the living room last night. I knew my grandmother wasn't gonna make it through the night laying on a pilot but that was awesome that she did what she could. It's also cool that my grandmother is visiting people now! She has always been taking care of my grandfather even b4 he got really sick and never just went to a friends house just to hang out for her own social health. My mom says she's been visiting some dude too! I am going to leave that alone! I didn't ask my grandmother about him and who he is cuz I don't want the answers! LOL

I ran my mom to handle some business then said my goodbyes. Babydaddy asked if I would bring Pooka by again before we hit the hwy. She was over his house most of the day Saturday up until he had to go to work. So we go over and chill there for about an hour and then the most shocking thing happened, he gave me half my money back! *gasp* A good while ago I loaned him some money. I made him sign a contract so I get it back (I got that idea from a Luvin Me post). Since he is in school he is one of those folks that gets a crazy check because he is po...not poor, but po. So he gave me money out of that. I am still shocked. I wasn't expecting to see any money from him until tax time. Thank you God, amen.

After that he was asking some CRAZY questions about him being able to keep her for a year or two after her gets himself together! Uhhhhhhhhh NO! LOL! But nah, I don't want Pooka flip floppin' schools like that. Right now I am comfortable with the agreement that he will have her during summer break. I could change my mind because it's going to take him awhile to "get himself together" so by time that actually happens I may feel different. I doubt, it but I might.

The drive back was absolutely beautiful. There is nothing like being on a hwy with little to no traffic. The trees are sporting different colors and I had my cruising tunes going while the car was in cruise mode. I actually zoned out a few times but something always snapped me back into reality. *sigh*

Now reality says it's time to put Pooka down for the night. It feels so late, but it's not! YAY for the extra hour!



blkbutterfly said...

your title had me cracking up. i was like, what in the world? i've never even tried to grow anything, so props to you!

as for BD, it sounds like you've outgrown him. from what i've read in the past, it's like the natural progression of things.

do you think the store's just in another location? or did they shut down for good?

deepnthought said...

I say ditto to everything BB said.

I bet I know another store you would love but you got to give it a chance.

I am glad the trip went well.

Sorry about the little five yearold. I had a similar situation this weekend but I think you handled that well.

Freaky Deaky said...

You should of told the little girl that her parents were going to die and it was all her fault. Either that or say she smells like pee. What?

Glad you had fun.

blkbutterfly said...

i don't usually comment more than once. well, at least not on your blog, but i did want to add i'm sorry to hear about that situation with the little girl. too bad she took you off guard, because that was a prime time to teach her about keeping her comments to herself.

i'm ashamed to admit this, but i actually laughed at Freaky's suggestions. i must repent... LOL...

Ladynay said...

I don't know how yall read that post and understood it! ROFL I made a few changes.

BB, I've been trying to grow live plants for a little while and this is the first time I have done good! LOL Plants just make a place seem a bit more home like.

I think you may be partially right about BD. It's like we're in another stage or something...

The sto' is gone I think. There was no sign up telling us where the new location is like most stores do when they move. :-(

DNT, tell me about this place. Hopefully they will have a location here. That little girl took me off gaurd, my response was a reflex! LOL

FD, you are soooooooooooo wrong! Funny, but wrong!

BB, you can comment whenever you want and how many times you want. Little kids are little kids and yah just gotta roll w/it sometimes. No need to repent, the comment was funny!

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

Can I borrow a $1?

Glad your trip went good.

I tried to grow a plant but failed miserably. I would walk by it everyday and still forgot to add water sometimes.

I say this every year but the time going back misses me up the first couple of days. Last night I was about to get in the bed at 7:30. It seemed so much later than what it was.

Ladynay said...

Yes you can but you gotta take it before I can spend it! LOL

You sound like me with plants, that's why I am so excited my aloe vera is doing so well and has had a baby.

It's common to be kinda off after a time change. I know it takes me a minute to get used to things as well!

Freaky Deaky said...

Since you're giving out money can I have some too?

Well, if she caught me off guard I don't know what I'd say but if she didn't I just might actually say what I told you to say or I might have just said, "Your mama!" Then again most kids seem to be able to since that I don't really like them so they stay away from me.

Don't repent be true to yourself and let that laugh out. You know you want to.

Honey-Libra said...

Umm how come I didn't know you were gonna be here this past weekend..great LOL

I was about to say ohh LORD what in the world did you find out you had a nother child or something cause if POOKA can have a kid you need to be on Oprah LOL

Glad you had a nice time this weekend!

Ladynay said...

Uhhh define "some" and I'll think about it! :-P

"yah mama" is a classic. That would get you jumped back in the day!

Your blogger baby momma was the one that mentioned repenting...I laughed! LOL

Honey, I did tell you, but that was before you had your mafia birthday last weekend. LOL I didn't have much time to hang out with anyone anyways. I will be up there again for the Christmas holiday up until New Years, so we'll hang then.

I don't even wanna think about being a real grandmother! Period.

While you're here, can you tell me what the "put me in the pocket" song is about? I heard it 5 million times while I was there and I don't get it! ROFL

jameil1922 said...

giiiiiiiiiiiirl. you're a good one for saying yes thank you. having children is good for something. you get used to the fact that stuff pops out of kids mouths. i know it can still be shocking but i would've immediately had the stank attitude b/c i've never been around children for more than like 15 minutes. ever. seriously.

you would have to be gangsta to kill an aloe plant. those things can grow in damn near any conditions.

and here's to unexpected money!! yeah!!! that's fab.

Ladynay said...

Never been around kids for more than 15mins? I wonder what's gonna happen you and the bf/husband start making children of your own that you can't give back to the parent cuz you ARE the parent? LOL

I am not reading your comment about aloe! Your right, but I am still proud of myself dagnabbit! LOL If anyone can kill a darn near unkillable living's me!

It's like finding money in an old coat! Here here!

Lady J said...

I am so glad you enjoyed ur trip!!!
It's nice granny is getting back into the grove of things. Please take it from someone who knows leave that babydadday thing alone cause you will hate ur self when its over.
Parents need to teach their children not to say everything on their little minds. You are so much better than me I probably would have whispered bitch in the little girl ear and denied it. lol
No I'm kidding. *not really*

Ladynay said...

My grandmother has been through a lot w/my grandfather, especially these last few years. But she kept her vows and took care of things till death parted them. She deserves every positive thing she has coming, even it it means having a *shiver* male friend. LOL

Friday night was just all wrong with Babydaddy. I doubt if we'll try to go there again. I don't know.

ROFL@the kid comment. I couldn't do that! LOL

Freaky Deaky said...

I was being lazy and trying to combing comments. :o(

I figured that I'd take as much money (and anything else) as you were willing to give me. I'm open. :oD

Ladynay said...

Tiss tiss tiss! We can't have you being lazy now! LOL