Thursday, November 02, 2006

A 2 Z

A - Age: 26

B - Band listening to right now: Who ever sings that song that goes "How sweet it is to be loved by you"

C - Career: Haven't got there yet :-(

D - Drink or smoke: I drink every now and again

E - Easiest person/s to talk to: Depends on the subject, in general I'll say my mom

F - Favorite song/s at the moment: Mya's new song Hey Yo or whatever it's called. It did say at the moment cuz my favorite song changes often! LOL

G - Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms: BOTH!!!

J - Junk foods you like: Yes, that too.

L - Longest car ride ever: Ummm any leg of my TX trip last year.

M - My favorite Sport/s: NFL football and any live sport

N - Number of relationships you've had: I assume this means serious couple type relationships. If so I say only 2 counted.

O - One wish you have: To sing like that chick from Evanescence, no matter what song she is on you automatically know it's her.

P - Phobias: Standing heights, racoons, possums, etc...

Q - Favorite Quote: Everything happens for a reason

R - Reason to smile: My daughter

S- Song: Uhhhh Mary had a little lamb? Dunno what it's asking! LOL

T- Time you woke up: 6:45

U - Unknown fact about you: I can snap my toes

V - Vegetable/fruit you hate: No beets, can't think of a fruit I don't care for

W - Worst habit: biting my nails and cheek lining

X - X-rays you've had: Do my sonograms count?

Y- Yummy food/s: The roast I roasted last night for starters! That came out divine!

Z- Zodiac sign: Leo the Lioness :-) RRRRRRRROAR!

This is the first one I could find off a search engine. I didn't get it from any blogger. Smile! You may be on candid camera! *wink*


Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

Hey fellow Leo!

That Mya song has grown on me.

I can snap my big toe. LOL

nikki said...

you a leo too? i KNEW there was a reason i gravitated towards you.

you can snap your TOES? HELL, i can only snap the fingers on my right hand! your talents know no bounds!

Ladynay said...

Southern, yeah it grew on me too! I can pop my thumb by itself but not the big toe...not that I know of anyways :-)

Nikki, we just the bomb aren't we? LOL I am curious about finger snapping on the left hand. Your in the Atl, home of the finga snappin' music, so you betta getz ta practicing! LOL

deepnthought said...

I can snap my toes too. How cool is that?
hmmmm. roast. I miss meat.

Ladynay said...

DNT my rock!

If you miss meat you should have some, just a little piece. I would send you a piece of my banging roast but I don't wanna share! LOL

TTD said...

i love gummy worms & bears equally too :-)

snapping toes... interesting...

Freaky Deaky said...

I can pop my toes, fingers, and ankles. :o) I wish I could pop my neck like they do in the movies before those big fight scenes but I can't do it at will.

LMAO @ the answer for junk foods you like.

So if I dressed up like a possum and paid you visit I wouldn't be well received, huh? :o(

Honey-Libra said...

Umm why was I like chin lining LOL..then I got it. Snap your fingers..two can do it all by yourself LOL...interesting to say the least. I have a roast that I'm contemplating putting in the crock pot...ideas are welcome haha

spchrist said...

I'm using this for my next blog entry....

Ladynay said...

TTD, I actually like gummy stuff more than chocolate, w/the exception of sour patch candies. I gotta be in the mood for that. The lady was putting the LifeSaver Gummies in the vending machine and I brought 2 of em b4 she put them in the machine! ROFL

Freaky, I am so scared I would hurt myself by trying to crack my neck. I cringe when I see people do it! I would receive you if you came in costume because you would have induced a fit of laughter! LOL

Honey, never under estimate the power of the basics...onion, green and black pepper, and crushed boullion (sp) I don't cook much with salt, boullion taste better IMO. You gotta get the fancy stuff from food network! LOL

SP, this meme wasn't all that great. There are a ton that's better. I only used this because it was the first one I came across. But if you like it, I love it! LOL

blkbutterfly said...

you've been to the dentist, so you've had teeth x-rays. wait, they are called x-rays, aren't they?

i've never cooked a roast before. then again i'm not into beef that much, so it would likely go to waste.

for some reason i read earliest instead of easiest, and i thought the question was a bit odd. clearly, i've been looking at the computer screen for too long!

Ladynay said...

You're sooooo right! I didn't think about the x-rays at the dentist!

Step away from the computer screen BB. Go walk around the building or something and come back! LOL

spchrist said...
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spchrist said...
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spchrist said...

Did you forget H, I, K?