Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I wonder....

Can someone you used to kick it with come by after the 10 o'clock hour and really just wanna say hi?

Did he know that random thought from yesterday was placed in the post simply because I knew he'd read it?

Did I do it again?

Why didn't I know I'd get a phone call?

What going on with me, I am usually on top of things?

What made it so Pooka stayed in her bed last night?

Why do I really go to bed early compared to other people my age?

Why most of them same people don't need to get up when I do?

How come I started getting up an extra half hour early so I can blog?

Am I really addicted?

How come for the first time in my memory I had a musical style dream?

Why was it original and good?

Why I can't remember any of it?

What if I did and it ended up on Broadway?

Why won't I ever know?

Why does my hair look like Edward Scissor hands?

Why don't I put a pic of Johnny Depp up to go with that question?

Why I don't feel like looking for one?

Why Pooka get a generic letter from the teacher stating she was at or above level in reading , writing and math?

How come kindergarten classes don't have paper progress reports?

Why have I always spelled kindergarten with a "d".....kindergarDen?

Why have I been spelling it wrong most my life, I mean like up until last year?

Did I just admit that?

Why I gotta meet up with the teacher tomorrow to get details on Pooka's progress?

Why do I know she is fine, but scared to hear what the teacher may say anyway?

Why am I betting that Friday, Saturday, and Sunday won't produce the same type of sleep in weather that Monday-today has?


nikki said...

what time do you go to bed? i don't hit the sheets until about 1 a.m.

you? addicted to blogging? NO WAY.

and i would hope the weekend doesn't have sleep in weather. that's the time to get out and have fun, not sit at home and sleep (unless there's some sex involved).

Ladynay said...

Why am I thinking of salty and powdery balls all of a sudden?? ROFL

I am usually sleep by 9:30-10 unless I am expecting someone or I got homework to complete.

The weather lady says it's gonna be nice this weekend but I don't know what I can do that don't require money outside of chasing the kid around on her bike at the park....*shrug*

Freaky Deaky said...
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Freaky Deaky said...

Why is Ladynay leaving cryptic messages when she always gets on my case about it?

Why do I want to know what the random thought was and who it was for?

Why am I tempted to start putting more of them in my posts?

Why damn you, why?

Most people spell it like the pronounce it and most people pronounce the word kindergarten incorrectly.

Are you addicted? [Whispers] Hey Ladynay. I got some blog for you. The good stuff. I got funny blogs, nasty blogs, thought provoking blogs, any kind of blog you can imagine. Take it. It's okay, I know you want it. This one's a freebie when you're ready for some more (looks you over) we can work something out.

Honey-Libra said...

How come you got so much to think about...

Did you even mention school

Umm why won't you do your hair

LOL...sike nah I'm jokin

why do I have those days as well

TTD said...

lmao @ Why does my hair look like Edward Scissor hands?

waking up an extra 30 min... may be a sign of addiction.. .i could see staying up.. but me not being a morning person... never would i!

Ladynay said...

blogger didn't want me to respond :-(

FD, I don't get on you for crytic messages, you got the wrong blogger! LOL This makes the second time you've tried to hustle me blogs! The next time I am gonna have to get the van on you!

Phonics is something! Kindergarten don't sound right! :-(

Honey, I got my handy dandy scarf on. I am gonna wash and twist this weekend since I'll have 3 days. I am not looking forward to it. This lack of control thing bothers me sometimes :-(

TTD, don't laugh, it's just part of my loc journey (so they say). I am the opposite, if you want me to do something after I've broken down for the's a wrap! Catch me in the morning! LOL

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

You may be a little addicted getting up early than you normal would to blog.

Are you thinking about salty and powdery balls as in donuts or the ones hanging between a man's leg?

Lady J said...

hey I have been spelling it wrong and pronouncing it wrong to. boy do I feel stupid. OH well.

Ladynay said...

Southern, yeah, it's kinda sad! LOL I meant the kind a man has. It was a reference to Nikki's blog entry for today...

J, don't feel bad, if my child didn't enter kindergarten this year I'd still be spelling it wrong! ROFL, It's just not one of those words you use very often...

Freaky Deaky said...

Maybe getting on my case was a bit strong but you did say that you didn't like my cryptic messages because you either didn't get them, couldn't find them, or wasn't sure about who they were intended for. Mmm hmm. Yep.

Quit frontin'! You know you like the blogs I slang. You're one of my best customers. Why else do you think I hook you up so often? ;o) But if you don't want the blogs then I'm sure someone else will.

You know your van has a stalker crush on me.

It's German and it's a clunky ugly language at times.

TTD said...

sorry.. i wont laugh.. it just was funny to me that you had that comparison...

Ladynay said...

Yeah that sounds about right FD. LOL Dang deala' man is it like that? The van is manipulating you to get to Pussy, I hope you know that! Ha! It's German, you didn't have to say anything else afer that! :-D

TTD, giiiiiiiiiiiiirl if you saw what was going on on my head right now, you'd cry! LOL

"N" Search of Ecstasy said...

Come by after 10pm to say hi? Some would say yes, but I say NO!

You addicted? Hmmmm...what would even make you ask that question ;-)

Hope things are going well with you chic!

Ladynay said...

XTC, I say no too but I missed the are you asleep call again last night. LOL I am very curious if he would have really came by and not tried anything.