Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I can't wait to go outside and see all the little signs that magically popped up overnite strategically placed every 2 feet telling me to vote for someone I have never heard of who is running against someone else that I never heard of for a seat at the judges table or something like that.

Watch I vote for someone thinking this person, like a judge, won't affect me, then I end up having to be in court with this person I help get in who's a jerk off. That would be dandy. Not that I am wishing a court visit on myself anytime in the future.

Why can't it be Friday?

Pooka's back to having nightmares. She started in her bed, then got into mine, I called myself being funny and got on the couch when she was sleep good and I'll be darn if she didn't hop on the couch with me! LOL I should really cherish these moments while she still wants to be bothered with mommy cuz from what I hear one day she isn't gonna wanna hug and be up under me.....*sigh*

Why can't it be Friday?

Someone called me from their job at about 10:30 last night. I was sleep. I heard the phone ring but my body wouldn't move. I wonder why they didn't leave a message.

Why can't it be Friday?

I had a test in nurse Snoozes class that I forgot about AGAIN! Fortunately her class is easy and I passed it with no issues. After we turned in our test she let us peak in her gradebook. I would be shocked if I got less than an A in her class. To bad I can't say the same for Dr. Hype. I mean honestly after the first couple of weeks I was put on f'it mode. I haven't really been giving the ole Ladynay 100+% like I usually do when it comes to school. I can't blame it on work or Pooka because those have always been a factor and it never stopped me from being the class nerd before and busting out that extra finesse that seals the deal. It's just not there this semester. I have never failed a college course, but if I don't pass Physics one, I can't complain, even tho' I will and most likely beat myself up for it. I still hope I can pull at least a C out of it :-( There's only a few weeks left.

Why can't it be Friday?

Softy, softy is what I am. Babydaddy 1) got flooded out his apt and 2) don't have anywhere to go for Turkey day. That's sad. I told him that he is more than welcomed to hang out with my fam since he was trying to plan to spend it w/Pooka. But he said it would be too weird. In a way it would be weird but if he can get over the rumors that would start up about us being back together he had nothing to lose. It's his choice. When he was talking about his apt and how he has to move everything so the apt folks can pull up the carpet, clean up, and lay new carpet down. I asked him where he would stay...he didn't know. I wanted to drop a sermon about how times like this you got to evaluate the so called friends you have. But it felt out of place to say that, so I kept the sermon to myself. I can't do anything about that. It's just sad....sort of. I mean he could stay with our mutual friends that stay not to far from him, but I don't know how the husband may feel because Babydaddy has been up in his wife, I don't know. It not my problem to solve. I am just thankful that if anything happened to my place, Pooka and I have somewhere to go.

Why can't it be Friday?

This very attractive guy came in the office yesterday to interview for a position here. Even though he would be working for another section, I hope he gets the job! We have ONE black guy here and even tho' he isn't ugly, I don't find him attractive. If dude gets the job I will continue the fantasy I started yesterday! LOL Eyecandy is a good thing!

One dude on my team had a family emergency which requires him to be out the country for awhile, so hopefully I will be getting a new member (please God don't have me train unless it's a fine man) sometime in the near future.

Operation starve starts today. I have 2 turkey day meals to complete in the next few weeks (work and w/the fam) and in order to eat like I want to, I have to drop some weight real quick so it balances out! LOL So I got my lettuce head, yogurt, and fruit ready to go! Fun Fun FUN!

I am Ladynay, and I approved this message.


Anonymous said...

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Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

Girl, Friday can't come quick enough.

So you didn't offer Babydaddy to crush at your crib till his apt is ready? ;)

Ladynay said...

I'm SAYING!!!! The week is dragging!

I won't front, if he was local I probably would have offered up my comfy couch for a night or 2. He would wreck my nerves staying any longer than that! LOL

Like I said. I am soft :-( I can't see no one put out, not even him.

LUVIN ME said...

It's crazy that it takes a true emergency to find out who your real freinds are. Those types of things make you think....

I agree w/u...Why does Friday seen so far away?

Ladynay said...

Girl it sure is! But some folks never learn *shrug*

I don't know why Friday won't just come ON! It's raining too! UGH! Perfect sleep in day!

nikki said...

lmao@ladynay approving this message.

this week IS dragging. i told someone during a meeting i was so glad it was wednesday. he was like "uh, it's tuesday..."


i hope eyecandy gets the gig too. i haven't worked directly with a brotha in over six years. damn, i might not even know what a brotha look like in a suit anymore...

Freaky Deaky said...

Yeah isn't it fun deciding on which stranger to vote for only to have another stranger win? Everytime I hear someone say my votes matter and whatever I voted for falls in fiery heap I want to track down that happy idiot and give him or her the finger.

Poor Pooka. Have you asked her what the nightmares are about? Maybe it might help you figure out what's going on?

Why do I want to dress up like a double cheeseburger and stalk you? I don't know if I want to talk dirty to you or about food, succulent, delicious food. Mmm, cheeseburger. LOL.

That Girl said...


Ladynay said...

Nikki, 6 years? Yeah you need some chocolate in your work place! LOL Brothaman that came in for his interview was SHARP! Fresh shiny bald head, facial hair neat, suit flat and fitting wonderfully, slick bottoms had some glow on them, smelled good...*sigh* another brotha came for an interview this morning but he wasn't that cute in my opinion. Thank goodness I don't do the hiring because I wouldn't play fair! LOL

Freaky, her dreams are mostly about animals chasing her. I don't know how to help her. :-( Go ahead and dress like a burger, just don't be mad when I bite you! LOL I already went off course because someone in my office left me a bag of chocolate in my chair while I was gone...darn them!

TG, I just wanna look at him and flirt a little if he let me. I know that co-workers are off limits!

Shoot! Just look at what happened w/you and editor!!!

Freaky Deaky said...

I called up your van and we hooked up the chocolate. Didn't you notice the tire treads and hear the screams?

I'll wait until you're nice and sleep and whisper the names of different foods in your ear. Yeah, that sounds like fun.

I might like being bitten. Not that I'm freaky or even kinky or anything like that. :o)

I'm sure the nightmares signify something but what I don't know off hand. Make sure your bed is nice and toasty though.

Ladynay said...

*smirk* you and the van are EVIL!!! Chocolate don't go with lettuce! LOL

Why would I think your freaky? That thought never crossed my mind!

My bed is always nice and toasty when I am in it, the couch too! It comes with the territory...