Monday, November 20, 2006

Monday Monday da daaaa da da da daaaaaaa

Why did I wake up at about 2:30 this morning from a nightmare about Physics? I couldn't go back to sleep because I was no longer tired, but I am tired now! :-(

I really do not want to start the work week. It's not that my weekend was so exciting I need to recover, I just know that nobody is going to be at work today cuz more than half the staff took this week off. It don't even feel like the holidays. I wonder if my fam will be mad if I decided not to participate in the holiday activities this year. I got away with not going to Thanksgiving simply because I didn't want to go. I read my blog from last year and there was no reason for me not to go other than me not feeling it? I will go this year cuz my mom's is looking forward to Pooka and I being there.

Being that my grandfather has passed on and my mom hasn't started working yet, she is bored and has taken up the habit of calling people...a LOT! When my grandfather got sick he used to call people all the time about nothing! He just be talking! Now my mom does it! Before he passed I would talk to my mom 2 or 3 times daily, now it's like 4 or 5 calls a day. They don't be long calls most the time but do you really have to call me to tell me who called you for your b-day? Speaking of which, she asked how much I paid for the flowers so she can pay me back!!!! Ewwww! LOL She goes on talking about how they look expensive and I don't have the money blahzay blahzay blah. The flowers were kinda pricey but she wasn't gonna pay me for them! LOL, momz be trippin sometimes.

This weekend was my normal clean and do some schoolwork routine. I didn't touch anything that involved Physics. I got a presentation to give in 2 or so weeks in my Exercise Phys. class and I needed to go some research on my topic. This is the first weekend I dedicated to this class and I am breezing through it! *eyeroll*. I meet with my advisor to basically get my new pin number so I can register for next semester. What realllllly sucks is that I don't have many classes left to take but most the ones I need are at a time I can't leave work! My schedule is pretty flexible except for Monday and Wednesday mornings, that's when I have to be at work for this process to occur. WHY is everything M/W/F mornings???? I can see going up to my supervisor and asking for a Monday here and a Wednesday there, but to ask to miss both days consistently for 3 months is out the question. I'd feel better asking to miss both days for a month during summer session before I ask for 3 months! *sigh* One of these classes that clash is Physics II, so if by some chance I do pass Physics I, I am gonna have some serious choices to make! Will see what nugget of knowledge my advisor can bring to the table. Quitting my job right now is not an option. Like I said, we'll see

We didn't go to the Christmas parade because Pooka didn't want to, said it was too cold, which it was. We was supposed to go rollerskating as fundraiser for the school, but I didn't see the flyer that reminded me till one hour before it was supposed to end. By time we got dressed and out that way it would basically be over. I am not paying money to skate for 15 minutes! So no outdoor fun this weekend. Pooka wanted to ride her bike outside but her mom was sporting this nice headache so she said no and that she can't go outside without supervision. This made Pooka so mad she had to tell grandma about it later on, but I don't care. I wasn't going outside and she isn't old enough to be outside on her own! Hmph, trying to tell on me, who she think she is? LOL

I tried my hand at cooking fresh beans again. Last week I tried lima beans that came out all wrong! Some were smushy, some were perfect, and some were crunchy!!!! I don't know how that worked when they all were put in the same pot at the same time and were stirred on the regular! But this weekend my black eyed peas came out de-lish! I think Pooka is about to hit a growth spurt because all this week it seemed like every other hour she was telling me she was hungry. So I'd let her have a PB&J or a piece of fruit and she'd go about her business then come right back! I don't know where all that stuff went but during dinner I filled her plate with beans and I guess that stuck to her belly cuz it was a wrap! LOL no more hungry song! She usually gets like this before she's about to grow.

Other than that I spent my weekend catching up on some folks podcasts that I have been missing. Bossmack Topsoil (on the left) just recently started his and every time I remember to give a listen, I am at work with no sound card on my pc! LOL So anyways I got to hear what the Mack sounds like and I was wrong with the audio! He don't look like he sounds IMO, but it's all good. I think he was smoking during the podcast which could have altered things a bit! LOL He has many haters on his site and I'd admit many times his stories will have you like "yeah right, stop lying" but it really don't matter if it's true or not, it's entertainment so read or listen to it or don't. Simple.

Oh yeah, I did fix my cassette player. Wanna know how? I jabbed it with a knife! Seriously! The pause button was stuck down for the longest preventing me from playing my tapes. So for the 50lebbenth time I go messing with this thing, I get frustrated, grab a knife and jab it one good time and viola, pause button released! I been jamming to my tapes all weekend! There is a tape stuck in my car's cassette player so I may have to take a jab at that this morning! LOL



Honey-Libra said...

LOL @ you jabbin the cassette player. Dang pooka said she gonna tell on you!!! Another reason for your mom to call LOL..and what I can't believe it...I"M FIRST....WOW..aight enough of that..unless I get a prize LOL

Ladynay said...

It worked didn't it? LOL

She did tell on me! Like that was gonna make me change my mind about her going outside! She trippin'!

Your prize was partying hard this weekend! tee heee hee how's that?

Lady J said...

Your weekend was slammin compared to mine I worked all week and wow was it boring. You sound pretty surgical with that knife I have a tape stuck in the vcr can you give it a try?

Ladynay said...

My weekend slammin? Oh my, let us pray! LOL

I gotta tape stuck in the VCR in my room so I ain't no help! Thank goodness it's only Jumanji! ROFL

Newy said...

Hey Nay! *waving and cheesing* you had a great weekend compared to mine. LOL actually I think I'm gonna go blog about yesterday right now.

Ladynay said...


I'll give you time to type it out :-D

Freaky Deaky said...

You tape deck abuser! I bet that's not the first thing you've ever stabbed either. [Eying the door and making sure I can see Ladynay's hands.]

Nightmares about physics? What's up with that?

blkbutterfly said...

my aunt i just visited in NYC isn't employed. well, she does some sewing on the side... anyway, she doesn't call a lot, but when she does, she talks for a loooong time. it's like, uhm, i gotta get back to work! lol...

i didn't want to start the work week either. i'm still crazy tired.

lol @ referring to yourself in the 3rd person re: Pooka and the bike incident.

Ladynay said...

No, it really isn't but that's no reason to be cautious. *wink* I don't know, this whole Physics experience has been something else for me. My advisor made it worse but I'll blog on that tomorrow.

BB, LOL! She be forgetting that your not stretched out on the couch ready to gab with her! hahahahaa

It's four o'clock and our systems just came back up. So technically I haven't started the work week either!

Ladynay be trippin sometimes, you just got to ignore her.

deepnthought said...

a Physics nightmare.. hhmmmmmmm. I hope you pass the class so you dont have to take it again. LOL @ pooka telling on you. My nephew does that to my brother, and I have to laugh when I tell him, te tre, your daddy is bigger than me.

Ladynay said...

If I pass I still have Physics 2! LOL There is no way around it :-(

Kids are a trip girl!

So yeah, how much bigger is this brother? He single? Anywhere near NC? LOL

BuddahDesmond said...

If I was taking Physics I'd probably be having nightmares too. Between that and Calculus, I can't begin to tell which was more nerve-wrecking.

Speaking of dreams, I noticed back in high school that if I ever dreamed about the material that I studied for an exam that I usually ended up doing very well. It was the strangest thing. Didn't quite work out that way when I got to college. Cause I was sleeping a lot less. And if I had a dream, it was not related to classwork. LOL!

Best of luck with your studies!

E said...

I hate Mondays...:-)

Sorry your weekend plans didn't go as planned...then again, maybe that was the master plan. Hmmmm.

Ladynay said...

Buddah, Never ever in your life mention Calculus again on my blog!!!!! ROFL I have some classmates that are taking both at the same time. Isn't that INSANE????


E, it's all a part of the master plan babe!

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