Thursday, November 16, 2006

Too smart for me sometimes.....

Back from the bookfair and it was actually alright. Many volunteers were there so there wasn't too much to do. No child said anything special to me this time and in a way I am glad. At the fair, the teacher got to do a wish list of books at the fair that they wanted for their classrooms. When I was made aware of this list I went to the board, found Pooka's teacher and there was one slip left. Each slip has the name of the book, the price, and where you can find it. So I grab the last slip in her slot and I be daggone if the book was $21.99!!!!!! All I gotta say is she better be lucky she is a good teacher, I like her, and I had my handy dandy credit card on me cuz I brought it. But best believe her Christmas gift card value just went down! LOL I was not planning to spend that much at the book fair! I figured Pooka would get 2-3 books for about 3-4 bucks a pop and call it a night!

We got home and I reached to go get her folder. Everyday we are supposed to get whatever the teacher sends home, reminders, and homework out the folder, then sign off on the daily behavioral chart. Some teachers do theirs by the stop light. Green means good day, yellow means ight day, red means bad day. Pooka's teacher uses smiley faces for 3 different categories. So anyways, I go for the folder and I see a bag with 4 very gently used books in it. My first thought was Pooka took them by accident or something and I wrote a note to the teacher explaining the possible issue. Then it was time to talk to Pooka....

"Where did you get these?"

"The book fair"

"Who gave you the money?"

"You did."

"No I didn't, where did you get the money Pooka" I am getting an attitude cuz she just lied.

"Off the table."

"Which table?"

Pooka walked over to the end table and pointed. As soon as she got to the table I had remembered I had put 2 or 3 dollars on the table that I had in my pocket yesterday. Apparently Pooka swooped up the couple of bucks, took it to school, and brought some books with it. At her school they resale used books for next to nothing so that every kid can buy a book at the fair. This fact came back to me from the last PTA meeting. So I guess she was on the ball. If I didn't see the books I would not have thought about that money until I was trying to hit the snack machine up or something and then wonder where those few singles went from the gas station the other day! LOL

Lesson learned: Keep my money in my wallet or it will disappear!

Then I went out to get my mail and a helicopter was flying around. Pooka following me asked me what it was, since I knew she knew what it was I told her it was a train....

"No mommy it's a helicopter, abc eyewitness news channel 11"

OMG, I just looked at her and swore she didn't say that so I say..."What is it???" and she repeats. I swear I could have fell on the ground and laughed myself into oblivion! ROFL

Lesson learned: Pooka just might be watching too much TV!

Extra stuff

I got a call from an unknown number about 9 something last night. I answered it and a young black sounding guy addressed me by my first name. The voice didn't sound familar so I am quickly doing a mental scroll of who this can be. Once the guy confirmed I was who I was he started asking about me contributing to that police thing, you know the one where you get a decal or whatever! Let me find out the telemarketers are getting desparate! They probably saw my name on their call list and said, let us get brother Kevon to call her since she is most likely a black female! *eyeroll* Don't be calling me by my first name only unless you know me like that, if you use it better say my first AND last name! Shoot!

I like Fantasia's new song, it's currently my shake yah booty jam of the week!

It's Dr. Nic's birthday so drop a well wish over that way <--------

Mommy told me this morning she is going to VA (didn't I say that in my blog??) this weekend so I am going to stay in NC and if the mood hits me, take Pooka to the Christmas parade tomorrow. But Ladynay don't you mean Thanksgiving parade? No, Christmas! *sigh* It's all about the benjamins baby!


TTD said...

"No mommy it's a helicopter, abc eyewitness news channel 11"

now that's funny! lol

did you say anything to her about taking the money w/o asking her?

nikki said...

i HATE when those telemarketers call and then got the nerve to ask for you by your first name.

i always answer "and what is your first name? jeff? oh, well i don't know a jeff...thanks!" *CLICK*

blkbutterfly said...

lol @ brother Kevon. telemarketers call my house all the time, but since no one but them has my number, i just let the phone ring. when i first got the phone line, the phone never rang. however, when my aunt came to visit, she answered it and well, the flood gates opened up!

Honey-Libra said...

Kids do say the dardnest things LOL....what nikki ain't first LOL...funny how she knows the value of a dollar already i'd be like girl touch my snack money again and you'll be electricuted LOL..sike let me stop. Have a great weekend..too bad you not coming to VA too we could have partied it up with ttd.

Ladynay said...

TDD, I liked to have died of laughter. What makes it worse is I don't watch channel 11 news like that!

Yes we did have a talk about the money.

Nikki, girrrrl he didn't ask if he could speak to me. I said hello and he said "Ladynay?" Not even may I speak to Ladynay! That's why I had to think to find out who it was...talking like he know me...they better go back to the professional telemarketer way!

BB, see you need to forward those calls to her house! hahahahahaha I'd be mad! LOL

Ladynay said...

Honey, Pooka doesn't know the exact values of all the US currency yet. She knows the bills by the words on the back cuz she'll always turn the bill over before telling me what dollar bill it was, so I assume she reads the word on the back *shrug* she doesn't know her coins that well, she can tell you a quarter is a quarter with what it's worth...and a penny is a penny with what it's worth, but that nickel and dime thing jacks her up everytime! LOL

One of these days you and TTD gonna show me how to party! You can bet on that sista! :-P

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

Telemarketers think they slick. They always calling saying "first name" like they know you. That's how they get cha, but I don't fall for it anymore.

Have a good weekend

Freaky Deaky said...

You're not on the Do Not Call list? I don't get any calls from telemarketers and I rarely if ever give any businesses my real number anyway. Anyone that's even potentially shady gets my throwaway number. If it's a dude on the other end I can pretty much guarantee it's someone I don't know and if I'm in the mood I like to torment them. It can be fun.

Any chance I can give Pooka a couple of dollars and get her to pocket a PS3 for me?

Christmas parade? It's still about a week too early for all of this Christmas talk. We already have a radio station here playing Christmas music 24/7. (Shaking my head.)

Pamalicious said...

That's way funny. Mini-me probably has thousands of dollars stashed away somewhere, lol

Hope you have a great weekend. I admire the fact you blog on the weekend.

Oh and I answered your questions SMILE

Lady J said...

That little girl is so smart. the telemarketers called me to ask me to donate money to the police department that was not even Detroit. WTF as broke as the D polices are you think I want to give to another. I think not.

Ladynay said...

Southern, they are a TRIP girl! LOL

Freaky, I put my name and number on the list a long time ago, but I still got the call :-(

I don't see the big deal in the PS3 or new Nintendo, they will be "old" in 6 months to a year when something new and better comes along....

24/7? That's crazy! Retailers and the like are starting Christmas early so folks will start spending money earlier. It's all about the dollar and how much we gonna give out.

Pam, she just might! Ain't no telling! LOL I only blog on the weekends every now and again, depends on how bored I am. Like I'll probably do one sometime this weekend! LOL

J, I don't want to discourage you, but when you get to that police charity, find out what percentage actually makes it to the po po's! It may make you change your mind about giving up the green! I haven't donated but I have heard some things....

feels good b n FREE said...

i love kids....
they really say the darndest things.
the other day my 4 year old told his older brother
"get out of my drawer, it has business in it"
i was cracking up...
don't u just love um??

Ladynay said...


it has business in it???? LOVE IT!

You just never know what they gonna say, and when they do say it it always comes out of left field and catches you off guard! LOL

The Goddess said...

POOKA! That name is too cute. I bet it fits.

Glad to see you talked about the money. Cant have our children thinking it's ok to take things without permission or that don't belong to them.

I'm usually pretty patient with telemarketers and ALWAYS politely tell them to remove my name from their calling list, but if one called me at 9 in the evening I don't think I'd be as polite. He probably would got cursed out REAL good. I LOVE Nikki's response:

though i always answer "and what is your first name? jeff? oh, well i don't know a jeff...thanks!" *CLICK*

Imma have to use that one.

Ladynay said...

Hey goddess, yeah the name fits her :-)

Yep as parents we gotta teach 'em while they're small. It's really true that most lessons start at home.

I might have to use Nikki's joint myself when/if they call me again. LOL