Saturday, November 11, 2006

Physics break

My new version of blogger is ready and I am scared to switch over. I know a few blogs that got screwy after switching over. :-(

It's day 2 of my 3 day weekend and it's been decent. Yesterday my mom called me and asked me if I heard about my "stepdad" (Gerald Levert) which I hadn't but hopped on the computer to see what I could see and at that time NOTHING was online. Eventually the rumor was confirmed :-( Who's gonna love and croon for us big girls now? D'angelo would, but he can't seem to put that mess down long enough to make another album. Maybe Anthony Hamilton? He did make that sista bigbone song....*shrug*

Like most stations do when a musician passes on, they play a mini marathon of that artists music and this was done for Mr. Levert. They played most of his slower, take your panties off and work it out stuff! Needless to say this was depressing and put my mind in the wrong place. I decided to have a camp night w/Pooka like we do every now and again to get me in the right mindset. I decide to do it in the living room vs. Pooka's room because its more room and once we get sleep good the phone rings. I didn't even look at the caller ID. I answer with a hello and a familiar voice with bass and some urgency replies...

"Nay you up?"

w/sleep all over my voice "nah, but what's up"

"Nay you up?"

"what's up?"

"Nay, you sleep?"

I swear the only reason I didn't hang up on T-lo is because he sounded like he needed to talk, but the attitude came out...

"If you got something you need to say, say it or I'm hanging up"

"Nah nah nah I just left work early to go to my boys party and since I'm around your way I thought I'd come see you"

"Not happening"

"oh okay, well call me"

"no you call me" I took plenty of turns being the pursuer recently, he needs to call me.

He thought that was funny and I hung up and rolled back over. My body was still mostly sleep but now my nani was up and cussing me out....hard!!!! She wanted me to call him back but it wasn't happening. She eventually shut up and allowed me to go back to sleep.

My mechanic yesterday too and told me that my van was ready. He also said my total price was a lot less than what was quoted. YAY! He won't be able to drop the van off to me like he thought so that means I gotta recruit someone to either ride with me there and drive one of my rides back home or have someone drop me off. I called LAL cuz more likely than not he'd help me. If he don't Imma get LadyKat. If LAL helps me then he'd ride with me there and drive one of the rides back. Apparently he's scared a deer will hit his convertible. When he mentioned me hitting the deer my first thought was to ask him how he'd known about my bambi encounter cuz I know I didn't tell him and b4 the thought completed I answered myself and smiled.

I always wonder when the day will come when I call LAL for help and he says no or that he won't do it unless I start giving up the booty again. When he helped with my tire awhile back he'd made a comment similar to...any other brotha would use this as an opportunity to get back in...something like that....


Why don't I want to? Why did I turn T-lo down? This brotha had my panties buried in his backyard and I turned him down! Why I don't want to look for someone new? What is going on with me? Do I have options? Do I want my options if I have them? Are they only options now because I wrote I was lonely? Do I play along because I am lonely? I am confused. I want something more than a dyck and I could have that with LAL if I wanted, but I would have to get over some serious things like me being a number, the bs, him messing with my cousin and that other thing that I am so afraid of. I don't see me getting over those issues....whatever. I need to stop thinking and finish focusing on Giambattista, Richardson, and Richardson, the authors of my Physics book!

After the Saturday morning cartoons, Pooka and I took it outside because the day was simply gorgeous! While she ran around like a chicken with her neck cut off I studied some and took in the outside some. It felt good just to be outside. We have another test on Thursday and it's only gonna be on 2 chapters which is a Godsend. This is my chance to act like I know and pull my numbers up. I did look at the schedule for the spring and if for some reason I fail Physics this go around, Dr. Hype (and only Dr. Hype) teaches it next semester, same time, same days. I told one of my lab partners that and he had a blank look on his face. He is like the 2nd highest person in the class.

The top dog won't talk to me for some reason, but anyways...when I told number 2 in jest he didn't think it was funny. I guess for him the thought of repeating a class is absurd. But then again when I thought about it...I could see why he would think that if he thought that. I mean him and Top dog are at Central on scholarship, no kids, no job, no need to leave campus, free ride from A to Z. Neither seem like the type to party like that so for them to be on top of their game is understandable. I am not using that as an excuse for me, but it does help me feel better.

Well enough rambling, back to the books...well book!


deepnthought said...

HEY! I guess we are step sisters, cause Gerald Levert was my daddy too. LOL! ok. It is ok to be lonely and want some one but not be desperate. (at least thats what somebody told me.)I believe you will do fine on your test. I think that is cute (the camp out with pooka). I miss those with my niece and mom. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

deepnthought said...

oh yeah, I dont really want to switch either.(beta worries me)

Ladynay said...

I have a feeling we have tons of siblings outside of his 4 real children! LOL

I don't think I'm at the desparate point yet, hope I never get there!

You can still do it with your nieces if they still down for it. All they need is to have there imagination in place! :-)

Today is getting it's rain and this is the day I am supposed to be out and about! LOL I will make the best of it though, you enjoy yours as well.

Blogger didn't prompt me to switch when I logged in this time. I guess you really don't have to unless you want to. Then again I read on one of the million blogs I visit that we all are gonna have to switch in due time. I don't know.

TTD said...

my new version is ready too... TERRIFIED!!! lol

camping.. do u guys have sleeping bags & the whole nine? that's so cute!

everyone gets a lil lonely sometime... but dont settle just cause u want someone.. if u want more than dick.. then get it.. and w/ someone u dont have a bunch of precautions about (i know u were just rambling.. so am i ;-) )

Ladynay said...

LOL, we don't have sleeping bags but we do have the paper "campfire", campfire stories, yummy smores, the "tent"(sheets draped over couch and chairs), etc...a lot of it is left up to imagination.

You do give me a thought tho'...I should buy sleeping bags for Christmas!

Ramble on girlly I still hear yah! ;-)

Freaky Deaky said...

I was originally invited to switch months ago to Blogger Beta. I did some research and decided against it. Now I get the nice little message too. It doesn't really matter if you switch or not. Everybody should be switched over by the end of the year, at the latest.

Damn, seems like Gerald was everybody's father or baby's daddy. LOL!

I want to go camping. :o)

Did you ask the Devil's van for permission to find a man? I don't think it's going to go for it at all.

Ladynay said...

Others got the invite awhile ago and many of them got messed up! Esp. the ones that had a podcast or something similar! :-(

Gerald Levert was an attractive man that loved people and could sing your panties off! Of course the ladies loved him, both young and old!

Your always welcomed to Camp Ladynay *cheese*

I'll make sure to run my idea's by the van...whenever I can go get it that is :-(