Sunday, December 17, 2006

Fighting illness :-(

My body still wants to get sick but I am fighting it HARD! After this I am going to get back on my couch and sip more broth. I can't get the crud right now. My throat is raw, my nose is runny and I sneeze every now and again. :-( This morning when I woke up I was thinking about what would happen to Pooka if I ever got so sick I needed to be hospitalized. I know my mom or Babydaddy would come down and get her, but who would be in a position to keep her till one or the other got down here? So I am working on an emergency strategy. The end thought of this train reminded me that I need to get a will done up. Yeah my mom knows how I want things to go down when I die but I need to have it in writing. Anywho...

The party went well. It was a small, cozy, and laid back atmosphere at Ladykat's boo's place. We were told during the evening that only a select few were invited to the gathering which made me feel special. Being that folks I didn't know where going to be in attendance I jazzed up a little. When I walked in I felt overdressed and I had on a pretty brown blouse, nice fitting jeans, and brown ankle boots w/a high heel. I have had these boots forever but have never worn them, so last night was the night...and maybe the only night cuz my feet are STILL yelling at me! LOL I was cute tho'. *wink* The hair went over well and that put me at ease. One lady had her sidekick and was taking pix with it so if they get to me, I'll put them up for a second or two.

I was in the bathroom when a conversation about blogs somehow started. They where talking about their blogs and about their "readers". I wanted to ask them what their addresses were but something told me not to ask, so I didn't.

As far as gifts I got a huge cocoa/soup mug with a gingerbread man on it (I LOVE IT) and it was filled with goodies and packets of cocoa and apple cider mmmmmmmmmmmmm! Pooka got a game, coloring book and a electric Dora toothbrush that she got so excited about she opened it after she unwrapped it and started brushing her teeth. People got a chuckle out of that.

I am really fortunate to have such caring and giving friends and associates.

The couch is calling so I must run.


Freaky Deaky said...

Hope you're feeling better soon. I'd hug you but I don't want to catch any cooties. [Puts on biohazard suit and sprays Lysol in your face.] Oops, I probably should've told you to close your eyes. My bad. (((Ladynay))) Before you even say anything that's a flashlight poking you. (GASP) You're so nasty even when you're sick!

Glad the party went well and you both liked your gifts.

Go back to your couch now.

Ladynay said...

Thanks, I have to be at least 95% by tomorrow and I am well on my way. :-)

Why I gotta get sprayed in the face? I need my eyes functioning to see all the chocolate brotha's out there like yourself! *grin*

Flashlight huh, okay, sure I believe you! LOL Can I turn it on and use it to investigate some ummmm personal issues? I'll give it back when I'm done. :-P

deepnthought said...

Stay on the couch or I am sending my nana and her steak for cold cooking self to you

I bet you looked supa dupa fly..LOL

I am glad the party went well.

Ladynay said...

Pooka has took over the couch so I have relocated to my crappy bed!

Send nana on! I been drinking all my meals today to fight this, so steak sounds delicious right about now! That whole nana pampering thing is good too! LOL

Fly wasn't the word girl! However, the balls of my feet are paying for all that hotness I had going on last night! I don't know how all these women do it on the regular!

I am glad too. It was nice to have grown conversation for a change. I forgot to blog about the lady who was there whose fluent in many sign languages who signs when she talks as habit. I was was just so amazed with her. She said she'd be willing to teach me basic ASL when we both had the time! *cheese*

blkbutterfly said...

yeah, it's a good to have everything in writing before your time comes. ok, that makes me sad thinking about it, so i'll move on...

i know what you mean about having boots that are cute, but that will should never be worn! lol...

why didn't you ask for their blog urls? i wouldn't have either, but just curious why you felt you couldn't.

i hope you feel better soon!

Ladynay said...

BB, the things women do to be cute sometimes I swear! LOL

I wanted to ask, but the question didn't find it's way out my mouth. I dunno why.

Thanks, if I can just get this nose of mine to stop running I'd be good!

Freaky Deaky said...

Well, I'd spray you down with the Lysol but I figure if I'm getting cooties then it's probably going to be from your mouth. :o)

You trying to make me blush again? I might start getting used to that.

I suppose you can play with my um flashlight. Hopefully, the batteries will still have a charge when I get it back. ;o)

Ladynay said...

To drain or not to drain? What a question....hmmmmm LOL