Friday, December 15, 2006

More Friday thoughts

Money helps a lot, but some things are not worth doing for money. Ole girl who was messing with the married dude is finally done with him *for right now, IMO* Without putting too much of her biz out there, she tool kit me all this stuff about this guy and at the end of her spill I asked her "you knew all this and you still let him in your body?" I mean come on. I don't care how good the money is or how wrapped around your finger/coochie whipped you got him. Sometimes it's not worth it.

The new bilingual member of my team and I got into a convo about family. She has been married for 35 years and has 5 boys, her baby is 19. When she told me how long she's been married I marveled and congratulated her then she said something that touched me...

"I can't see myself getting old with nobody but him"

The look in her eyes as she glanced off in a thought I will assume that was of her husband told me that she was still in love with him. Then she made me laugh telling me stories about her handsome sons and how they took after their sexy father. It gave me a tad more hope in long lasting love.

I went to volunteer at the school this morning and reality hit me. Students from homes that don't have much were given "scholarships" this was so every student could buy gifts for their family and get a little something for themselves. In the first class that came in to shop, a little girl from Pooka's daycare was in the mist. When she saw me her big blue eyes lit up and she said "Hi Pooka's mom" as she waved frantically. I felt special for a minute. LOL When I looked in her hand I saw that she had a scholarship envelope and it took me for a loop. Her father drives a very nice expedition with a tv and all that inside. He is always dressed to impress and has a little bling to him. So me seeing his youngest of four kids with a scholarship envelope confused me, at least for a second. I had to remember that nobody knows what goes on in people homes. We all like to show a good face, me included. I mean that truck and those clothes could have been paid for at a time when things were better for them. I know what I pay for before and after care at the center so to times that by four would make anyone's wallet cry!

On the flip side, this one little girl's parent gave her a blank check! What the heck!? They must really trust that little girl, granted she didn't buy that much stuff, but still who sends there elementary school child to school with a blank check?

Then another class came in and my neighbors younger daughter was a part of that bunch. I can't remember what I named this particular neighbor, but its the one that beat her teenager down for having a bunch of boys in the place when she wasn't home and the teen called the po po on her filling the whole parking lot with police cars. I am too lazy to find the post about that event. But anyways she came in and I helped her pick out some stuff. The adults had this sheet where we were to write down the childs name, the amount they have,the to and from, and amount for each item they picked up. I asked the girl what her name was because I didn't know and she gives me this long name with like 10 letters. When she picked out her sisters gift I had to ask her how to spell it and it had just as many letters AND an apostrophe! Please, please, please...if you're planning on having a child or more children one day please remember that whatever name that's chosen for that child must go on somebody's resume and for their entire school career they are going to have to write that mess out! I just don't understand! I still can't tell you what those children's names are!

When my shift was over it was time for Pooka to have lunch, so I got the great idea to surprise her and eat lunch with her. Pooka was soooooo excited. *insert more of me feeling special here* As we ate lunch her classmates at the lunch table felt the need to inform me about everything their little minds could think of. All I could say was stuff like "Wow" and "That's cool" with as much excitement in my voice as I could muster. LOL When it was time for them to line up to leave the cafeteria, the little bitc...umm girl that felt the need to tell me how fat I was at the Fallfest or whatever that thing was called in October felt compelled to remind me that I was fat. Now part of me wanted to stoop down to her 5 year old level and tell her about herself and her momma, but I did the grown up thing and told her that it wasn't polite to say things like that to anyone. The response I got was her rolling her eyes at me and getting in line. You have NO CLUE how bad I wanted to pop her in her eyes! NO FREAKIN' CLUE! I just wish that her mom or guardian shows up to one of the school functions so I can relate information to them regarding this child! Then again that may not help cuz the parent/guardian just may be whom she's getting this rude and disrespectful mess from!

Oh, I saw something today that broke my heart. While Pooka's class was lined up waiting to leave the lunch room another older class had entered the cafe. When kids don't have any money in their account they are given a fruit lunch. There was this cute black boy who I guess didn't have any money in his account so he had a banana and a scoop of fruit cocktail. I felt soooooooo bad for this little boy because he didn't look very happy. I didn't have enough change to buy him lunch (I don't carry cash) but if they took credit/debit I would have brought that boy one. It just hurts my feelings to see up close someone go without, esp. a child. That banana and fruit cocktail wasn't gonna hold that boy till he got home! Now that I think about it I could have told her to charge his lunch on Pooka's account, but I didn't think of that until just now. :-(

So anyways, I get back to work around 1 and I get a call at 3:15 from Pooka's teacher. Pooka had made waste all over herself and her spare clothes! From the looks of things she caught a bug cuz the solid wasn't all that solid nor liquid if you follow me. She was fine when I left after lunch, I don't know what happened! I am just glad I had a good reason to leave work. I still have not found my motivation yet. I am going to pull a few hours tomorrow morning provided Pooka continues to stay out the restroom.

Yeah, so that was my Friday :-)


deepnthought said...

finally, I been trying to comment for a few hourson different blogs.

I am glad you enjoyed your day. Sorry pooka got sick. The kids in this house are sick with a bug so I hope pooka gets well. Iam lost. You not trying to lock your hair anymore? I am sure the short doo is fab.

Ladynay said...

Blogger rules! *eyeroll*

OH man, you got multiple bugs at the house? I'm so sorry...

I am still locking my hair, I just cut all the relaxed hair out.

blkbutterfly said...

ooohhh, you almost cussed! LOL! i'm not really big on whooping kids, but that little girl did deserve to have her eyes slapped back into place!

i hope Pooka feels better.

TrinaBeingTrina said...

I would never give my child a blank check! I would mess around and be bankrupt! hahaha

That little bitc...ummm girl you mentioned that is the reason why I don't play around with my child because I can not tolerate disrespectful kids because it wasn't tolerated when I was a child.

I hope Pooka feels better real soon.

Ladynay said...

BB, your silly! I am not big on beating down kids unless it's called for and that little girl was calling for it!

She is feeling better thank goodness.

Trina, YOU KNOW? I already gotta keep what little money I have on lock and my daughter is 5! LOL

I guess some parents don't understand that you got to teach manners from jump at home. With the way this little girl is going I see a lot of fights in her future. It's not about telling it like it is (cuz I am a large chick) but it's the attitude and demeanor that goes along with it that will take you there. Like you said, that just won't be tolerated!

She is back on track, thanks.

Freaky Deaky said...

I'm sure someone will eventually go upside the little girl's head enough for her to finally figure out that no one is immune from a beat down and that sometimes you should keep your thoughts and opinions to yourself. Who knows, maybe you'll get to be there when it happens. As she looks to you for comfort, help, or even to stop the beating you can point at her, laugh, and say, "I may be fat but at least I can fight." Then you can imitate her getting beat up every time you see her from now on. You can also trip her or tell people that she started the fight if you want to be mean. :o)

Ladynay said...

You ain't got no sense! LOL I am not gonna mess with that little girl. When and if she learns her lesson I do hope I be there to witness it, not to mock her, just to have the satifaction of watching it.

The thought of finding pleasure in watching a rude rugrat get beat down is disturbing...true but disturbing.

Freaky Deaky said...

I'd scare a lot more people if they truly knew some of the things I find pleasure in. LOL!

You don't know what you're missing out on by not mocking her. It really can be fun.

I'm glad Pooka is feeling better. I hope you both have a nice weekend.

Ladynay said...

Again, I am not gonna ask...NOPE! LOL

Thanks and you have a good one as well. Mine will be better when I leave this office! LOL

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