Friday, December 15, 2006


I don't know what it is but for the past 2 nights I have slept really good. I wish I knew what's been helping sleep this good.

This morning I volunteer again at the Jingle Bell Shop up at Pooka's school. Wednesday afternoon went okay when I did it. None of the kids didn't have anything to say to me this go around. Hopefully the same will happen this morning.

The Physics final was just like his other tests. I kinda had a handicap because we were supposed to make our own equation sheet. He must have announced this before I got to class last week or something cuz I didn't get the memo. We get to class and he tells us to pull out our sheets so he can look at them. Some people got their taken because they had problems worked out on the sheet. One girl who got her's taken got gansta and walked out. She came back a minute later tho. I told her after it was all over that when you do something like that infront of the class, don't come back! If you gonna walk out do it right like my girl Red Head did the other week! I don't blame her tho'. The final is worth too much to walk out on. But all this is over and the verdict supposed to come down on Monday by 12. Knowing Central they not gonna have the grades up by then and it's gonna piss many people off. :-(

I finished my Christmas shopping! Everything cost less than 5 dollars a piece so if you're reading this and you think your getting a gift from me don't be thinking it's extravagant! LOL I wasn't gonna do gifts this year outside of my immediate fam at home, but, I am going to LadyKats Christmas party on Saturday and the kids and adults are exchanging gifts. I lucked out because LadyKat and her boo are doing this at her boo's house and most of the guest that are coming are her boo's friends or people I don't know. I am not buying a gift for people I don't know especially when I am not working with much money! So I brought a gift for Kat, her boo, and the kids. The chick I saw the Lion King with put down that she'd be there, but I ain't buying ish for her, not even a lump of coal.

Pooka sorta kinda saw her Christmas gift in the back of the van. I had it covered but when I went to get something out the back I uncovered it. Pooka startled me from behind and asked what the purple thing was. It was her sleeping bag set. Being that I couldn't come up with an on the spot lie, I told her to go in the house which she did. So now I have the gifts in the trunk of the car. LOL I suck at this hiding present thing!

I think I will reveal my haircut at the party this weekend and see how it goes. I wore it unwrapped last night when I went shopping and things were normal, nobody looked at me funny. I don't look bad with short hair, but it takes some time getting used to it and trying to find cute styles to put it in.


The Sarccastik Variable Why said...

wifey's thinking about cutting her hair..she's grown her hair (hmm..let's see) i think it's been about 2yrs....she swears it's getting on her nerves...i'm like whatever it's up to you

Ladynay said...

I just tried to comment on your site :-( Can I get a spa certificate? LOL I'm done my shopping but you read that already! :-D

Ladynay said...

Oh yeah...this line right here:

"i'm like whatever it's up to you"

is probably why your still happily married! LOL

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

Girl, you know you aced that final!

I said I was going to finish my Christmas shopping this weekend but I doubt it.

We need a pic of your new haircut.

TTD said...

im sure u look fine w/ the short hair..

u know kids never forget.. im sure pooka will ask u again, what was that purple thing. lol.

hope u pass.. i find that although u may not do well in a class (grade wise) as long as you put up a real effort, teachers usually pass u w/ a C... hopefully that will be the case (as long as C is passing for you, of course!)

Freaky Deaky said...

I may not recognize who to stalk anymore. :o( I could get in trouble stalking the wrong woman with the wrong possessed van.

I'm sure you'll do well on your exam and then we can celebrate. LOL!

I need to finish my Christmas shopping. Hopefully, that will be done by this weekend.

Honey-Libra said...

Kids can be sneaky lil things LOL

Have fun at the jingle shop and if a kid says something to them snatch their purchase away and make em cry..LOL

Ladynay said...

I think I've done better than I have on his test in the past, I definitely won't say A tho! LOL

I'm sure somebodies gonna be taking pix on Saturday and if they send me one I can deal with I'll throw it up on blogger for a minute or two.

TTD, it doesn't look bad, it's just different. Everyone is used to me and my braids or ponytails. LOL

So far she hasn't brought it up again. You know I got her that sleeping bag set cuz you mentioned it in my comment section one day right? LOL

To me a C isn't good enough, but for this particular class I'll take a C.

Just don't contact me about bailing you out if the mistaken woman presses charges! LOL

Celebrate isn't even the word!

Shopping on the weekend? Good luck!
Well at least it won't be shopping NEXT weekend! LOL

Honey, she scared me girl! You don't hear them coming sometimes!

The kids at the shop were nice. I saw somethings that just broke my heart but I'll post about that tomorrow b4 the party.

BuddahDesmond said...

Nothing like good sleep. Do you think it was from all that studying you were doing to prepare for the Physics final? I'm sure you did fine.

Good that you got your Christmas shopping done already. Cause I'm sure it will be crazy from here on out. Since I just moved into my apartment a few months ago, my shopping list this year was very small. I finished shopping during my lunch hour. I found it pretty amusing.

LOL @ Pooka and the purple gift. A curious kid's mind during Christmas time--oh where and what it will lead to. LOL!

Have a great weekend!

Ladynay said...

Nah I don't think so but maybe...

I am surprised you are shopping at all with the recent move.

It will lead to her snooping around every year after she thinks I went shopping and previewing gifts and trying to rewrap them! LOL

You have a good wkend 2!