Thursday, December 21, 2006

Midnite thoughts

Thera flu isn't the best tasting drink, but it's giving me nice and warm feelings. Between my coworker leaving me a bottle with a few pills of Muci nex (I think that's how you spell it), mom telling me to go home over the phone when I thought I sounded fine, and T-lo's "you want me to come over there w/u sounding like THAT?" let me know that I must not be as well as I think I am. :-( I don't feel bad,if I cut my head off I'd be perfect! It's just the mucus trying to find it's way out my body. I think I have to thank the Muci nex for that. It's funny cuz the last time Pooka had a cold and would cough stuff up I'd encourage her to cough it all the way up so she'd feel better. I HATE coughing it all the way up. I gotta remember that next time I play nurse mommy and she looks at me all twisted and swallows that crap back down. What I need is a don't play around st8 to the point get rid of the symtoms type medication! To bad I don't know what that is. :-(

I am scheduled to leave for home about 9pmish. I was going to leave after work like I normally do, but I've been warned 3 times about traffic so I'll wait.

I got paid early this month. It's a blessing and a curse. Great because I have travel money, curse because it'll be 42 days before I get another paycheck. Granted my itty bitty school check will come about mid January, but January is always the hardest month financially for many of us, even if we budget it out. My energy bill this cycle was something serious! I got my energy discount so apparently I am still doing the right thing, but they are charging more per unit used.

Gas is about 30 cents higher than it was when I voted.

If I still sound like crap Saturday, I look forward to my mom and grandma playing nurse mommy for me. Yes, it's selfish but they are good at what they do. LOL

Looks like I may have a bit of a on the go vacation this time around. My "brother" (not Dre) had a baby recently and I plan to go see him when I get up there. Even if I can't hold him due to sniffles and crap. I want to see him. Pictures won't do.

I need some new sneakers badly! I am debating on taking Alpha Male (on the left) with me cuz he knows sneakers, but the last place he needs to be is somewhere like Fo ot Lock er.

I know what my post for Friday will be.

I think I know what my first and second post of the year will be.

Maybe I'll jump on the beta bandwagon and change my template when they switch me. That whole idea is scary because I have no idea how to customize stuff like that.

I should really take the day off. I know I won't, but I should. Just like in school it only takes one person to cough and the whole office gets a bug like dominoes! Normally it passes me. Pooka woke up with pink eye so that took care of that thought!

I have the taste for baked fish.

I am taking swimming during the summer. I don't know why it's required for my major. Well that's a lie, I do know, but I don't want to take 2 semesters worth!

Confession: I have the opportunity to meet some bloggers next week. As exciting as that is and as much as I want to. The thought really scares me. As normal as I think and believe they are, I don't feel whatever enough to fit in so to speak. Whatever...

I made a deal with myself that I was going to travel more in 07. I did pretty good in 05 then not so hot in 06 so 07 gotta be it. I know that in March I should be in the ATL, so Norris...DNT...BB...New New...Sar...Nikki...shoot bout half the list of bloggers I have on the left, don't play me when I come to town! I am planning to do spring break there and you guys know better than me one where to go. My girl Skybluez just built her home and she already told me I got a room waiting so I got a place to stay. Just gotta make sure she's gonna be around. If not, Pooka and I are gonna be on a pilot chillin on somebody's floor so yall be ready! Don't ackkalike I didn't warn yall! This is what 3 month notice? LOL

There's a few other spots Imma try to hit up during the year too, but I don't have a projected date for those areas. Best believe if I know of someone in that area I will be sending out an email asking when is the best time they can pick me up from the airport? LOL

I collect shot glasses from every state I've stepped foot in and I didn't add to my collection at all this year! That's not right. I do wanna try and do TX and IL again. It's all up in the air right now. All this traveling I want to do cost money so who knows how many trips in reality I'd be able to make. GA is almost certain tho' even tho I've been there a couple times already.

I think Chris Bro wn's new single "popping" or whatever it's called is slowly taking the place of Cia ra's "promise" as my strippa song. I've only heard it one and a half times and it's catchy!

I should pack.

I don't like being awake this time of morning. This makes a few days in a row.

I am going back to bed.


deepnthought said...

the fact that I am up reading @546 am makes me a little ill. Spring break in the A. Well that is great. If all else fails you got a palate in my new spot. I dont really know what to do or where to go except the gym, mall, somewhere to eat, and a few museums. So I may be a tad boring for you. Mucinex is good if you are prepared for all that stuff to come all out like that. I hope you feel better. Go meet the bloggers, you know you are fabulous and a joy to be around. Who wouldnt enjoy your company?

Ladynay said...

Palate? Ohhhhhhhh that's how you spell it? LOL I'm going to hold you to it if stuff don't work out with my homie! :-)

Gym, Mall, Food for the belly and brain? Sounds good to me! You've read my blog long enough to know I don't do much on the regular, so that sounds lovely! Plus all that stuff except the gym is kid friendly!

More likely than not go I'll go, but my nerves will be shot. I get sorta freaked out when meeting ONE person so meeting many people is gonna be a trip! I've done it b4 in the past so I know I'll get over it eventually.

That last part made me smile :-) Good pep talk!

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

I got a cold too. My nose is stopped up. I'm tired of blowing my nose. My nose is sore. I sneeze every 30 minutes. My wisdom teeth is hurting. Yeah, I got it bad.

Check out the King Center when you go to the ATL.

Ladynay said...

Awww dang, the wisdom tooth is trippin on top of all that? Awwwwwww

It's gotta be the weather. Almost every blog I have read this week mentioned having some kind of sniffle! No matter what part of the world they live in.

I want to say I have been to the King Center before. But that was back in high school so it's about time to go again.

4EverJennayNay said...


Why am I slowly but surely loving the kids music again???

Chris Brown could have me sent to jail and I like to pretend I'm Aaliyah to Ciera's Promise. I got a friend with a stripper pole. I'll let you know when the next party is!

I'm about to start taking belly dancing classes so I can really get my stripper dance on!

Ladynay said...


I guess you going to be at the scream tour huh? Chris Brown supposed to be there! He is a cutie to be illegal! LOL

I've been considering belly dancing too! I gotz plenty of belly to do it! LOL Were you listening to the Michael Baisden *sp* show the other day when he spoke about the adult entertainment industry? It's been giving me ideas!

LUVIN ME said...

Enjoy your trip...and I hope you feel better.

Freaky Deaky said...

I'm sure you'll fit in and have a wonderful time with your blogger buddies.

Sorry you're not feeling so hot. I heard something about sweating it out on a bearskin rug might make you feel better. Now what you're doing to cause that sweating...[whistles]

Seems like everybody on Blogger has cooties so I should get my mask and Lysol ready.

TTD said...

i hope that u feel better... especially if you come out next (i dont want ur germs.. lol) but for real.. i hope you can make it... ur fine for hanging out w/ us! u dont have to be a certain way to chill with me :-)

travel safely!!!!

Ladynay said...

luvin, Thanks, I am leaving tomorrow!

I'll be fine.

Freaky, I know it's go fine, but it's still gonna freak me out! LOL

Mmmmmmmmm bearskin rug, strawberries, firplace...oh you just said rug...never mind

Yeah a lot of folks aren't at there best right now :-(

TTD, I should be st8 by then. A whole week at my moms house will cure ANYTHING! LOL

I know yall are cool, it's just me.

blkbutterfly said...

yay for coming to the A in March! if you plan it right, you might be down here when the Black law students are having their convention. they certainly know how to live it up. if your girl's spot falls through and DNT isn't available, well, you can stay with me. well, assuming i even have a couch by then! :-)

anyway, i hope you feel better and that you feel up to hanging out with the other bloggers later on!

Ladynay said...

Black law students BB? Yummy! LOL

I don't have a problem kicking your brother off the couch! (j/k)

Freaky Deaky said...

Well, there's nothing wrong with improvising and using a few um props while you're on the bearskin rug. I suppose you'll want someone to dip the strawberries for you and feed them to you too.

I'm not even going to ask what's on your mind because I know that's just the medicine you're hopped up on talking.

The Goddess said...

Ok, why you wait till I leave the A and then decide you wanna come for a visit. Humph! Lol

Girl you weren't the only one up in the wee hours of the am. My hubby tried to call it a night, but I had to wake him for some late night nookie and then we were up talking until almost 4 in the am.

And 42 day till next pay day! Girl I would lose my mind.

The Goddess said...

Oh, shoot. I didn't mean to post it yet. Dang!

Anyway I hope you feel better and have a safe trip.

Lady J said...

Hey Girlie you should put Michigan on your list of places to go. Freaky and I will be your tour guide. guaranteed to have a great time *devilish grin* Yea a good

Ladynay said...

Freaky,You sure you don't wanna know? *shrug* okay! LOL

Goddess, I know I know I need to be beat! LOL

Nuffin wrong with you and the hubby (awwwww I can say hubby now *cheese*) doing the darn thing in the wee hours of the morning! Do your thing ma!

Don't remind me about the 42 days! LOL Thanks for the good vibes!

J, who said it wasn't on my list? *wink*

Freaky Deaky said...

Well, if you're really going to pull my leg (wink) then I guess I wouldn't mind knowing.

Ladynay said...

Nothing really, it does involve pulling on your...while in my...then moving your...can reach my...and would lay properly on I could...


antneya said...

Did you say FOOT LOCKER....ahhh you mean the same place where I hear the shoes call to me "take me home?" the same place that I leave with atleast 4 boxes?....I am still on my 12 step program but if you insist I will go with you and just stand outside the front door...yeah right!

Ladynay said...

Oh I'm sorry luv, if you still 12 stepping I don't wanna knock you back down to step one! ROFL

antneya said...

Oh I dont

Ladynay said...

I bet you don't! ROFL Oh yeah I haven't forgot about a certain someone saying if I didn't like his movie he'd buy me dinner. I mean, I know I said I liked it when I saw it, but I lied :-P So what can I get fillet mignon? lobster? king crabs? steak? What? LOL

Wait now that I think about it I think that same someone offered a foot rub...hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I'd be willing to exchange the foot rub for a pair of sneakers! What? I gotta ask! LOL It's Christmas time!

The Goddess said...

I would suggest putting Denver on your list of places to visit, but with all this freaking snow i dunno, maybe not such a great idea. LOL

Yes it's great being able to say hubby. LOL

That Girl said...

why do I love Theraflu?

That Girl said...

why do I love Theraflu?