Monday, December 04, 2006

Monday already

I successfully completed my presentation for tonight. It took me the entire weekend to polish up right. Granted I did take many many breaks in between but it got done. Guess that means I gotta dress pretty nice today. Can be in front of the class w/most eyes on you and you not representing right? I am still debating on skirt or pants. My classmates never seen me in a skirt so that would give some POW to it. But I really don't feel like performing the lady like moves that come with wearing a skirt. LOL

Then there is the department holiday luncheon today where everyone who paid basically gets to eat with the big state elected boss. We sing we watch slideshows of silly stuff and the food is usually pretty good. It's at a different venue today tho so will see. The last 2 years I have been set up. You don't have to dress up but it's a good idea to come business casual. I know I blogged about what happened last year, but instead of trying to find it and link it, my plans were not to go last year. My administrator (I have 4 bosses, my admin is 3rd on the chain) paid to go but fell sick that day. They sent out an email to see if someone wanted to take her place. Nobody who wasn't already going volunteered so I responded. I was wearing my usual jeans and teeshirt attire. I get there and for the SECOND TIME the top of the food chain boss sits RIGHT NEXT TO ME!!!!! Ugh. Out of all the places he could sit he's been elbow to elbow with me. It's not a completely bad thing because he's not a bad looking guy and I get to practice my etiquette to the extreme, but it's just an uncomfortable feeling then to add I wasn't dressed right. Watch, now that I'll have my stuff straight he won't be at my table! LOL

Question: Why do I feel the need to wash plastic silverware if the point of buying them were to cut down on how many dishes I have to wash?


deepnthought said...

I am first... Yipppeeeee.
I know your presentation will be marve...fabul.... really good. It is early and cant spell. Anyway,That has happened to me alot. When I am prepared then nothing spectacular happensbut when I come cool,its the big wigs. Ihave a sibling that does the same thing with plastic. I think its funny. Making work for yourself.

Ladynay said...

Your up too early! Or maybe you haven't been to bed yet :-(

I am dressed to impress. I went with the pant suit cuz it's kinda chilly. Like I said, dude probably won't even sit at my table now that I am going to be right! LOL

It is funny, but the plastic I have is good and sturdy. It feels weird to just chuck it in the recycle bin when I could recycle it immediately if I washed it. But like I said, that defeats the purpose of having plastic silverware! I don't know what Imma do with myself!

deepnthought said...

I am on my way to bed now. I know you look fly.
"It is funny, but the plastic I have is good and sturdy. It feels weird to just chuck it in the recycle bin when I could recycle it immediately if I washed it"

funny. too funny

Ladynay said...

I wish I was on my way to bed :-( Sleep well.

Honey-Libra said...

WOOOOHOOO it's always nice to have food when you don't have to bring your own...your presentation will be great :) Cause your great (yea that was cheesy but oh well lol)

You have to keep buying silverware LOL..why not just use the same fork over and over...I mean wash it of course LOL..that way you only have one fork to wash hahaha...sike let me stop

Ladynay said...

Uhhh yeah that was cheesy but it did make me smile so it was worth it! :-)

I don't have to keep buying silverware. I just brought some plastic stuff so I could just trash/recycle it when we were done so I wouldn't have to wash any dishes outside of pots and pans.

I am trying to cut corners where I can. But the problem is that I found myself washing the plastic which defeats the purpose! LOL

Omar Ramon said...

lol a mess. i had a dream about my boss last night. but this ain't about me.

Knock 'em dead at school And at work!!

(I wash plastic utensils and cups too! at I know I'm not the only one!)

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

I hate reusing plastic silverware and cups. I feel like they aren't clean after being used b/c they are meant to be thrown away.

Good luck with the presentation. I hated those when I was in school

Ladynay said...

Hmmmmmmmmmm what kinda dream Omar? LOL Work went well, school should too! I know why you do/we clean plastic, but we're not supposed to! LOL

Southern, I wouldn't use reused plasticware unless I know I used it originally. So I definitely feel you on that.

Thanks! I don't care for them either but you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes.

Lady J said...

glad to see you updated ur blog roll that is cool.

Freaky Deaky said...

You're looking nice in that pant suit. I'm going to need you to step away into this cozy dark room real quick. I have something I want to give you but it has to be in private. ;o)

Knock'em dead!

Ladynay said...

J, Between your reminder and my procrastinatin' this weekend I figured it was time to do the darn thing! LOL

Freaky, I won't go unless there is a big sturdy wooden and nicely polished desk in there :-)

Thank you Imma try!

Freaky Deaky said...

I'll make sure there's a big sturdy and nicely polished wooden desk in there. Now can we go off to the dark room? LOL!

Ladynay said...

anything you say Mr. Deaky *wink*