Saturday, December 02, 2006

Comes in 3's

All day (on and off)I have been doing work for a presentation I have to give in class Monday. I have all my work compiled but I am really procrastinating in putting my speech together. In another attempt to clock more time into my procrastination, I choose to do a meme...c/o Sherlon

Three Names You Go By: My gov't, Nay Nay, and Ladynay (on blogger)

Three People You admire: My grandmother, my mom, and people who do things I don't want garbage men or the folks that have to put on suits to unclog sewer pipes. Couldn't be me.

Three Parts of Your Heritage: Country, City, and more Country LOL

Three Things That Scare You: Standing heights, many animals, watching my kid do something like climb trees

Three of Your Everyday Essentials: My net stuff, food, sleep

Three Things You Are Wearing Right Now: Night gown, panties, skin.

Three of Your Favorite Bands or Musical Artists: Mary Mary, India Arie, Nickelback.

Three Things You Want in a Relationship: Honesty, love, and laughter.

Three Physical Things that attract you to the Opposite Sex: Smile, arms, legs.

Three Non-Physical Things that attract you to the Opposite Sex: "Realness", compassion, goal oriented.

Three of Your Favorite Hobbies: Blogging, dancing, learning new recipes.

Three Things You Want Really Badly Right Now: To finish this presentation, an "A" in Physics, to be at home with my mom

Three Favorite T.V. Shows: Ummmm Fosters home of imaginary friends, Clifford the Big Red Dog, the other shows that come on PBS w/Clifford

Three People You Would Like to See Do This: You, you and you in the back


blkbutterfly said...

i'd been wishing for a meme i actually liked, and here you come with one. thanks!

lol @ the heritage part.

favorite shows: hmmm... it's clear you're the mother of a young child! i mean, there's not one "adult" show you like? :-)

Ladynay said...

BB, I don't watch much adult TV on a regular basis unless you include the news in the morning while I wait for the weather lady to tell me what I picked out for Pooka and I is still a good choice. I really don't have any shows.

P.S. I watched cartoons all my life so even if I was childless I'd still most likely watch them. Having Pooka just gives me a good excuse! My mom watches them too so I guess it's genetic! ROFL

blkbutterfly said...

oh, i was just teasing you. i think i remember you saying that you didn't watch much adult TV. also, Freaky sent you and I his TV gremlin since we don't watch TV much!

it's funny because i know i watched cartoons as a kid, but i don't remember being too enthralled with them. maybe i blocked that part of my life out!

Ladynay said...

LOL, yes the gremlin has taken over my DVD player!!! I gotta use my playstation till I buy one sometime next month :-(

They may have not been your thing. My aunt (Diva) never watched or liked them even when she was little so I guess it differs with different folks *shrug*

Thanks for commenting. When I did my update somehow your name disappeared off my list! I am sitting here trying to figure out who I had on my list pre update that's not there now. There are folks I read that I didn't list on purpose but I wanted to keep the already listed (and still blogging)folks listed. LOL

Pamalicious said...

As always - intrigued by weekend bloggers, lol Great Meme - who sits around and thinks these up and I wonder could I get one going and it actually get picked up hmmmmm?

Ladynay said...

I wonder whats intriguin' bout weekend bloggers...

I figure if I can watch Physics tutorials and crap like that online all weekend that I don't want to do, I can certainly blog and read blogs that I do wanna do! LOL

Freaky Deaky said...

Good Gremlin. I'll have to remember to throw some water on him and send over a pizza after midnight.

I like cartoons too. The new Power Rangers show comes on in February. Yippee!!!

Ladynay said...

Oh goodie more Power Rangers!!!!! *insert sigh and eyeroll*LOL

You would think they would have run out of ideas by now.

Revenge is being sought for the gremlin, no doubt! HAHAHA!

Pamalicious said...

Whats intriguing is the capacity to write 7 days a week. There's a whole nother culture of folks who write on the weekend. My mind shuts off on Friday Morning, lol

Ladynay said...

HAHAHA not Friday morning b4 you go to work! HAHAHAHAHA

blkbutterfly said...

no, thank you for posting on a weekend and giving me something to comment on.

as for the blog roll, that's strange that happened. if i got removed, it'd be cool. you comment often, so that's good enough for me.

Ladynay said...

Cool, if your happy I'm happy :-)

Freaky Deaky said...

Don't dis the Power Rangers. That's just wrong and mean.

Ladynay said...

Make me

deepnthought said...

I like this meme. I think I will use it. I had more to say but blogger ate it. I will try again later.

Ladynay said...

It's all yours. I am not surprized about blogger :-(

Lady J said...

That was a cool meme I like that ms you, you, and you in the back. lol

Ladynay said...

It beat naming folks! LOL