Friday, January 19, 2007

Friday? For real?

It doesn't feel like it but I am not complaining! LOL

Looks like the school got their act together. I got money in the bank, shawty what chu drank?

We had our first taste of snow yesterday! It wasn't enough to stay home but it was enough for Pooka to have the day out of school, figure that. Even tho' my tv was on I didn't know it was snowing till Babydaddy and my mom called to see if I was going out! I was confused! LOL I guess the weather folks up north made it seem like we got hit hard or something *shrug* It's already gone.

When I was on the way to work I saw buses dropping students back off at the stops. I know some diva students were MAD, everyone done seen their outfit for the day and they can't rock it today even tho' it's not dirty! LOL

I am learning patience from my friend. I thought I was already, but that not completely the case!

If I listen to J-Lo's Get Right Remix one more time I will be able to sing it backwards.

I haven't been and simply won't be watching American Idol *ducking*

This weekend is planned on doing the same ole stuff. I will be watching the Stormeka/Caun wedding in my underwear while munching on Doritoes. I would have NEVER thought of webcasting my wedding. Pam messed it up for me by putting up a pic of her in her dress already! That was a spoiler cuz when the bride comes out and everyone gets to see her in her attire is the part where I usually start to cry at weddings. Yeah I am softie, and? LOL I met Pooka's now Godmother at her wedding. I didn't know the chick from Adam then, but when the doors opened and she started stepping with her dad I was tearing up like she was my sister or something! LOL

Hmmmmm do I need to have a date for a webcast wedding? LOL Why is it that it feels so awkward to go to a non family member wedding alone? I've always had a girlfriend or somebody with me. Thank God I've never been in one. Hopefully it will stay that way till my own wedding. We'll see.


Freaky Deaky said...

Oh my have I actually managed to be first on Ladynay's blog? Do I get a prize?

[Glares at you for getting snow yesterday.]

LOL @ diva students. That's what they get for trying to show off.

People have been trying to teach me patience for years but I just don't have the patience for it.

Honey-Libra said...

Although I don't cry at weddings I always get over lovey dovey after I see one or while Im attending one. Diva students LOL I remember how I use to be freshmen year that quickly turned into me wearing sweats and flip flops after LOL...aight got no time to be breaking my ankle while walking up steps and hills to go to class.

Glad the money got in when it was suppose to. Girl patience is something I'm working on too cause fools can try me and I get mean yesterday errr oh well I'll edit that into my post hahaha

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

We are getting ice and sleet this weekend.

Diva students..HA I was one.

I am one of the most impatience people you can meet. I've been trying to be more patience for years.

Casting call is usually the only time I watch American Idol. Girl they will be in Memphis next week and I know some country bumpkin is going to ack a fool.

I get tear-eyed at weddings too.

Ladynay said...

Yes, and yes Freaky! I'd have to blind fold you b4 I gave it to you tho' *cheese*

Don't glare at me, yall got plenty of flurries already, we just got our first taste! LOL

ROFL@ the patience line!

Honey, you don't cry at weddings? I can't seem not too! LOL I think weddings put folks (mostly women) in that lovey dovey mindset. My boss *male* told one of my male coworkers never to take his girlfriend to a wedding if he not trying to get set up! LOL

Southern, they said we supposed to get a lil something Sunday night. *shrug* I was never much of a Diva but I am not too surprised you were. I guess I can be patient depending on the situation, but most times I want what I want when I want it. I haven't been to inclined to even watch the casting call :-( Weddings are just precious aren't they? *smile*

TTD said...

i cry at weddings too!

and i dont plan on watch american idol either.. i havent watched that show since ruben won.. lol i cant watch the same thing over & over.. i dont care if the contestants are different of not.. its still the same thing!

it snowed like 5 min here.. and NOTHING sticked!

Ladynay said...

TTD, you can't help it sometimes. LOL

I only saw the season Fantasia won because at the time I was staying with die hard AI fans! LOL

Oh wow, ours stuck around for a minute till the rain washed it away. I am looking forward to calling in Monday and classes being cancelled! LOL

"J" said...

lol at diva students also. I mean damn is it really that serious?

I'll be watchin pams wedding from work and dare somebody ask me to work. I dont wanna miss a second of it and I'm sure i'm going to cry. Just love is so beautiful!

Dont feel bad, I dont do american idol either however i was at the beauty shop gettin my naps to be at ease when i saw the dude who did the cowardly lion. da hell???

Ladynay said...

J, to some it is! LOL

I would watch from work because they are much faster, but I don't have audio :-(

I don't know what your talking about w/AI but I don't think I wanna! LOL

Soldier said...

LOL @ The Diva Students, i remember in high school when a party sucked, the first reaction people had was : " Another wasted outfit ! "

Oh my god, we (Montreal, Canada) never get days off for snow (well it wouldnt make sense, its Canada after all). Tuesday it was -15F outside and my ass was expected at work at 7:30 am !!

The Mistress said...

I only cry at non-cheesy know, the classy ones. I think we have all been to a ghetto wedding and that shit doesn't provoke nan one of my emotions.

Except annoyance.

Ladynay said...

ROFL@another wasted outfit!

Ummmm need a electric blanket Soldier? Burrrrrrrrr!

Mistress, fortunately I haven't been to many ghetto weddings, but yeah those encourage a inner laugh vs. a tear! :-)

meljoy said...

yes, snow, yuk. I think we got a dusting on wednesday, blah, I HATE snow.

lol@ hearing a song so much you could sing it backwards!

I've never understood the appeal with american idol...

ahhh, weddings... marriage...

it's for the birds!

Ladynay said...

Hate snow and you live up north? Hmph! LOL

You know more about marriage than I do so I'll leave that alone! HAHAHA

feels good b n FREE said...

i was just in a wedding...
the maid of honor and i was trying not to cry...but i failed that test.
a webcast wedding??? wow. i never heard of such a thing.

AND i'm not watching AI either...
i don't have time, someone will call me with all the updates..
hugs girly

Ladynay said...

I never heard of one either till Pam's.

My coworkers talk about AI every season so I don't really have to watch it to know what went down! LOL

M-Dubb said...

you got money in the bank, eh?

I drank Grey Goose. Straight. No chaser.

Ladynay said...

Ummmm I did say shawty so you don't qualify! LOL

St8 w/no chaser huh? I'm scared of you! HAHAHA