Monday, January 22, 2007

Ummmmmm okay

I have no title so that will work.

Weekend was ummmmmm everywhere. I was reminding that words can take you places you may or may not wanna go. They can make you feel a wide range of emotions. Sometimes folks can even remind you of your very own words and leave you speechless. Thank you.

I didn't do too much. I finally nigga rigged up some curtains in my living room and I swear it looks like a different room! I opened up my pear scented diffuser and now it smells so yummy and looks so homey in there. It looked cozy and home like b4 but now it's even more so. YAY!

Pooka and I took a trip to the thrift store yesterday to drop off 2 more boxes and a bag of clothes she can't wear anymore. While there I looked to see what kind of dressers they had. Pooka's dresser broke down a long time ago and I never had the urge to replace it. So anyways I find this dresser that's the perfect size and look at the price tag. 90 bucks? Even tho' they were having a 50% off the entire store sale *LOVE IT* I wasn't about to pay 45 bucks. I keep looking and I see one a tad darker and smaller for 30. I can sooooo work with a 15 dollar dresser so I go to get the guy to help me get the dresser. By time I go get him and tell him which one I was gone! I am tripping out because it was there a minute ago, literally! We look up in the line and some tall Hispanic dude is standing there waiting with MY dresser. The employee said that he must have saw me checking the dresser out and when I walked away he went behind me and picked that joker up. I was in complete disbelief!

So while I am standing there blown the employee asks me if I was interested in the bigger wooden one that caught my eye originally. I told him I was but I wasn't trying to pay 45 for it. I don't know if he felt bad for me and what just happened or what but he offered to take the price down to 30. I took the offer. Hind sight says I should have tried to get him to go lower but 30 bucks was a deal I could live with.

So I am standing in line to make my purchase and the Asian lady behind the register asked me if I had 9 cents. I swear it sounded like she was asking for my license which made no sense cuz I was paying cash. She repeated herself a few times and when she finally got tired of perfecting her English and said never mind I understood what she was asking me. LOL I didn't have it but I was tripping on her English and my lack of translating her accent.

We got to Wally world to get an oil change and pick up some groceries and I decided to price some storage towers for my cd's/dvd's/whatever and I find the one that's perfect and of course they don't have any more nor have a price tag to scan to see if they had any in the back. *eyeroll* No one off craigslist is coming off one so I will hit Target up this week and see what they have.

After all the shopping fun we go to Wendy's to grab a bite and there is a Latina who spoke to close to the mic and had an accent heavier than the Asian chick at the thrift store! I placed my order which included chocolate milk and she was trying to tell me they didn't have any more chocolate milk. I still can't even tell you what it sounded like. I had to drive up and see her face to face to determine her message to me. After I got my food my mind went on a mini rant about how people who serve the public in establishments that cater to English speaking people should speak clear English.

I have tried the Crispy Chicken sandwich that comes with that $2.99 meal in 3 different states and they all left this awful taste in my mouth. I wonder what they are breading and/or cooking the chicken with. I don't taste whatever it is in there chicken nuggets. Hmmmmm

Time to go to work.


Honey-Libra said...

Funny cause I was wondering how those tasted. Glad you warned me LOL. On a diff note I love TARGET (neer bought furniture from there oh yea I did an ottoman lol) so tell me how the hunt goes..have you tries best buy or something like know I laugh sometimes when someone with an accent tries to ask me something and I don't understand..ah well that's living in America for ya :) Glad you had a nice weekend...let me find out I need to hit up the thrift store more often lol

TTD said...

i sooooo agree with you about those in customer service... they need to speak CLEAR english (and understand it!) if not.. they need to be working in the back somewhere!

I wanted to try that value-meal.... you're making me change my mind! lol

Ladynay said...

Hey, I'd still try it out. Something in it may just disagree with my taste buds. I have not thought of a place like Best Buy but that would make sense since it's basically an entertainment place.

I be telling folks not to knock the trift store. Depending on the location you can find authentic name brand goods for pennies and don't let them have a sale like yesterday! I ain't shamed! If I need it and they got it for cheap, consider it mine!

TTD, hear hear!

You should try it for yourself, it could just be me. :-)

Freaky Deaky said...

You and the Devil's van just let the dude swoop in behind you and take your dresser? For shame Ladynay, how could you? I'm tempted to go check out a thrift store one of these days just because of you. So if the experience is bad I'm going to blame you completely. Just wanted you to know that.

What kind storage tower are you looking for? I'd definitely try Target, K-Mart, and other places like that before messing with an electronics store. It'll be a lot cheaper.

You know you understood those people.

They bread and cook the chicken in virgins. Yep, it's true.

Ladynay said...

I know right! I should have got bout it up in there and st8 jacked dude! LOL

Yeah yeah blame me *eyeroll*

I need a multimedia storage tower/cabinet that I can put my cds/dvds/VHS tapes and the like in.

May know unnndatan' em!!!

No wonder my taste buds were not pleased, too pure! I like consuming...well...other things. *whistling* LOL

Freaky Deaky said...

Oh, I'll blame you alright.

You are so wrong for that. Everyone you come across today will probably have an accent.

You so nasty, Ladynay! Somebody needs a spankin'. After the consuming, of course. Just scandalous!

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

My child has tons of clothes I need to take to a consignment or thrift store. Just too lazy to bagged everything up.

Don't go to Best Buy or any electronic store for a storage tower. You will be paying out the ass. Try Walmart, KMart..those kind of stores.

Ladynay said...

...and if they are not speaking clear enough they will have to repeat themselves till they say it clear enough for me! LOL

Sho' do w/a polished 1/2 inch thick cherry wood paddle! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Southern, you don't wanna know how long those clothes been in my car ready to go! Packing it up isn't the issue for me, getting it to the store is! LOL

I am going to do both, who knows I may catch a kick butt sale or clearance thing going on at the specialty spots.

Rell said...

it's probably not really chicken...

That Dude Right There said...

"nigga rigged" Now you know that's not politically correct. The correct term is Afro-Engineered! LOL

Ladynay said...

Rell, it probably isn't or it is and it's very processed :-( You still at Central or your got that paper now?

TDRT, I ain't even gonna say nuffin! LOL Your silly!