Friday, January 26, 2007


my name is Juicy and I'll be your entertainment this evening."

I was leading someone somewhere with this banging leather outfit on. I lost some weight and it looked great on me. That's the only part of the dream I can remember! Ugh! Oh well.

Got me a doctor's appt. for my depo today. Can't wait to see what's gonna be up in the lobby this morning. Can wait on the weight gain talk and possible blood pressure talk if it didn't go down.

Relived some highlights of my past relationship last night in my mind. We learn through experience. That's all I can say.

Thank goodness I didn't try to drop Whitebrotha's W2 off at his parents house today. While on the phone K-digga told me that they were living with people. When I drove up to the house Whitebrotha's dad comes out and gives me a hug and all that. Come to find out WB's parents are their roommates. Or to put it in a better way, they moved back home with his parents. The new house is nice. It's a HUGE improvement from where they were before. I didn't stay long but it was nice seeing them.

What's going on this weekend? Tomorrow I might have a consultation with a loctician. Might because she kept saying "next Saturday, Jan. 27th". I am going to call her today to make sure she is ready for me and not expecting me next Saturday. I am not giving up on self maintenence but I want to talk to someone who knows what they are doing (so they say) and give me some advice and tips on my personal head.

Depending on how I feel I may take Pooka to the movies. So far she is having another great week in school and every time we pass the theater she tells me she hasn't seen Author and the Invisibles or whatever that movie is. Have no clue what it's about but she wants to see it some kind of bad. We'll see.


The Sarccastik Variable Why said...

arthur got a movie out????! i need to take lil'sarccastik to the movies...what good kiddie movies are out?

Ladynay said...

Not the PBS Arthur your probably thinking about, tho' he needs to come out with a movie! This one is about a boy who becomes a clay figure like in the books he reads...I think. I barely paid attention to the commercials when they came on. LOL

LUVIN ME said...

You and your dreams...

Have a great weekend!

Ladynay said...

I know! I wish I could have finished it or remembered more!

blkbutterfly said...

for some reason i'm afraid of Depo. i take it you're doing ok, but ppl always talk about how it messed them up.

ah yes, the joys of finding a natural stylist who knows what he/she is talking about. i hope your consultation goes well.

i reflected on some past relationships and friendships as well, and it was like, what was i thinking? like you said, we live and learn.

have a good weekend!

Newy said...

I am taking the boys to the Honda Battle of the Band this weekend. No other plans besides that and church.

Honey-Libra said...

LOL Pooka sending out signals like ma you betta take me to the movies LOL..funny how kids are. I could not do my hair myself, my arms would hurt and my locs are still babies to me :)..hopefully she can do them..take pics so I can see :)

Hmmm that dreams sounds serious..leather huh was freaky in this dream LOL..cause if not he's be disappointed LOL.

Have a wonderful weekend

Ladynay said...

BB!!!!!!!! HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!The only side effect for me was weight gain. I've been getting stuck for 5 years now.

I really hope she knows her stuff cuz I don't! LOL

Welcome back? I'll go see.

NEWY, Battle of the Bands??? I wanna go! I can be in GA in like 6 hours! ROFL

Girl the hints are daily and strong! Imma see what I can do for my Pooka.

Iono whose hand I had but I don't mind it being Freakys, LOL! Hate for him to be disappointed!

Enjoy yours as well!

Freaky Deaky said...

My ear was burning for some reason.

Mmmmm leather! What color was said leather. Did the person being led around get to sniff and lick the leather? Who you dreaming about? Nosy people need to know.

Did you tell Whitebrotha to change the address on file so next year it won't be sent to you?

You haven't Google movie reviews or plot summaries of Arthur & the Invisibles? For shame, Ladynay!

TTD said...

Hi!!! sounds like u had a freaky ass dream! too bad u dont remember it =(

Ladynay said...

Freaky, The outfit was black, don't know the other answers. LOL

Nope I didn't but I will give them a buzz and tell him.

I know I know, I'm losing it! LOL

TTD, I KNOW!!! I was trying to remember but it wouldn't come back to me! :-(

Freaky Deaky said...

That sucks that the dream wasn't about me. I don't want to be your pity fill-in though. Even I have some pride. [Folds my arms and walks off in a huff.]

deepnthought said...

well,allrighty then.
this dream was a goodun.

jameil1922 said...

my name is Juicy and I'll be your entertainment this evening! lmao!! that's one hell of a dream!

Ladynay said...

LOL, don't be like that Freaky! Maybe you'll star in another dream...HAHAHAHAHA!

DNT, yeah but HOW good is what I want to know! LOL

J, you telling me!

E said... it me you're looking for? Sorry I saw a Lionel Ritchie video of Hello while bowling a couple weeks ago and your hello bought that to mind.

I hope your doctor's appointment went okay. Lemme scan the comments to see if there's any updates...*LOL*.

TrinaBeingTrina said...

I hope you took Pooka to the movies.

I don't like to think back to old relationships because I can only remember really really good sex. It was actually mind blowing at times. It pisses me off because I was under the impression that as women got older that the sex got better but it hasn't happened yet.

Oh well ;-)

Ladynay said...

E, now I got that song in my head! Thanks! LOL The appt. was fine. BP was 113/80. Gained 25 pounds since first week in Nov. I didn't get lectured on it tho' which shocked me!

Trina, I plan on taking her today after I finish this lil' paper that's due tomorrow.

Science says that women hit there sexual peak in their 40's so you got a while to go ;-)

The Mistress said...

Ooh wee....leather huh!


But anyway, I love my depo. I will never get off of it...10 years and counting. No periods, no PROBLEMS! :-)

The Goddess said...

I guess I'm really out of the loop cause I have NO clue what that movie is. I'm kinda lookin forward to my littlest munchin getting old enough to where I could take him to see a movie.

Hope you had a great weekend and hope your upcoming week is fabulous!

Ladynay said...

Mistress, I love my depo too! Almost as much as I love that outfit I had on in my dream! LOL

Goddess, you not that far behind me, trust! LOL My weekend was alright hope the week is better