Thursday, January 25, 2007

Taking care of business

Today at 7:30am I gotta be up in Human Services face to submit paperwork to try and get back on child care assistance. YAY! That should not take too long.

I am debating whether to go to work then to the post office or go st8 to the PO and chill till the PO is ready to receive my passport application. I get to take my picture there and everything so I gotta look real cute, at least my bust anyways, lol.

Then go to work and read blogs till 5:30! Sounds like a plan to me.

In other news, Whitebrotha called me the other day. It shocked the heck out of me. I didn't recognize the number but I picked up anyways. Being that I never talked much on the phone with him I couldn't place his voice as he kept calling my name. He finally told me who he was and asked for a favor. Immediately my thoughts were that he was about to ask if him and KD could crash at my spot again! As my chest continued to tighten he asked me if his W2's came to my place if I'd get up with him. WHEW!!! The paper did find its way to my mailbox yesterday so I'll call that number he called me from. If I can't get up with him I could always drop it at his parents house on the way to school tomorrow.

My biological father left me a message all up beat and what not wanting to know how I was doing, how Pooka was, blah blah blah... We'd been playing phone tag for a while till I finally quit. Part of me wonders why he is trying to get up with me. Part of me wants to ignore him. Part of me thinks that maybe he is FINALLY trying to connect with me. Part of me thinks he need me or Pooka in order to pull some scam. I don't know. Since he is back in NC I should try and hang out with the man.....maybe.


4EverJennayNay said...

oh you were up too?

You shoulda called. We could have chatted!

And I feel you on the biological tip. I've been dreaming about mine lately. I don't think I would completely ignore him, despite how much I'd like to.

Ladynay said...

Girl I don't talk to nobody that early just to chat! ROFL

I still don't know what I am going to do about him.

deepnthought said...

I hope all went well. I was up that early too.

When I saw where you wrote white brotha, I got a little nervous too girrrrl.

Ladynay said...

Yeah, both meetings went smooth. I had all my ducks in order so it was pretty much in and out ASAP for both! LOL

Girllllllllll I was just waiting for him to ask me if they could stay with me again! Thank God he didn't. I am going to drop his papers off after work today so I get to see where they are at now.

Paula D. said...

Then go to work and read blogs till 5:30! Sounds like a plan to me.......I thought I was the only one with this plan :-)

Honey-Libra said...

Man I tell ya. Just when you think folks have it together they prove you WRONG.

Ladynay said...

Paula, first off I am LOVING that picture lady!

No your not the only one! I'm pretty sure we're not the only 2 either! LOL

Honey, just about everytime.

Freaky Deaky said...

I'm glad everything went well for you.

What were you doing up so late?

You mean you wouldn't let them crash with you for a couple of months again?

Ladynay said...

FD, I wasn't up late, I got up earlier.

and HECK NAH! I ain't crazy! I've played bed and breakfast with them already. The Inn is CLOSED for them! LOL

Freaky Deaky said...

Damn, the Inn is closed? I can't get put up at the Ladynay Inn? :o( I heard so much about the service too. After I stayed for a couple of months I was going to move some homeless people in with us. Oh well. It's warmer there so I guess they won't...freeze to death or anything.

Okay, if 1:30am is early for you what time did you go to bed?

Ladynay said...

Freaky, *ahem* I did say for them. Who knows I may be able to pull some strings with my connections and get you a discount *batting eyelashes w/a wink*. LOL

Man the weather here is nice, them homeless folks will be just fine!

I was sleep at 1:30am, I went to bed at like 10 something! LOL How'd you get I was up at 1:30? ROFL

Freaky Deaky said...

A discount? I gotta pay? I want the Whitebrotha special.

The time of your post says 1:26 AM.

Ladynay said...

Who said what you had to pay with *whistling*

My screen says 4:26.