Monday, January 15, 2007

It's Monday and I am at home!

*insert stir that soup dance and Go King chant here* LOL I don't think I have another day off till Good Friday which is like FOREVER away!

This weekend has been pretty cool. Most of it was doing my regular clean, study, chill thing.

Saturday I had me a momma moment. I was in the kitchen doing my thing and Pooka was in the living room watching cartoons and the best thing happened. She started reading one of her books out loud while sitting in front of the tv. I peeped in the living room and watched her sitting Indian style working her way through her literature of choice for a few minutes in awe. I can't even explain what that felt like. It was wonderful. So this weekend I've been trying to step up her reading to me. She get's so proud of herself when she reads a whole page w/out me helping. I get proud to, no need to lie. I really hope she catches the love of leisurely reading because I didn't.

Sunday I did go out and have lunch with Marlon (to the left, to the left, lol). We decided on this Chinese spot that we'd both never been to. We both agreed if we had known the weather was gonna be as nice as it was yesterday it would have been cool to have picked a place where eating outside was an option. I get there about 10 minutes late so Marlon beats us there. Soon as Pooka and I walk in the hostess points me in the direction of Marlon's table. Ummmm how she know I wasn't just taking my kid out to lunch?????? I mean yeah the place was occupied by older white people so it was a good guess that I was the party he was waiting for but dang! I kinda wonder if some other black chick walked in before me would she have sent her to the table? LOL

Anyways the convo was cool. I spent most of the time observing his facial expressions in regards to the customer service. His actual actions were calm but his face said that he was about to jump up, flip the table, and go angry black man at any second! ROFL We spent a lot of time talking about bloggers ****HIIIIIIIII ERIC, if your still around**** and talking about that BS on his blog *eyeroll*. Pooka was chill the whole time and too engulfed with the music playing on her Dora the Explorer cd player she got for Christmas to say anything. LOL!

The food was okay and our waiter wasn't on point like he should have been so I can't really say I'd choose to go there again *shrug*

So lunch is over, everything gets paid for and it's time to leave and *FLASH* Did this fool just take a picture of me? Has he lost his mind? LOL Fortunately in the split second I realized what happened and moved around quickly so the pic was jacked up *nan nanny boo boo* HAHAHAHHA I mean I was decent and presentable but folks shouldn't be taking pics on the sly! *eyeroll* LOL So I get up and follow Pooka's lead towards the door and I look back and Marlon is on his feet. Now mind you when I met him he was sitting so his height wasn't very apparent. So when I saw him standing...oh my! That's one tall, yella, purdy eyed drank of warda rite dere boy! ROFL I mean I knew how tall he was but knowing it and seeing it is two different things! He really needs to be on someones basketball court and give Shaq a run for his money! We get to our vehicles and then he gives me some weak one armed hug *insert my tears here* and we part ways. That was that, another blogger meet up logged in the books! *smile*

After lunch Pooka and I hit up the grocery store and brought us some fruit. I think everything has gone up a few cents again :-( I still brought some grapes cuz Pooka and I had been feening for them. I really wanted some so I sucked it up paid the cost they wanted. *sigh*

Today is reserved to vacuum, mop, and chill. We have an annual inspection as an initial part of our lease renewal this week and of course I want my place to be on point. I figured I'd mop and vacuum late tonight so the floors will shine and pop when them folks that own this place run through here. I've been spraying the place with this Gardenia perfume that I don't like. Why have my place smell like a fragrance I don't like? Because it was gift that I don't know who would like to regift and I don't wanna throw it away. So I am just using it up. Sorta don't make sense but whatever! LOL

Enjoy MLK Jr.'s holiday!


Darth F said...

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Honey-Libra said...

My day yesterday was reserved for sleeping and recovering from the gym LOL....I'm not gonna hurt myself trust me you'll be the first to call if I overwork myself so you can get a nice hunky co-worker to umm give me a massage...or a hot classmate will do LOL

Awww the joy of reading personally I love reading love it so much that when I was little my mom use to have to tell me to put books down at the library cause I had too many LOL....I hope my god daughter and nephew pick up loving to read it's such a joy :) Wasn't that cheezy LOL

TTD said...

u was off too & it was GREAT!!! u dont get off for president's day? congrats to pooka reading on her own.. and yeah.. pics on the sly aint cool! lol

Newy said...

*waving* Hey...trying to make my rounds but I am swamped with work. hope you are doing alright.

Freaky Deaky said...

I used to be a voracious reader back in the day. I read a few hundred books alone in elementary school.

So now that you've done all of that cleaning would you like to come over and clean over here too? LOL!

Ladynay said...

Honey, yeah you can get worked on after me if they too hunky! LOL

That wasn't cheesy at all.

TTD, nope I don't presidents day off. No more days off till April 6th :-( WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH LOL

Newy, HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY handle your biz. I'm chillin.

Freaky, your a good one man!

I don't do bathrooms other than my own! LOL

Emotionalbrotha said...

Missed u girl.. and very nice entry.. Had me cracking da fuck up.

BTW- Happy New Year- cause I've been slacking.

Ladynay said...

What it do EB? Missed you too!