Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Putting a few things out there

Went to the dentist to help keep this killer smile killer and found out my mouth is slowly but surely working it's way back to perfection! LOL

I have been put on temporary scare because I took my blood pressure at one of machines you see in stores and both numbers had 3 digits! I have had normal blood pressure most of my life, it's not the time to be messing up now. I couldn't think of any abnormal stress I been under or anything I would have eaten to spike it. This isn't cool, not cool at all.

It seems as if a good few of my favorite single bloggers done found them a "favorite". Well not to sound bandwagonish but I got me a favorite too! *cheese* I am keeping it on the low cuz I don't want to jinx it. I also didn't want to do a toned down version of Honey Libras *to the left to the left* "HIM" post after she did it as a copy cat. If you haven't read it, check it out, it'll make you smile or wanna jab her in the eyes. One or the other! LOL I will say that I am in a good place emotionally and my favorite helps with a lot of that. I mean I am not much of a talker and esp not one to lead a convo yet I just blabber on and on and on w/him. Many people that know me know that when I am on the phone, if you not telling me something the convo is usually short. I think I could sit and talk to him everyday for more than just 5 minutes. He's simply beautiful to me. I think so much of him and it's pretty darn cool. I haven't really told him just how much I actually think about him...and ummmmm us. But maybe I will in the future. Who knows.

I might be receiving help with my before and after school cost!!!!!! *insert church step here* The state tells me that I make too much to get any other type assistance but I be darn if I might be able to get some help for this. Granted my childcare bill went down a lot when Pooka entered school so I am in less of a struggle now than before, but every little bit counts. What ever they might give me can go into my gas tank!


Honey-Libra said...

I'm first..I'm first...get it me I'm first (walking it out) LOL..ok enough of that

A favorite...hmm do tell then again we'll have to have an offline online convo about that LOL so we can exchange stories..poke me in the eyes..then I wont' be able to see HIM anymore LOL...darn you WOMAN! I'm glad you have a favorite we all sooo deserve to be happy this year. Having someone in your corner is the best feeling in the world and it just seems to make everything in life just fall into place :) Ok let me stop LOL...yea for getting extra help cause you know puttin gas in the car is a life and death choice these I buy groceries or put gas in the car LOL

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

you gotta watch your health sista

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

NayNay got a "favorite"! HA! We need to hear about this young man in the near future.

And go get that blood pressure check out.

TTD said...

i hope that u get that help! ANY extra money is good!

and go get the blood pressure checked... asap!

Ladynay said...

LOL, I am not really saying to much about it. I just wanted folks to know I'm riding rides in the same theme park everyone else is *wink*

Girlllllllllll I be like, okay I got forty dollars so that's 20 for the tank and 20 for food! It just be that way sometimes.

Torrance, indeed! I am not trying to die anytime soon.

Southern, I don't want to put too much out there right now but he may get mentioned in the future.

I am monitoring myself.

TTD, I just made my appt. to meet up with them next week! :-D

I am going to go back to the store in a few days and see what it says.

Freaky Deaky said...

If the higher blood pressure is stress related I've heard slow, freaky, monkey sex can take care of that. I'm not a doctor but I've played doctor often enough to learn a thing or two. [Whistling.] What?

Wow, everybody is getting a "favorite" these days. I need to get on the grind and find a couple of big booty cuties to put on lockdown.

Yay, for any help you get. Can I get a dollar or two?

Ladynay said...

Slow, freaky, monkey sex huh? Is that when someone's fed a banana type object while hanging upside down or swinging?

I mean let me know doc, I am not trying to kill over. When can I make an appointment for a thorough assessment? *wink*

Yeah I see that, must be something in the water! LOL

Sure you can have a dollar, you just gotta earn it under that big sturdy wooden polished back there in the back...*eyes wondering*

Freaky Deaky said...

No, but if that floats your boat then Dr. Freaky says go for it. Monkey sex is just wild, sweaty, animalistic, clothes getting ripped off, things getting knocked over, thrown, or even broken, grunting, growling, and communicating like a caveman (because if you can or are forming words to speak then you're not doing it right) sex.

February is open and if it's an emergency I might be able to squeeze in (I mean squeeze you in sooner).

I gotta earn the dollar? Last time I went under the desk for you to get a dollar I just ended up with a messy face and no money. You're not going to fool me twice. I want $2 this time. One when I get on me knees and the other when my services have been rendered.

E said...

Awww...congrats on the potential relationship.

As for the blood pressure, you should look into getting an Omron machine and check it at home. The store machines aren't very accurate from what I understand. But yeah, it's good to monitor it every now and then.

Honey-Libra said...

monkey sex does that include hanging upside down cuase I think I've tried that already LOL..and it didn't relieve my stress just created some in my neck LOL

Ladynay said...

Well doctor I think I need a prescription wrote up ASAP! No diagnosis needed! hahahahahaha

It's an emergency!!! Stress kills and I think if I could get my...umm stuff killed. I'm sure it'll help! This is life and death doctor! LOL

I didn't pay you? Hmmmm you should have awakened me! LOL How about I give you $5 as an apology?

E, I wouldn't by a machine unless it stays abnormal but good looking out about brands.

Honey...BWAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA! I am not EVEN gonna touch that!

Soldier said...

Sexual satisfaction will help your blood pressure problem, yes it will.

(And just like that, Soldier re-appears, lol... I know, i know but try keepin up with regular things in life when you don't even know what to answer when an immigration officer asks you for your permanent address)

Dont say nothin else about your favorite for now... shhhh ! wait, lol, wait ! I'm happy he's in ur life tho :D

P.S : The word "Pooka" will always always ALWAYS make me laugh !

TrinaBeingTrina said...

Take care of that blood pressure. Mine was high also and I was a little scared.
Congrats on the "relationship" and I really hope you receive some help with your school costs. Lawd knows I'm always trying to get some daggone assistance from someone and they always tell me I make to much also. I'm still trying to figure out who's freakin paycheck they are looking at :-)

Ladynay said...

I knew you were back around. I seentedededed you in other slices of the net and was like "he ain't even stop by blog to say hi, bye, kiss my foot or NUFFIN!" Hmph!

My favorite is my dirty little secret for now! *WINK*

Don't be laughing at Pooka's nickname dagnabbit! HAHA!

Ladynay said...

Trina, I will keep an eye on it.

Thanks on the 'relationship' thing.

As far as the paycheck goes, EXACTLY!!! I want to tell them sometimes "yes I make xyz, but I have to pay this and this and that too every month! Ugh!

Soldier said...

i knooooooooow ! and i'm sorry because you really are one of the most hilarious bloggers i read, plus you update frequently unlike some others (lookin at myself in the mirror, lol).

I didnt really have time for the others actually but i've known them for a loong time and i talk to them on the phone and they complain all the time about me never readin their blogs , so i comment so they can shut the f@#* up ! lol

But with you it's spontaneous :D, you dont threaten me to hurt me physically so i feel a lil more freedom when i come here LOL
Thank you for givin me a place to breathe LOL
(I am so gonna get slapped on the back of my neck for this comment)

Ladynay said...

Soldier, I won't slap you...this time! LOL