Monday, January 01, 2007

Lucy I'm home!

Happy Birthday 2007! I hope everyone is in good health! Happy to say that most this trip was spent eating, drinking or sleeping! Let's begin with Friday shall we?

Friday Pooka still had the pink eye, we packed, I went to work in my travel clothes and sounded like pure crap. The plan was to stay for about 15 mins. to a half hour to finish some work that I had to do b4 the year end. Even tho' coworkers heard me sound like crap and I told them that I wasn't there people kept asking me stuff! UGH! I finally get out, gas up, and hit the hwy. It rained the whole drive. :-(

Saturday and Sunday was spent eating, drinking and sleeping, mostly sleeping. My grandmother brought 2 things of real eggnog and we made one bottle when one was empty with half plain eggnog and 1/2 gin, but it tasted like 3/4ths gin to me! LOL So we was toasty.

Christmas morning the house was awakened by my grandmother vacuuming at FIVE IN THE MORNING!!!!!! We all come out of our rooms and just stand there looking at my grandmother. She had the nerve to turn around and ask us why we were up so early! LOL We stayed up for awhile and then went back to sleep. Pooka was ill. She darn near literally slept through Christmas. That kinda sucked because she is the youngest so she got the most gifts and we all were looking forward to her excitement when she opened her gifts. Soon as she got the gifts open she was back under the covers. More eating, drinking, and sleep for everyone.

Tuesday and Wednesday more eating, drinking and sleeping. Wednesday Aunt Diva asked if I could help her clean her place up for the new year. She offered to pay which I thought was weird. She is anal so her version of a dirty place is nothing! So I tell her she don't have to pay and I'd help.

Thursday we go to her place and I help her clean out her walk in closets. I will never ever complain about the amount of clothes, shoes, and purses I have cuz compared to my aunt I have nothing! LOL So we get all that organized and the little stuff together then she hits me with the bomb...she wants me to repaint her master bathroom! She started it not to long ago but since she's had back surgery she can't do some things like she used to. Now normally "manly" stuff like that makes my imaginary dyck hard, but she caught me off guard. I didn't have no paint clothes with me! Long story short, I finished her bathroom, she paid me nicely and I took it even nicer and we went to eat at some Japanese place called Sukura? or something like that. I had a drink called a black belt with Sake and Kaluha that was delicious!

Friday we finished up my aunt's place then I went to my mom's to take a nap b4 TTD's pre new year gathering. Mom woke me up. I ate, had 2 drinks *remember that*, showered, dressed and head out to b-more. I knew I was going to get lost because I never driven in b-more, always through it, but I didn't get to off track so I was proud of myself. I walk up in the bar and I notice a group of people and since it was dark I couldn't really tell if that was the group I needed to walk towards. After staring TTD down and scanning the group and seeing GTL I knew that was where I needed to be. Everyone there gets introduced and no I don't remember but a few names right now :-( and go to the bar and order my next 2 drinks. Now let me stop here and give some background info. Under normal circumstance to get in my "happy place", "zone", or whatever you choose to call your tipsy, feel good, all warm inside point, it takes me 3 to 4 drinks depending on what I am drinking. My plan was to have 5 or 6 drinks, dance and chill till it wore off and go home...that was the plan. So I had 2 drinks at home and I order 2 drinks at the bar. I make chit chat with one of TTD's friends that was at the next booth by himself. After my 2 drinks I wasn't quite in my happy place yet so I brought another drink, that did the trick.

More social stuff goes on and the dude that I was chatting with comes to the table with a pretty blue drink. I ask him about it and he tells me its called a mf'er and buys me one. Before I even went to drink it TTD looks at me and says something like "your gonna be f'ed up" to which I respond "that's the point". OMG, when I was about half way through the drink I went from happy place to twilight zone! Long story short I had 3 more drinks after that so let's tally shall we?

2 drinks at the crib + 3 to get right + 1 dude brought + 3 more I brought while they were still cheap= 9 drinks! It would have been 10 but I gave the drink the security guy brought me away.

I think I remember most that happened in the twilight zone. I remember dancing. I remember my equilibrium being off so I had to sit down a lot or hold on to stuff while dancing. I remember the colors of the dance floor messing with me. I remember dancing behind the screen silhouette thing which I swore I wasn't gonna do. I remember sitting at a table with one of TTD's homegirls and throwing up...repeatedly. Somebody took me to the bathroom, I want to say it was a security dude and a lady helped me to the stall. I want to say I fell asleep on the floor of the stall. Then a lady banged on the stall and woke me up. She asked me to unlock the stall and when I tried to get up the room was spinning. I managed to unlock the stall and lay back down. That floor felt soooooooooo good! The lady asked me for the names of who I was with and I told her "TTD and TTD's twin" those were the only names I could remember.

Next thing I know TTD is in the stall talking to me. I don't even want to imagine what I looked like laying on that floor with my clothes half done drenched in regurgitated alcohol...don't even wanna imagine. NOPE! We manage to make it out the bar and TTD's twin is walking around with me outside making me drink water. Then we were in my van and TTD is driving and her twin is asking me stuff. Then we are at my aunt's place which is NOWHERE near b-more and GTL is there. I don't know how cuz he wasn't the most sober person either. I felt so bad cuz I put TTD and GTL way out there way. :-( Friday night TTD, GTL, and TTD's twin were my guardian angels looking out for me and I can't thank them enough. If any of them needs anything and I can provide it, it's theirs! Period.

I really wasn't expecting to have my very first and ONLY drunk experience in all my 26 years on Friday, but it happened. I definitely wasn't expecting to make what happened the first impression of the fleshed out Ladynay to folks. I laugh about it as I type, but I still feel bad. I did have a good time despite my actions. Oh yeah, no hangover Saturday which shocked the heck out of me! LOL

Yesterday I visited a lot of folks including my best friend of darn near 20 years. I spent most of yesterday with her and her mom catching up. I hadn't physically seen her in about 4 years. It was great. I didn't get a chance to see my friends new baby because he was a premmie and he can't have much company until he is a tad older. It broke my heart, but I understood. I get to play with him in the spring! YAY! Last night I was sleep till about 11:50, then my aunt woke everyone up to bring in the new year. When I got up it felt like someone jabbed a screwdriver in my right ear and the right side of my face hurt. My grandmother gave me some drugs, I had my new years glass of bubbley which was nasty and went back to bed after watching Rianna shake around in a silver dress shortly after the new year came in.

Today I got all my stuff together, packed the van up and headed back to NC.

Now to catch up with you guys. I spent about an hour total online since I left, but none of that time was reading blogs.


blkbutterfly said...

lol @ your grandmother vacuuming at 5 am. one time i was awakened to my grandmother playing the piano at 6 am! she's not the best pianist in the world, so needless to say i was not a happy camper.

wow... is all i can say to your night on the town with TTD and her people. 9 drinks... i think i've had about 9 drinks in my entire life! lol... just kidding. well, i'm very glad they took care of you and made sure you made it home ok.

anyway, welcome back and Happy New Year!

Freaky Deaky said...

Wow, that was a lot of alcohol. I don't think I've ever had half as much as you did at one sitting. Now I know what to do when I want to get drunk. LOL! Hope you're feeling better.

I don't get morning people at all.

Ladynay said...

GIRLLLLLL my gradmother was st8 trippin! That whole day was sorta weird and went against our traditional Christmas.

FD, that was way too much alcohol and I will never drink that much again! I never felt bad. I was kinda numb in the twilight zone. I didn't even feel myself puke. I saw it happen but I didn't feel it happen.

Don't worry us morning folks don't get you night folks either! LOL

Pamalicious said...

Well Glad You are back! HAPPY NEW YEAR SISTA!

Glad somebody got drunk for me. I've had two drinks this evening - so I'm in a mellow blogging mood and your post was right on time!

So you had yourself a pretty blue m'phucker. YOU GO GIRL!

I hope pooka gets betta

Ladynay said...

Happy New Year Pam!!!

I drunk enough for me, you, Caun, and everyone else! LOL

That mf'er was no joke!

12/26 Pooka was back to herself. We don't know what was up with her but she slept the whole day! :-(

"N" Search of Ecstasy said...

Happy New Year Lady!

Ladynay said...

Same 2 u xtc!

Honey-Libra said...

What you mean I missed you being torn up from the floor up....DANG, DANG, DANG!!!!!!! How could I, LOL...glad you had fun and that you were taken care of TTD and GTL are cool folks :)

Imaginary dick huh are hilarious hhahh

Yea that drink will get you torn up and so will an incredible hulk and a motorcycle depending on who makes it

Ladynay said...

Honey didn't want to see that and I didn't need any more witnesses! ROFL

Yeah imaginary, when I do that manly stuff it gets stiff! LOL

I had a hulk b4 but I didn't like it, maybe it was who made it. I'll try a motorcycle later if I remember too...

TTD said...

glad u made it back safe... i knew u were going to be done after that 1 mf'er... i had one of them for my 21st birthday and was on my ass off of ONE of them...

Freaky Deaky said...

Well, this post alone confirms the soundness of my no Blogger meet and greet policy.

Night people are cool. Morning people are the chipper and freaky ones. ;o)

That imaginary dick comment scares me. [Stays close to the door so I can make a quick exit.] LOL!

Ladynay said...

TTD, now I I know. ROFL!

FD, I don't see how this would confirm you not attending a meet and greet. As long as you stay cool and mostly sober there should be no problem! HAHAHA

What about one on one meet and greets? *cheese* What????LOL

Chipper and Freaky ones? Hmmmmmm I'll leave that be.

Don't be scared. I have all kinds of dyck. I don't have an out the womb one nor will have one attached by a doctor, but I think I have most the other kinds covered! ROFL

Freaky Deaky said...

Well it depends on who the other person but I think I can be persuaded to do the one on one thing...maybe. ;o)

I was playing for the most part. Although I doubt I'd ever agree to a group meet. I wouldn't buy enough liquor to get me drunk anyway and since I'm not a hot babe, I doubt anyone's buying like that. LOL!

Well, it's nice to know that you have no plans to have one surgically attached. Now if you just wanted to, I'm going to be good today. :o)

Ladynay said...

Well if you came to a group meeting that I was a part of I'd buy you a mf'er, blue motorcycle, and if your still not buzzed I'd get you a hulk *cheese*

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

You got your drank on! I hate being that drunk and haven't been like that in years. But it seems like when you get to that point of being drunk, you continue to drink. I don't mess around with thos blue mf's, long island ice tea, or hurricanes. All three have had me on my ass.

Ladynay said...

WHY DO YOU KEEP DRINKING??? After I entered the "twilight zone" I had 3 drinks after that. Most of my drinks were long islands. I hear a lot about hurricanes. From what I gather they make the best ones in Nawlin's LOL. I have to try that one to.