Monday, February 05, 2007


Well Manning has his ring now. I kinda knew where the game was going so I pretty much stopped watching in the 3rd quarter. The commercials were not all that good to me. Maybe they were saving the really good ones till the end. I dunno. I didn't follow the season this year but I was rooting for the Bears. When dude ran the opening kick off back for the TD Pooka and I were cheering and carrying on like that was our brother or something. It was fun while it lasted.

I brought a bed this weekend! So now I sleep on 2 boxsprings and 2 mattresses! I feel like a princess sleeping so high up like this. I mean if for some reason I roll off my bed, I just might hurt myself! LOL! Pooka can't just hop on my bed anymore and I think it's funny! Since I brought my bed in from ontop the van to my room by myself, I think I started working some muscles or something cuz later on my arms and stomach were sore. My arms are still a tad as I type this here. I wasn't planning on buying a bed this weekend. The plan was to look at some other places for my storage tower, which was a bust. Again, I find something that works for me and the store doesn't have it in stock or if they do it's not the color I prefer! It was suggested to me that I buy the color I didn't want and to strip and stain it the color I want. It's an alright idea but I prefer to buy it in the color I want already.

My baby dreads are gone. They will be back in a few weeks tho'. Saturday I saw the loctician and she seems to know what she is doing so far. We did a lot of talking then she washed my hair and used this peppermint rinse that made my scalp sing a happy song! I can't remember what she said it was but it felt great. Then she was going to get started on the maintenence and she asked me did I want my dreads thick and did I know that dreads get thicker. She showed me pictures of how thick my locs would be if I kept the parts the way I had them. They were too thick for my taste. So I told her I'd take my babies down and come back on the 22nd. When I got home and got started on my mission I understood why most people with dreads just cut their hair than try to take them down! My hair wasn't fully locked, soft, and short and it still was a pain to take my hair down! So now I am rocking a mini fro. I don't like it. Makes my head look bigger than it already is!

Sunday I couldn't manage to get out of my bed till after noon. I was up, just didn't want to get out the bed. Pooka and I went to the grocery store real quick but that was about it. Came back home and did what? Got back in my bed. LOL!

Pooka also apologized for being born. Let me explain. She found a picture of me of when I was leaving the hospital sitting in a wheelchair waiting for my peeps to drive to the curb. Pooka asked me why was I in the hospital. I told her that I had just had her. She didn't understand so I kept putting it in other ways. I finally said that I went so the doctors could take her out of my stomach. Her eyes got big and then she says... "Oh mommy I'm so sorry" and gave me a hug. I mean how do you react to that??? I told her it was okay but she felt bad. :o(

Is it Friday yet? I need me some more bed time! LOL


TTD said...

commercials were ok.. they were better than last year!

aww.. that cute what pooka said.. she was concerned about you..

Anonymous said...

awwwwwwwwwwww. when I come here and read about pooka I so want to have a daughter that is so sweet. then when I look at these chilren rond here. I come back to reality. LOL. I want a new bed. I like high beds too. Have a good week. I got a similar Wake up call about my locks too. HATED IT!!! Have a good week. And friday will be here before you know it.


"J" said...

awww pooka is so sweet. Reminds me of little miss. I remember when I moved last year and got a new bed that was higher than the one before. I slept better but I got a suga move i like to do that requires a lower bed. I miss it :) Wish I could lay in bed until noon. I haven't done that in a minute. I didnt even watch the game...Monk marathon was on :)

blkbutterfly said...

awww... Pooka's a sweetheart.

that's what worries me about locs... that the parts have to be small in order for them to look right. my hair is thin, so i'd look a stringy mess for a minute.

my old roommate had a high bed. except, she was kinda ghetto and put concrete blocks under an old box spring to lift it, added a new(er) mattress and topped it off with one of those foam things. it did the trick though.

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

I like high beds too. Whoever suggested to you to buy the color you didn't want should have volunteered to strip and stain the color for you. That sounds like alot of unneccessary work.

Honey-Libra said...

Some of the commercials were cute..not all that as in previous years..prince was off the hook though. AWWW Pooka is soo cute I tell ya why can't they stay that innocent forever....

Ladynay said...

TTD, I don't think I watched any of the super bowl last year so I can't compare they years.

Yeah she knows you go to the hospital when your really sick or hurt.

DNT, I am sure your offspring will be fine! :-) I actually like beds kinda low but I am getting used to the new feel. What did you end up doing? Did you start over or just do the twist outs? You have a good week 2!

J, you know you have to share this suga move with the class right! LOL I haven't layed in bed like that in a good while. It was cool the kid was in the bed watching her cartoons from my room and I was on the other side doing my homework/internet junk! It was great! LOL

BB, it all just kind of depends on how thick you want them. It's just with thick locs you have less styling options. I like options, esp. when my hair matures! :-P

Hey as long as she was sleeping good it don't matter how she hooked it up!

Southern, I think I suggested that they do it for me when they said it! ROFL

Honey, Prince was good. His skin looked great. I wish he would've intro'ed FAMU's band tho.

If children could stay that small and innocent forever, the world just might be a better place! :-D

Freaky Deaky said...

I wanted the Bears to win too. :0(

A bed that high could make some positions a bit difficult or even dangerous. Let me find out someone sprained an ankle or something so I can laugh at you.

Why am I suddenly thinking about that group called the Afros? Remember them?

You couldn't get out of your bed Sunday because you had Vertigo. LOL! Let me stop. I had a high bed once and I loved it. My dog used to damn near kill herself trying to jump on my bed when I had it that high.

If you spin around counterclockwise fast enough and long enough then it'll be Friday. Let me know how that goes.

deepnthought said...

I am starting over. I just dont look good with short hair so, most times I am rocking a wrap.

Ladynay said...

Freaky, Good thing neither of us put any money on the game :-)

If someone gets hurt (esp. me) I am not telling cuz you are NOT laughing at me *stickin tongue out* nan nanny!

Ummm The Afros? I want to say yes but I can't really hear any of their stuff in my head.

I bet your dog was pissed!

I am rolling my eyes at you...LOL

DNT, Hopefully your hair is growing/grown back to where you like it quickly.