Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Few things I've realized recently...

Pictures of Dennis Rodman with a blond hair piece freezes my computer at home.

College, like high school, can be one big popularity contest.

I am kinda hating on the new Miss NCCU cuz she is pretty, smart, and it seems like everyone knows her.

She scored higher than me on the Assessment test.

When my friends call me in what seems to be a bad time emotionally for them and I am not there to catch the call, I worry till I can get back up with them.

I am who I am.

I get paid tomorrow.

He is sooo sexy.

Dumb jocks really do exist.

So well packaged, yet so freaking clueless!

Some men are just as self conscience about their bodies as women.

If he took his shirt off when he was asked we could have walked out sooner.

This don't make sense to most folks, but it does to me.

I need to find some good memes.

T-minus 11 days till Rickey Smiley.

I am more excited about the comedy show than Jamaica right now.



Freaky Deaky said...

He either scares your computer or really turns it on.


They don't call jocks meatheads for nothing. I don't think I've ever met a smart one.

You should take off your shirt...and post pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. Um just to prove you're not self-conscious. Maybe your female readers can participate too. You could call it Topless Tuesday.

If you find any good memes can you hook a brother up? I haven't found any good ones since Britney lost her mind.

Shabba, lil Predator, and "DL" Winston won't be too happy to hear that. Well Winston might but the others not so much.

deepnthought said...

Hey, I know a lot of intelligent jocks. Attractive ones at that. lol...

Dennis Rodman scares me and my niece.

I love Ricky Smiley....

Dont hat on the chick cause you are our new Miss Blogger...

Ladynay said...

Freaky if you saw what I saw it was fear! LOL

Smart ones exist, I just keep encountering the other kind lately.

Topless Tuesday???? Hmmmm Imma need to get a pic of all the male bloggers topless! Freaky you first! HAHAHA

If I find some I MIGHT share them if you ask reallllly nicely while in that dark room in the back, you know the one with the big sturdy polished cherry wood desk in it *wink*

Rickey has me for a few hours, they have me for the weekend they'll be alright! LOL

DNT, Mr. Rodman needs a hug with a splash or therapy or something!

Miss Blogger???? Uhhhh thank you but no thank you.

"J" said...

Pictures of dennis rodman freeze my brain!

E said...

Damn those thoughts were all over the place. So is D-Rod who you think is so sexy..and is causing your PC to freeze...*LOL*.

"So well packaged, yet so freaking clueless!" <-- I so feel you on that regarding some of my past crushes.

Ladynay said...

J, Tell me about it!

E, That's how my thoughts run. It made sense to me! :-D