Monday, February 26, 2007


I think that is the best word that can describe me right now. Yeah, yeah I think so. Let's track back on the weekend......

Friday was one of those weird emotional type days for me. I had a lot on my mind and it was one of those times where I just wanted to give up everything and live under a rock. My metal state was so out there I unintentially missed class :-(. The day did end on a good note cuz I officially put down my airfare for JAMAICA JAMAICA *cues steel drums* I would do the dancehall version of my happy dance but a sista kinda sore! LOL! My mom and grandmother are so hyped about the trip which hyped me up! We are gonna be down there for their Carnival so it's gonna be on and popping soon as we get off the plane!

Saturday I helped my homegirl move. I have known about this move for weeks but I forgot to remember that her new place has 3 floors!!!!!! So we meet up at the lunch spot not to far from her new place, have lunch, chit chat, and take it on to the spot to start work...itis and all. Her work crew consisted of like 6 chicks, 2 dudes, and 4 kids. The way is was set up was the dudes would unload the truck, my homegirl would place the boxes or whatever in stacks on the ground according to what floor they are supposed to go on and the rest of us was to get the stuff in the house. Okay great. Now the really heavy stuff the guys took care of, like the washer/dryer and some furniture pieces. But the semi heavy-heavy boxes and totes that were supposed to go up on the 3rd floor were being ignored. So I decided to start taking the stuff up there myself. Now granted, after the second trip hauling stuff all the way to the top, my body was reminding me that I was a big girl. I had to take a minute just to chill the heck out. LOL But I eventually got my momentum back up and finished helping.

To me it seemed like the other ladies didn't want to carry no real stuff in general or anything that needed to go all the way upstairs! One chick started assembling stuff and unpacking mid truck unloading! At the time that kind of made me mad cuz I felt that everyone should have been focused on getting her stuff inside first, then unpacking and assembling. I later found out that she is not physically able to tote much stuff due to an injury and that her contribution was mainly in helping her pack up her old place. Which is work in and of itself. I didn't find none of this out until dinner so until then I was calling the other chicks pussies in my head...LOL. I know it's not exactly fair because most of her crew helped her pack the truck up. I was only there to unload. Oh, I did get a PDA out of the deal which is cool cuz I have been telling folks I needed a planner to keep myself together. YAY!

The kids got to carry the light stuff...bedding, table lamps, tupperware box, drawers to dressers, stuff like that. Almost every time Pooka was given something to take inside, no matter what it was she would grunt and fix her face like what ever it was was the heaviest thing ever and that she needed help. The crew got many laughs in care of my child. She was a mess, a pure mess.

After everything was out and on its proper floor, my friend and 2 of her girls went back to her old place to pick up some of the stuff that didn't make the first trip and I was left with the kids. So for a few hours I had an almost 2,5,6,8 and 10 year old, 1 growling and hissing cat, and 1 very hyped dog! The cat was in a traveling cage thank god and the dog had free roam. There where 2 moments that were kind of cute. One was of all the kids laid out on the floor, I was in the recliner with the baby knocked out on the boobies, and the dog was knocked out at my feet. In my head I kinda put myself in a situation where those were my kids and that was my house. The thought quickly faded! LOL The other one was when the dog was on top of Pooka (he is bigger than she is) and he was licking her in the face. Pooka was on her back laughing really hard and it was like the more she laughed the more he'd lick her. I kinda wish I had a tape of it so I could have sent a copy to America's Funniest Videos. I may have won due to the funny yet cute aspect of it....DARN!

I also had a bad babysitter moment. Pooka and the 6 year old went upstairs to play and the older 2 started to wrestle. They were doing it innocently but every now and again somebody would hit the other a tad bit too hard and I was telling myself that I wasn't gonna stop them until it got serious. I know I know...LOL Fortunately they laughed all the way through it and kinda shook those hard hits off. Pretty much after that my friend came back with a second smaller load, we unload, we go to dinner and I learned some curse words in sign language *YAY*. My friends "mother" is partially deaf and signs as she talks which is cool as idunno what. By signing so much the 2 year old is picking stuff up which I think is totally awesome. I wish I knew someone that signed that could be around Pooka a lot so Pooka would pick up on it. Oh well.

My friend also mentioned during dinner that she mentioned me in one of her recent blog entries and asked me if I read it. I laughed and for a second wondered if I should tell her I didn't so she'd repeat what she wrote but I didn't. I told her that I've been reading but just never made comment then about how I found her homegirl w/the injury's blog through hers. I told her that I wasn't sure about unleashing my blog on her just yet. LOL Then her mom chimed in saying that she sorta felt out the loop cuz she didn't have one. Sooner than later I will comment on hers so she can click my name and find me here. More happened but I leave Saturday be.

Sunday I was planning to get my trail on, but it was raining! :-( I decided to hit DDR hard and with a vengeance and that is what I did. After burning a million calories I didn't feel all that bad, just tired and sweaty. So I got myself together and somehow ended up purging a lot of my paperwork. I mean I had stuff like bank statements dated back to 2003! I knew I was a bit of a pack rat but JEEZ! So I bagged most of it up and will take it through the shredder at work today. After that I had to make me a run to Wally world to pick up some light bulbs and oh my goodness that's when it hit me! The combination of moving Saturday and DDR'ing Sunday hit me like a ton of bricks! Ouch! The shopping cart was my crutch to get around the store cuz my limbs felt like crap! I got home did what I needed to do to get ready for the week and got off my feet ASAP! I am still sore, mainly on the lower part of my body. Hopefully it will end soon if I keep at it. The first step in working this jelly off has been taken! YAY!


Pamalicious said...

Wow gurl you had a busy weekend! Jamaica! Jamaica! When you going? I can't remember when carnival is.

I always find it 'odd' folks who like travel to those kinda places with their parent or mother. I'm not trying to go anywhere like that with my mom, lol - I guess because we have such defined roles that I wouldn't enjoy myself. How I'm gonna drink and do the debauchery that I do with my momma, lol

Kudos to ya'll that wanna hang wit yo momma, lol :)

Ladynay said...

We are going the last weekend in April. The trip was planned as a birthday trip for my grandmother, but this year her b-day fell on Easter making the travel a tad more expense than normal.

You wouldn't go anywhere vacationy (yeah I made that up) with your fam? Or parents to be more specific? That's interesting. My fam is more of a party type fam, it's hard not to have a good time most the time.

It's gonna be my grandmother, her 2 living children and all the female grandchildren. She only has one male grandchild and he is on tour in the miltary. No great grands! It's gonna be hot.

I think out of all of us going, my grandmother is the one that is the MOST off the hook! LOL She won't even notice what I am doing! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

Femigog said...

I love blogs like this that have pages of life in them throughout. The little stuff that is seemingly mundane but is really interesting and beautiful. I love the way you talk about your Pooka in your posts. Sorry I havent commented sooner...

Anonymous said...

I hate moving!

Some months ago, I found a couple of rent receipts from 2000. Why I was still holding on to them, I don't know.

Pamalicious said...

Family trips yea but like me and my mom going say on a cruise together - Um...NO! I have to have a buffer or something.

My mom is old school militant and she can't turn off. She's also 'celebrity' and doesn't hardly turn that off either - so to just like totally relax is a stretch.

We can go out shopping and hang out on that level, but I really don't ever see us as going somewhere as two GROWN women and hanging out on that level. She's the mom and I'm the daughter. End of story!

I have no real feelings about it. That's why I got friends, lol

Ladynay said...

Femi, don't be sorry. You've commented today and that's cool by me! Thanks. My child is my child that's all I can say :-D

Southern, EXACTLY I can see having it for a little while just in case someone says you didn't make payment or something, but holding on for years is just crazy! You should have seen how much of my stuff got tossed!

Pam, that's cool, I can understand that. Going out with da girls is different than going out w/the fam for me as well.

Freaky Deaky said...

So your lower body hurts? Oh I could say soooooo many things about that like let's go into that dark room and I can make it hurt some more. What? I said I could say things.

So you're saying you weren't loading up on pillows and stuff and making the kids lug around boxes of books and electronics? I would have. That's what child labor is for. :o) What?

Ladynay and carnival? Methinks someone is going to leave Jamaica pregnant. I wonder if Pooka is ready to have a little Predator as a sibling.

deepnthought said...

sorry you are sore. But hey, it was productive. pooka is wonderful.

Ladynay said...

Well I could say a few things in response to that...but won't *wink*

I feel so sorry for all your blogger children! ROFL That's a darn shame!

HAHAHAHAHA why they gotta be lil Predator? HAHAHAHAHA I might find me a st8 Winston! All I need is some Stella braids and I am good to go! LOL

DNT, it was productive and the soreness is a good thing, it shows work. Awwwwwwwwww she is, she really is *cheese* Thanks.

Freaky Deaky said...

You are soooooooo nasty! Just nasty. Your innuendos make me feel uncomfortable. LOL!

Don't feel sorry for my blog babies. Sweatshops build character and my babies will have character, make daddy a little money on the side, and learn a trade too.

Well, he could be a little Shabba if that image sits better with you than a lil Predator. You might not want a Winston. Chances are if that chick wrote the book again Winston would be on the DL trying to get up in some boy coochie.

Ladynay said...

Well if your uncomfortable...adjust yourself accordingly! LOL

Where is my holy water? Just evil!

Shabba works, have you seen how dude dances? It'll be lots of fun making dem babays! LOL I did say a st8 Winston! ROFL I need me someone who likes woman coochie and...well some other stuff *wink*

blkbutterfly said...

for some reason Freaky is under the impression i'll allow my kids to work in a sweat shop. someone's forgetting their houseboy status. ;-) but, i digress...

lol @ cueing the steel drums. it sounds like ya'll are gonna have a great time in Jamaica!

Ladynay said...

Poor babies! :-(

I hope that my fam will remember this trip in a good way. Who knows if we will ever do it again by generations.