Monday, February 19, 2007


Good...School's in session for Pooka to make up for a "snow" day

Bad...Daycare is closed so I have to drop off and pick her up today

Good...I got my USB issue solved for 30 bucks

Bad...I haven't figured out how to completely use my toys yet

Good...I am not going to work today by choice

Bad...the reasons behind making the choice (test today so I could use extra study time, waiting on the folks to come fix my hot water heater leak, cuz if I leave I will come home to a pool in my kitchen, transporting the kid, just not freakin' feeling like going)

Good...the people are supposed to come out today to fix/replace the heater

Bad...when the thing started leaking SATURDAY I called the emergency maintenance man twice and both times he acted like I was bothering him or something. I mean it's not my fault you took the emergency maintenance man job and someone actually had an emergency! If you can't do nothing till MONDAY I may as well waited and called the regular folks!

Good...there no sweets in my place right now

Bad...girl scout cookies should be here this week

Good...Pooka and I watched Aladdin together

Bad...we didn't get a chance to go out to see Open Season

Good...I have water

Bad...just not hot water

Good...I am alive to type this post today

Bad...I have a strong feeling I will be crying before the day is over so I won't enjoy most of it


E said...

I hate when people act like you're inconveniencing them when it's supposed to be their damn job.

Here's hoping the goods ultimately outweigh the bads.

And woo hoo...I get to be the first comment...:-)

"J" said...

I feel you girl. I just had TWO weeks of "stuff" that got me to tears.

But we are built for this type of thing and we dont stay down long. The tears will flow, but you'll regroup and come back strong...I have faith in u :)

LUVIN ME said...

I hope good prevails for you...Enjoy your day off!

deepnthought said...

awww puddin, you can get through it today. I know you can.
Well, at least you had water. Our entire area was without weather for the entire weekend. If you want I can send bad thought through the air waves to the maintenance man. I hope he goes to get his wrench and it is bent and corroded.

Freaky Deaky said...

So that Ladynay gone wild website is a go? Where's my invite?

I hope you do well on the test, the leak gets fixed, and you don't end up crying by the end of the day.

Honey-Libra said...

Good...I got my cookies chomping on them now.

Bad...snow outside

Good...I saw my babe yesterday LOL

Bad...I can't ya a much needed hug

Good....virtual ones from me are just as good :)

blkbutterfly said...

oh, i hope you don't cry before the day is over.

i always forget about Girl Scout cookies until March is already here. uhm, if you need to get some of those cookies off your hands, feel free to send them to ATL! :-)

i had to call the emergency maintenance ppl a few weeks ago to fix the heater and the man was cool, but it couldn't be fixed until the next day. one would think they'd have all necessary parts when it comes to doing work. i guess not...

TTD said...

dont cry! i hope u have a wonderful day.. ((HUGS))

and good luck on ur test :-)

Ladynay said...

E, I"M SAYING! It did and YAY your first! *insert happy dance* LOL

J, sometimes we just have to cry. It wasn't all that bad but I had a feeling things were going to get worse. Thanks.

Luvin, at the end of the day all went well.

DNT, I call folks puddin all the time but it's so weird to receive that term! LOL I don't know what I'd do without water...well I do, I just don't want too!

Freaky, you don't get no invite! *wink* Your the designer! LOL All your hopes came to be :-D

Honey, I am so hatin' that you got your cookies and thanks for the hug ((HONEY))

BB, no tears thank goodness. Ummmmm what cookies? I don't know what your talking about! LOL At least they came the next day so you wouldn't be w/out heat.

TTD, I didn't...came close but didn't and thank you so much for the luck! It came in handy!