Tuesday, February 20, 2007

And Ladynay said let there be hot water!

I got to work this morning to find my girl scout cookies on my desk!!! I've blogged enough about them so you know how I feel! LOL

I got my hot water heater fixed yesterday. The plumber tried to holla at me. Long story short I was studying on my couch while he was doing his thing. He had to fill my heater up to find where the leak was so after he filled it up and found it he had to wait for the water to drain back out. Now I have my couch and love seat sorta in a L shape in my living room so while he is waiting for the water to drain he comes and takes a seat on my love seat. For a second I was bothered cuz I didn't invite him to have a seat but whatever. So we make small talk which turned into him asking questions about me. Even though I was covered I felt naked and uncomfortable so I got a comforter to drape over me. I was trying to will someone into calling me on the phone to no avail. After I sat back down on my foot and was fiddling with my toes under the cover. Then questions about Babydaddy came into play. When he asked me was he treating me right I ripped my toe nail off. This pissed me off cuz it was long and pretty! :-( Now I gotta wait for it to grow back. So after I curse myself out internally for shortening my nail I start to focus back on my books than him cuz I really didn't know what to do other than retreat from the convo. He got the message and get up and made a phone call on my back deck.

After the water drained he tried to move the tank and realized he needed help so he chirped one of his boys that told him that they could be at my place in bout 15 minutes. So he sits back down on my love seat and I continue to run through my flash cards. He starts talking about Maury P. and Crackheads Gone Wild, the ATL and NY versions. He got my attention and had me laughing about some of the scenes so I might actually try to find a copy of the ATL Crackheads gone Wild. Then out the blue he starts telling me all about his personal life. I mean stuff I have no business knowing like about his SEVEN kids and FOUR baby mamas and their business! LOL Thankfully a white boy just opens my door, no knock, no doorbell, NOTHING and it's the plumbers boy. They make their way to my kitchen where the heater is and I notice that ole white boy was bootylicious and it wasn't nothing in his back pocket! In my head I wondered how he get a booty like that! LOL They get the old one out of my place and they leave.

By this time it's time for me to pick Pooka up and decided to run an errand cross town. My car isn't trusted to make long distances but I thought it could make the trip to the southside. I follow my plan and get to the store. I pick up my stuff, hop in the car and turn the ignition...won't turn over! OH LAWD!!!! I try a few times and nothing. Now I am thinking of the few people I could call to get me out the hood. Kuntry would be the most convenient since I was in his area but he probably still don't have a car, M-dubb would have just got to work good so that wasn't cool, LAL would come get us but I didn't wanna call him, I didn't wanna call AAA either. This is when I was about to cry. I get out the car and an older black guy asks me if I was okay. I told him no and he says pop the hood. I do so and he tells me to put water in the radiator and coolant tank, chill out for a minute while it cooled down and it should start. I followed his directions and was on my way. Now my car has been banned from going further than 10 miles from the crib! LOL

We drive up and the plumber is right behind me with my new water heater. He gets out and says "Well looks like I came back just in time baby" Baby?????? Oh that rubbed me the wrong way. I mean I am the type that calls folks stuff like darlin' puddin' honey' etc sometimes...but I didn't receive it as that southern thing people do. So I go in, put my stuff away and I have to leave out for class. I asked dude if he had a key and he said yeah so we left him to replace the heater. I hate that I left him there on his own but I had to go. When I got home everything was swapped out and put back in place. So far I haven't noticed anything like any panties being missing! LOL. Even though I wasn't interesting in him, it was still nice to know that someone would holla at me :-) I mean I had on a faded green polo shirt, some powder blue cotton pj pants with pink/white/blue flowers, leopard print slippers and an orange bandanna tied ant Jamima style with a nappy bush that ain't been touched all day sticking out the back...That was the ultimate in sexy how could he resist! ROFL

I get to class and take the test. Did I pass it? Yes. Did I get an A? Ummmm I am not confident that I did. I didn't have that "I just aced that joint feeling when I walked out. I was mad it was only 50 questions. TJ made it seem like it was gonna be hell on paper! *eyeroll*

Anyways, I've fleshed out my earlier morning post....sorry Trina! :-P


TrinaBeingTrina said...

Was the plumber nasty looking with his pants sagging and his butt crack showing?
That's what I always think about when I hear about a plumber. hahaha
When I traded my car in it was overheating as I was pulling into the lot. I know how you feel.
I'm sure you did very well on the test.

Morning to you too.

Ladynay said...

Nah actually he was a clean brother that wasn't too hard on the eyes. You can tell he was something to see back in his day.

I wonder how much I could get to trade in my car? Maybe $100 toward something else! HAHAHAHAHAHA

I passed with like a B...I think.

LUVIN ME said...

The plumber wanted him a little Ladynay. LOL

I hope you did well on yout test.

blkbutterfly said...

7 kids w/ 4 baby mamas?! like Whitney said, hell to the nah! i once went on a lunch date w/ a guy who had 2 kids by 2 women. he proceeded to spend almost the entire meal telling me why the mother of the youngest child was trifling. it made me uncomfortable and i didn't even know the woman!

i feel you on the nail issue. my feelings are always hurt when one tears and i have to start over anew...

Freaky Deaky said...

Don't long toe nails snag on socks and panty hose and slice up tongues during toe sucking?

Looks like I commented at the right time baby. Now tell Uncle Freaky how those pajama bottoms were fitting. You say no panties were missing but were there any mysterious stains on your bedding? I know you trying to jump on that so you can be baby mama #5. How many kids are you trying to add to the pot. You could all become Mormans and live in one big house together. That's hot.

Have a good day baby. LOL!

Honey-Libra said...

Ummm I'm mad he was asking all those questions boo you have a job to do..do it and be gone...on top of that why he call you baby nasty tail he sounds ugly talking like that LOL...I would have been like I ain't your baby I haven't known you long enough to be your baby and I'm sure one of your baby mommas wouldn't appreciate that..great

WOOOHOOOO girl scout cookies..I got some as well and I'm loving THEM..EMM EMM EM.

You did well on the test have faith in yourself

TTD said...

hey baby! lol.. that was VERY forward of him to sit down & ask personal questions.. but DAMN!! Seven kids??? that's so serious! lol

deepnthought said...

Now, I can be an understanding person, but even I think I would have checked him for sitting his working but down on my luv seat. I am glad you did well on your test. Sorry about the car.

Ladynay said...

Luvin, girl it was the outfit I'm telling you! ROFL

BB, yes you read correctly! His oldest is 30 and his youngest is 8! I am glad you feel me on the nail thing cuz I was mad!

Freaky, they were not that long stop thinking claws, LOL, plus I file mine so no snagging :-)Did you saying something after toe sucking? My mind went to the room in the back w/the desk. ROFL

Honey, he was doing his job. He had to wait for the water to run back out so he figured he'd pop a squat and converse w/a sista. I was cool in the beginning. I wish I would have though of something like that when he said it!

I tried the new sugar free brownie cookies...ummmm needs vanilla icecream, the non fat free kind! LOL

TTD, you silly! LOL Yes he was forward. He didn't want the first or last 2 if that makes a difference! ROFL

DNT, I thought about it for a half second and didn't. In my head I was like "did he really just sit down? on MY love seat? For REAL?" LOL Thanks and the car is what it is at least I have the van :-)

TrinaBeingTrina said...

I'm glad I came back to get the whole story...whst I loved most was the sexy outfit you had on. How could he not try to holla at cha. hahaha

I don't are what it takes, you have to get rid of your car. If you go back into my archives I have plenty of horror stories about my car. Including how it was ON FIRE and I had to pull over, call the police nd have the fire put out. And in case you ae wondering yes I did get back in it and drive off. I was not leaving my car there.

Ladynay said...

Yeah I'll most likely end up selling it for parts.

I am mad you got back in a drove off! LOL But then again I may have done the same thing if it was driveable.